Dillard's, Inc. Class A (DDS)

10.36 5.19
Prev Close 199.63
Open 200.48
Day Low/High 200.27 / 212.72
52 Wk Low/High 28.54 / 210.23
Volume 257.97K
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 20.61B
Market Cap 4.11B
P/E Ratio N/A
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Back to Dillard's

Since placing Dillard's on my Best Ideas List in June 2017 I have taken out more than +$30 in profits (on a basis of approximately $51). As recently as this week I made some timely sales of DDS. I am now back buying at $56.85 limit with a scale lowe...

Just One More Thing

"Just one more thing." -- Lt Columbo The S&P Index is down by about 15 handles from the afternoon's apex.  The Russell Index isn't crowing -- and is hugging break even. I have taken in my extra trading short layer (of ETFs on the Indices) just now. ...

Chase What's Hot All You Want; Here's What Works for Me

Chase What's Hot All You Want; Here's What Works for Me

These are the principles I have adopted over the last four decades and I'm sticking with them rather than run with the momentum crowd.

My Latest Take on Retail

As most of you know, yesterday I sold out my retail longs in Dillard's and Macy's for terrific (20%) gains in only a few weeks. (As an example, when I purchased Macy's at around $19 I made a rather audacious comment that the stock could trade over $...

Here's the Long and Short of It

For emphasis:   * I am out of my retail longs, Dillard's and Macy's . * I am down to tag ends in the following longs: Twitter and Hartford Financial Services Group . * I am down to tag ends in the following shorts: Amazon , Apple and Alphabet Finall...

Here's What Works for Me

"And I said to myself, 'This is the business we have chosen.'" --Hyman Roth, "The Godfather"  To me, stock price deception is seen with more frequency today than in any time in modern investment history. Our markets, influenced by massive central ba...

Retail Housekeeping

Houskeeping items. With retail moving bitcoin - like, I have eliminated the balance of my Dillard's ($61.68) and Macy's ($24.10) just now.  In doing so (and consistent with my other long sales) I have moved further net short in overall exposure. I w...

A Recap of Today's Action and Where I Stand

Housekeeping items.   I am now at tag ends in the following longs: Twitter , Hartford Financial Services Group , Dillard's and Macy's .   I am now at tag ends in the following shorts: Alphabet and Amazon .   I strengthened a large SPDR S&P 500 short...

Shrinking My Macy's and Dillard's Longs Even More

With Macy's and Dillard's now meeting -- and, in the case of M, exceeding -- my short- term month objectives, I have trimmed the positions further to small in size at $23.50 and $61, respectively.

Reducing 3 Long Positions

I just have made sales in Macy's at $23.40 and Dillard's at $60.55 based on the massive moves in the last week.   In both cases I am keeping the stocks on my Best Ideas List but I am moving from large to medium in size. I also have made a sale in Ha...

Retail Heats Up

Retail is en fuego.   I have been aggressively adding for a week.   After large gains yesterday, there are strong gains again today.   Dillard's is up $3 after being up $2.50 yesterday.   Macy's is up $1.25 after being up $0.90 on Tuesday.

3 Longs That Have Gotten Longer

I have added to the following longs: SPDR Gold Shares , Dillard's and Macy's .

Macy's and Dillard's Having Good Days

Great turn in Macys from the lows -- added to this morning.  And, another retailer, Dillard's is now +$2.65 as the management takes that company private "one share at a time!"

Mid-Afternoon Observations

Some mid afternoon observations:   * Small yield flattening in today's session and little change in bond yields. * High yield is slipping a bit. * The U.S. Dollar is strengthening after morning weakness. * Oil down after weeks of strength (-$0.76/ba...

Buying More Dillard's and Macy's

I paid $53.35 for more Dillard's and $20.77 for more Macy's just now.

Now Large on the Long Side in Macy's and Dillard's

I have added to my Dillard's and Macy's longs and moved to large in the process in both.

Adding to Longs And a Short

I have added to the following longs today: Time Warner , Dillard's and Macy's . I've also added to my SPDR S&P 500 ETF short.

Retail Falters Again

Retail is back to the dogs but I just added to Dillard's at $53.96 and previously to Macy's .

Gold and Retail Moves

Adding to my small SPDR Gold Shares ETF  long at $121.05. I just paid $54.75 for more Dillard's . Its a volatile one! I just added to Macys long at $19.83.  

With More Signs Fickle, Don't Leave Yourself in a Pickle and Consider Selling

With More Signs Fickle, Don't Leave Yourself in a Pickle and Consider Selling

Review your portfolio to assess your exposure to and appetite for risk against an increasingly uncertain market backdrop.

Buy, Sell or Hold? Let's Take Stock

"On Tuesday, it was as though a light bulb came on for so many market players. I call it realization day. It's the day they realize the market has a breadth issue. Not only was my inbox full of folks who wanted to discuss it. But my Twitter timeline...

Dillard's Report Positive, Nordstrom Not So Much

I have just returned to my office from this afternoon's presentation. (I have a day full of meetings tomorrow, as well). I haven't had a chance to fully parse the Dillard's report -- but it looked good. The shares were up smartly during the regular ...

10 Reasons I Went Back in Long on Macy's

10 Reasons I Went Back in Long on Macy's

After reviewing the retailer's earnings release, I have re-established a Macy's long position.

I'm Going Back to Macy's

After reviewing Macy's release, I am staying flexible and I have taken a small long position.  I now own a large long position in Dillard's and a small to medium-sized position in M.  The bad things suggested by the abysmal stock performance of Macy...

Macy's Beats, So I Add More Dillard's

Macy's beat should help the beaten-down retail group, but I suspect the rally won't go too far! That said, I added to Dillard's this morning.

It's Been a Fine Earnings Season, but Here Come the Retailers: Market Recon

It's Been a Fine Earnings Season, but Here Come the Retailers: Market Recon

Surviving the age of Amazon is all there is to retailers' earnings.

Notable Movements

In terms of sector price movement today: * FANGs continue to extend recent gains.  * Retail has picked up a bid late in the day. Walmart Dillard's and Foot Locker are upside features. * Big Pharma stronger -- led by Merck ,Bristol-Myers Squibb , Lil...

Late Day Moves

Some late day buys. I have added to Twitter , Dillard's and Hartford Financial .

Retail and Biotech Are Horror Shows

Retail and biotech just continue to be horrific performers -- across the board. And, given their vulnerability to year-end tax-loss selling, I don't see a respite over the next two months. I remain long only Dillard's (retail) and Allergan (biotech)...

Checking Out the Retail Landscape

"What kind of a host invites you to his house for the weekend and dies on you?" - Larry Wilson, "Weekend at Bernie's"    I spent a portion of my weekend looking for lagging sectors.   Most of my research was centered on the retail sector, an area of...