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How My Mid-Cap Dividend Growers Portfolio Has Performed

How My Mid-Cap Dividend Growers Portfolio Has Performed

I've built a lot of tracking portfolios over the years, and this one had the lowest variability of returns.

Boring Mid-Cap Dividend Growers Portfolio Quietly Delivering

Boring Mid-Cap Dividend Growers Portfolio Quietly Delivering

So far, so good, the portfolio is up about 14.5% versus 11% for the S&P Mid Cap 400 Index.

20 Mid-Cap Dividend Growers Are Blips on My Tracking Radar

20 Mid-Cap Dividend Growers Are Blips on My Tracking Radar

Several lesser-known banks make my stock screening cut, though higher-profile Snap-on, Tractor Supply and Manpower also are on the list.

MB Financial upgraded at DA Davidson

Today's Takeaways and Observations

My thoughts on the day to this point: To the moon, Alice. China treads where the European Central Bank and the Fed already have in its rate cut this morning. Bulls emboldened and shorts on suicide watch. (Hat tip to Art Cashin) Panic short covering ...

Shrinking My Regional-Bank Holdings

As part of my cleanup process, I plan to eliminate these regional-bank longs on the sector's recent strength: Enterprise Financial Services (EFSC), which is +10% this week MB Financial (MBFI), which up 5% this week BB&T Corp. (BBT), which is +4% so ...

Aiming to Reduce 4 Small-Bank Stocks

I'm offering to partly sell (at slightly above the market price) four regional-bank stocks that aren't on my Best Ideas list now -- BB&T (BBT), Enterprise Financial Services (EFSC), MB Financial (MBFI) and Regions Financial (RF). I updated my views ...

One More Time ... With Feeling

Again, for emphasis, given the large price gains (top market sector in last three months) and a flattening of the yield curve, be patient about adding to bank stocks. I have previously written about my buy entry points for the group on a market drop...

Why I Wouldn't Chase Banks Now

In response to a number of emails, I would not chase bank stocks now nor would I sell the stocks -- unless the timeframe is quite short term. Let the sector back down on profit taking after the huge move. It's a long game.

Waiting for a Correction in Bank Stocks

I have received numerous emails asking me about bank stocks. I own a dozen different banks, and five or six are on my Best Ideas List. However, in light of the strong absolute and rapid relative rise since March 2015, coupled with my expectation of ...

Is the Yield Curve Steepening Over?

If so, the run in bank stocks may be in jeopardy. The chart between the five-year U.S. note and 30-year U.S. bond steadily has increased over the last few months to 1.48%. A Fed rate hike, as suggested by myself in the past and by Peter Boockvar thi...

Trade of the Week: Shorting MetLife

I am going against the grain on this one and shorting MET at $57.40.  * MetLife, like many financials -- especially of the money center bank kind -- that are asset-sensitive have done famously over the past few months in the market. Specifically, ov...

Banking on Regional Banks

My package of regional bank stocks are broadly higher today, likely in response to the rise in interest rates over the last 48 hours. Money centers are also doing well. I am standing pat with my long list of 13 holdings in the expectation of a two- ...

Today's Trades

I shorted small in SPY and QQQ. I added to longs of Ford (F), General Motors (GM), Radian (RDN) and a few closed-end municipal bond funds.

Three Stocks You Can Bank On

I have previously promised to update my regional bank holdings, and this morning, I wanted to deliver a brief synopsis and explain the merits of Southern National Bancorp of Virginia (SONA), MB Financial (MBFI) and FirstMerit Corp. (FMER): Southern ...

Why I Believe Banks Are Now Overbought

Here is a three-month chart of Citigroup (C) and JPMorgan (JPM) compared to the SPDR S&P 500 (SPY). I cut my teeth on the sector and have some street cred in the group, having been Putnam's bank, thrift and GSE analyst in the 1970s. I also coauthore...

Best of Times for My Bank Thesis

Stated simply, I cannot see a better set up for bank stocks than there is right now. While I wouldn't aggressively chase the strength (after a nice near-term climb -- then again, I would not chase any longs at this time) I am a buyer on any weakness...

Banks Making New Highs

Shares of many money center and regional banks that I have written about are making new highs today. I would not disturb holdings in this, my favorite long sector. Several are on my Best Ideas list, including today's addition of Midsouth Bancorp (MS...

Bulked Up on Regional Banks

I had promised to update a few regional bank earnings from last week but I have a lot on my plate. (Note: I will be out for a few hours this afternoon at additional research meetings.) Suffice to say (with the possible impact of some manageable loan...

Maverick's Re-Re-Engaging

I have just added to the following bank longs: BAC, JPM, C, MBFI, EFSC, STL, MSL, SONA, FITB, FMER, RF, WFC and BBT.

Maverick's Re-Engaging

I am bidding across the board for banks. Maverick's re-engaging.

A Good Day for Regional Banks

I continue to favor banks in a rising interest rate environment in which loan demand strengthens and net interest margins expand. After a couple of shaky days, the regional banks are thriving today -- FirstMerit (FMER), MB Financial (MBFI), Enterpri...

Regional Banks Gain

Gains of 1.5% to 2.0%+ for several regional bank stocks today, as the bulliish bank thesis continues to play out. Among the standouts are MB Financial (MBFI), Enterprise Financial Services (EFSC), Sterling Bancorp (STL), FirstMerit (FMER) and BB&T (...

Watch Bank Stocks

From my perch, there was less than meets the eye to yesterday's rally. Specifically, as I previously wrote, the laggards (energy stocks) led the market as the price of crude oil rebounded. Markets in which laggards become leaders have historically b...

Banks Require Patience

"There are better starters than me but I'm a strong finisher."  -- Usain Bolt I have consistently been adding to bank stocks on weakness throughout the last few months. The group has now run up a bit into the important earnings season and I would no...

Banking on Market Expectations

If Mr. Market continues to ramp, I expect (as reflected in the breadth of my bank holdings) banks to catch up and possibly even become market leaders. Here is my rationale.

Bank Stocks on Fire

Bank stocks are "on fire" today. Here is my investment case for this unloved and undervalued group as expressed last week. I am long a lengthy package of regional and money center bank stocks.

Not Much Trading Today

Besides increasing my short bond position today and taking an oddlot short in the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) at $207.90 and again at $208.40, I have done very little in the trading department. My heavy bank exposure is paying off -- with Bank of America (BAC...