The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. (HIG)

2.97 8.75
NYSE : Finance
Prev Close 33.95
Open 36.00
Day Low/High 35.17 / 37.64
52 Wk Low/High 19.04 / 62.75
Volume 6.48M
Avg Volume 3.14M
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 358.25M
Market Cap 11.52B
EPS 5.70
P/E Ratio 5.68
Div & Yield 1.30 (3.68%)

Latest News

3 Stock Moves

Bought more and established new positions in and . I previously dissed but the shares are now -$10 from my analysis and I am trying to figure whether I should be an opportunistic buyer. Stay tuned.

My Takeaways

It was a quiet day for the Averages but there was plenty of action underneath - in the relentless assault to higher levels: * Breadth, at 3:15 pm was -150 on the NYSE - steadily improving from the early morning. * Bonds rose in price and dropped in ...

Hartford Pays

The Hartford Financial Services Group  , following last week's beat and raise, continues to make new highs. HIG was put on my "Best Ideas List" nearly three years ago at $39.12 and is now trading above $61.50.

My Outlook for the Market's Major Sectors

* Only three of eleven S&P sectors are viewed as attractive * I am in a risk off state of mind. Back in 2015 I instituted a new regular feature called "Sectors," in which I periodically offered my short-term (6-12 months) price outlook for each of t...

Some Individual Stock Updates

* makes a new high and I am sticking with my small long investment position. * , a recent buy, is up another $3 after climbing by nearly $4 yesterday. Holding on. * also on a tear, up by over +$33. Though its been an amazing multiple day upturn I am...

Market Takeaways: FANG's a Leader, Bonds Quiet

With 4:1 positive market breadth, stocks looked much better in Wednesday's trading session. Banks, insurance ( hit a new high) and FANG were market leaders. Twitter as mentioned, was a collateral winner. Bonds were quiet for a change (I added to my ...

New Buy (and Short) Levels

I don't want there to be any ambiguity about the size of my positions or about my buy and short levels as I strive for as much transparency as possible. "When the time comes to buy, you won't want to." --Walter Deemer "When the time comes to sell, y...

Selling Hartford, It Has Paid

With Hartford holding up at very close to its 52- week high and in keeping with my strategy of reducing my long holdings, I have taken this investment down from medium sized to small sized. The shares have traded straight up from the low $40-$42 to ...

Staying with My Current HIG Position

Hartford Financial Services hit another new high this morning - but I am sticking with my medium-sized investment long position.

New Buy (and Short) Levels

* I don't want there to be any ambiguity about the size of my positions or about my buy and short levels as I strive for as much transparency as possible "When the time comes to buy, you won't want to." - Walter Deemer I promised to update my "Level...

HIG Gets High

Hartford Financial has hit a fresh 52-week high this Thursday. Here's what I wrote last week about the name: Hartford Financial has had a terrific run from the December low at $40 a share to over $53 this morning. The shares are now back to their Au...

Holding on to HIG

Hartford Financial has had a terrific run from the December low at $40/share to over $53 this morning. The shares are now back to their August 2018 highs and at a 2019 peak. Despite the run-up, I am not selling any of my position.

My Book

My long book is down to small positions in , , and . Mediums sized in . And large positions in (actually very large as I have been adding), , , , , L and . My short book includes small to medium sized positions in , , , , and large positions in and ...

Steadily Adding to HIG

Long time long investment Hartford Financial reported a +13% beat to expectations ($1.39/share). The group benefits division was especially strong. I have been steadily adding over the last few months. More later.

Both Sides Now

* It will be interesting to see whether good earnings reports (expected tonite) have been discounted "I've looked at clouds from both sides now From up and down and still somehow It's cloud's illusions I recall I really don't know clouds at all" -- ...

HIG Makes a Move

Hartford Financial is quietly making a move outside of its recent trading range.

Buy Levels

Here are some of my individual buy levels of stocks that I want to add to or reestablish on weakness: * $157.50 * $1625 * $1150 * $42 * $55 * $46 * $46.50 * $182.50 * $31 * $40 * $23 * $65 * $16.75 * $35 * $27.75 * $60 * $95 * $48 * $87.50 Note: Lon...

Where I Stand

* In the last week I have reduced gross longs, added to gross shorts * And I have increased my overall net short exposure I have recently reduced my from large- to medium-sized. Additionally, with the recent liquidation of (CBS) , (JPM) , (KHC) and ...

Where I Stand (Part Deux)

* Further reducing gross longs * And increasing my overall net short exposure I have also moved my position from large-sized to medium-sized. (And I plan to stay there.) With the recent liquidation of ,  , and longs, profit taking in a substantial a...

Buy Hartford, It May Pay

Hartford Financial Services Group had a good beat to expected and consensus fourth-quarter earnings last week. I am, however, beginning to see some modest price competition in some commercial lines. Not enough to be concerned about yet, but certainl...

Jiggy HIG

Hartford Financial   jiggy today after the earnings beat. Still going through the release and the conference call. Back with my analysis by Thursday.

Liking This Action

I really like the pin action in a number of my core longs: , , , , (as expected off of the strength), , , , and . and , not so much! Note: Long GS (large), BAC (large), C (large), WFC (large), JPM (large), DWDP (large), HIG (large), CBS, M (small), ...

Some Portfolio Adjustments in the Last Few Days

* I have sized up a number of individual longs during the market's recent weakness I have moved from medium-sized to large-sized in the following longs: , , , and . I have moved from small-sized to medium-sized in the following longs: and . I curren...

Like What I'm Seeing From HIG, DWDP

My two January bounce candidates, Hartford Financial Services Group and DowDuPont , are up 8% from the recent lows.

2 Nice Moves

Two recent adds - and - are making very nice moves for the second day in a row (albeit from low levels). Two good candidates for a January or late December bounce, me thinkst.  

Favorite Tax Loss Selling Stocks

My two favorite tax loss selling (for a January rebound) stocks remain and . HIG is +2.5% (from low levels) on the day in a sea of market red. KHC is flat.

Adding to KHC, HIG

Two tax loss rebound candidates for January might be and . I am adding small to both. I will have more analysis next week.

Adding to HIG, CBS

Added to and on morning weakness.