MetLife, Inc. (MET)

Prev Close 61.26
Day Low/High 61.23 / 62.24
52 Wk Low/High 35.19 / 67.68
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 856.90B
Market Cap 52.49B
P/E Ratio 8.28
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

These are Some of My Favorite Shorts

"Raindrops on roses And whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favorite things"  -- Julie Andrews, My Favorite Things Here are my top ten favorite shorts (wit...

Shorting Trades of the Week

Shorting trades of the week -- Lincoln National at $69.09 and MetLife $56.17 -- now.

Let's Hope We're on a 'Trade of the Week' Roll

Let's see if this week's Trade of the Week -- short MetLife and Lincoln National -- that we outlined in today's opener can be comparable to last week's short bonds -- long ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury -- and the prior week's long Twitter (...

Trade of the Week: Short MET, LNC

* Weak organic growth, lower interest rates and risks of a stock market correction will produce continued poor life insurance return on equity (ROE) * Excessive valuations  This shortened week's "Trade of the Week" is shorting life insurance -- name...

The Long and (Mostly) Short of It

I have added to my Twitter long (my Trade of the Week). I established a small Dillard's long and I am bidding on a scale lower. I am offering more MetLife  , Lincoln National  Goldman Sachs  , Morgan Stanley  , Bank of America  , Citigroup  and JPMo...

The Market Advance Narrows

"For a day where the S&P was essentially flat, there was a lot going on beneath the surface. Just a few days ago, everyone was so excited about the rally, but I pointed out that the cumulative advance/decline line (breadth) had not made a higher hig...

Reestablishing Financial Shorts

I have reestablished my shorts in Morgan Stanley , Goldman Sachs , Metlife and Lincoln National this morning. All four stocks are on my Best Ideas List.

On the Short Side

I am above the market and offering the following on the short side today: Starbucks , Citigroup , Bank of America , JPMorgan , Morgan Stanley , Goldman Sachs , Met Life , Lincoln National and Fastenal .

These Stocks Have Changed Direction

These Stocks Have Changed Direction

Finding bullish and bearish reversals in the market.

My Bearish 'Trades of the Week' Grow Larger

As mentioned in my opening missive as well as in a post yesterday,  it remains my view that the uber popular bank stocks -- among them Bank of America , Citigroup  and JPMorgan Chase -- and other selected financials, such as MetLife , Lincoln Nation...

Just Wishin' and Hopin' About Hartford

"Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' Plannin' and dreamin' each night of his charms That won't get you into his arms."   -- Dusty Springfield Wishin' and Hopin'  Hartford Financial's  stock price performance relative to other life insurers i...

Shorting Financials

I am putting three money center banks -- Bank of America , Citigroup and JP Morgan  -- on my Best Ideas List (short). This will make seven financials on my Best Ideas List (short) -- the others are Morgan Stanley , Goldman Sachs , MetLife and Lincol...

Rosy Financials Outlook Is a Bunch of Bull

The outlook for financial stocks appears less rosy than the bulls think. Given the 15-month low in the US Citigroup Surprise Index discussed in my opening missive this morning -- it appears that, once again, that consensus domestic economic expectat...

Takeaways and Observations

"Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive." - Andy Grove   Perhaps this qualifies as a potential warning from "Uncle" Bob Farrell's ten lessons of investing.   Frankly, I thought dumping Ford's Fields was idi...

6 Names I'm Looking to Short

I am offering on the short side the following individual names: Fastenal , Disney , MetLife , Lincoln National , Apple  and Starbucks .   I will report later if I execute.

Some 'Value Traps' I See

"A value trap is a stock that appears to be cheap because the stock has been trading at low multiples of earnings, cash flow or book value for an extended time period. Stock traps attract investors who are looking for a bargain because these stocks ...

Cramer: As Fed Moves to Tighten, Other Things Come Unraveled

Cramer: As Fed Moves to Tighten, Other Things Come Unraveled

The list begins with oil, but there's a ripple effect.

Takeaways and Observations (Early Edition)

'Til April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom Holiday tables under the trees April in Paris, this is a feeling That no one can ever reprise - April in Paris, Vernon Duke and Yip Harburg - (rare video with Ella Fitzgerald!)  The market gapped higher and ...

Judgment Day for Financials Is at Hand

"Don't wait for the last judgment -- it takes place every day." --Albert Camus Like Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, throughout the last three months business commentators, money managers and strategists have been "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" when it comes to ban...

Takeaways and Observations (Early Edition)

"Doug Kass wrote an article today about how he fears the lack of fear in this market. I agree with Doug that lack of fear is an issue, but it goes further than that. What this market has missed for quite some time is strong emotion. There may not be...

The Market Top Bell Has Officially Rung!

OMG.   I couldn't make this up.   I just got a call from my old pal, Boca Biff.   I haven't spoke to Biff in several months.   I will expand upon my conversation with him, but the bottom lines are:   * Boca Biff is "all in" long. * The markets are s...

Here's What I'm Doing With AGN, LNC and MET

I added to my already large Allergan long near the opening -- a position to which I consistently have been adding. Also, in light of the large drop in share prices over the last two months, I have covered the balance of my life insurance shorts in L...

This Is No Time Bury Your Head in the Sand

"What Washington needs is adult supervision." --Barack Obama   Yesterday's opening missive, "Wall Street Blues," depicted an overvalued market, moderating U.S. economic prospects, elevated investor optimism and a new Administration that, arguably, a...

Takeaways & Observations

"In a paperless and cloudy world, are investors and citizens as safe as the markets assume we are?" -- Kass Diary, Wall Street Blues (today)  Unfortunately, my quote this morning proved too prescient as another horrific terrorist attack occurred in ...

Covering More Financials

I have covered some more Lincoln National , Metlife , Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley .

Today's Trades

I have covered some more of my life insurance stocks on this morning's continued gap down. I am now at tag ends in Metlife and Lincoln National shorts. (But, I plan to re-short strength of +5% or more from here). I haven't covered any of my money ce...

Takeaways & Observations

Risk happens fast.  Most don't short and shouldn't short -- it's a game that requires volumes of risk control.  However, I would continue to maintain well above-average cash positions.  Today was not a benign event, in my view.  Nor was it likely a ...

Covered Part of Life Insurer Shorts

I have covered about one-quarter of my life insurance shorts -- Lincoln National  at $63.75 (down from $73) and MetLife  at $52.05 (down from $56).

Reducing 2 Insurer Shorts

I am taking off a portion of my life insurance shorts now -- Lincoln National ($64.87) and MetLife ($52.18). I am moving to small in size.

The Long Course on Why It's Time to Short or Sell Financials

The Long Course on Why It's Time to Short or Sell Financials

Despite their popularity, financial stocks are starting to weaken and potentially roll over in the face of growing threats that few are heeding.