Dillard's, Inc. Class A (DDS)

Prev Close 220.91
Day Low/High 220.34 / 226.26
52 Wk Low/High 43.25 / 224.88
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 20.61B
Market Cap 4.55B
P/E Ratio N/A
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Retail Buys

I have large shorts in Walmart , Kohl's and Target (all of which reside on my Best Ideas List, short). Weeks ago I took large gains in Macy's and Dillard's longs (both are also on my Best Ideas List, long). Today I reestablished small longs in M and...

The Oil Price Rise Is a Clear and Present Danger to the Retail Industry

* Placing KSS at $63.38, and TGT at $72.82, on my Best Ideas List (short) "Retail is still a falling knife. In the U.S., we have three or four times the amount of retail space per person relative to any other country in the world. Consequently we st...

Dillard's Can Now Show Off an Impressive Looking Base Pattern

Dillard's Can Now Show Off an Impressive Looking Base Pattern

A new look at DDS is in order.

15 Sectors to Buy on a U.S./Chinese Trade War (Part I)

15 Sectors to Buy on a U.S./Chinese Trade War (Part I)

These areas have little exposure to China, so buy them on any broad-market dip over U.S.-Chinese trade tensions.

U.S. Retail May Still Be a Falling Knife

"Retail is still a falling knife. In the U.S., we have three or four times the amount of retail space per person relative to any other country in the world. Consequently we start with a very great supply. We have built an enormous number of obsolete...

Shorting Retail is Paying Off

Last week's "Trade of the Week," shorting the Market Vectors Retail ETF and individual retail stocks is starting to be profitable. RTH is -$1.60. I steadily expanded these shorts last week. With the sale of Dillard's and Macy's two weeks ago, I have...

Retail Shorts

The retail short was my Trade of the Week. The stocks have been volatile all week (I added to my shorts on the strength of two days ago) - today the rollover seems to be continuing. and , my prior two longs, also seem to be breaking down.

Nordstrom Family $50 Bid Rejected

The Nordstrom family has proposed a $50 going private transaction for the retailer which has been rejected by the special committee It is now up to the family to determine if they will raise the offer. I had expected a low bid I suspect retail will ...

Retail Chatter

Repeating for emphasis -- I am out of both and , and with my short I am net short the retail space now. All three are on my Best Ideas List (M, DDS longs and WMT short) -- as I would be a buyer of M and DDS on weakness in a market correction. M was ...

Taking the Fundamental Route

As night follows day, investors got bullish on the retail sector early this week - but only after an amazing run higher since November/December. Why not? Their charts looked great and comps were beating expectations. But, to me this was a "first lev...

What Price Nordstrom?

I have been concerned about a likely low price -- if achieved -- in the Nordstrom buyout. And the possible ramifications on retail stocks (I have sold out my and holdings on the recent strength). According to the New York Post the financing is not a...

Nordstrom Turns Lower

Nordstrom shares turn negative after gapping higher. As I mentioned earlier I expect both and to follow suit.

Looking at Macy's, Dillard's Now

I expect both Macy's (+$2.69) and Dillard's (+$6.07) to trade off from current lofty levels in the premarket trading (in response to better than expected quarterly results). Regardless of one's market view, premarket trading levels in these retailer...

Dillard's is Di-Lovely (Part Trois)

Dillard's is reporting a large across-the-board beat on sales, comps and profits (adjusted for the tax-law benefit). Consequentially, I expect the shares to rise on Tuesday. In fact, DDS is +$4 to $75 in premarket trading as I write this. As a remin...

Building Cash Reserves

On today's early and sharp ramp in retail stocks I have sold out the balance of my and longs. (I remain concerned about a possible low takeout price which could adversely impact the group over the short term.)  I would be a buyer of both stocks in a...

Selling Some Dillard's and Macy's

I'm further reducing my long of Dillard's to a small-sized position from a previous medium-sized one. Similarly, I'm taking down my stake in Macy's to medium-sized from a current large-sized. In both cases, I'm taking advantage of a rally in retaile...

Nordstrom Could Get Go-Private Bid; Expect Macy's and Dillard's to Rise

Reuters is reporting that the majority shareholders of Nordstorm are finalizing an offer to take the company private. This should put a bid under other retailers, particularly Macy's and Dillard's . However, I suspect that Nordstrom's takeout price ...

Dillard's Is DilLovely (Part Deux)

Given its large gain (and a reduced reward v risk), I am selling a portion of my Dillard's  long now (above $70) -- with an intention of taking it down from large to medium-sized. Dillard's has been the "world's fair."

Dillards Is DilLovely

Of all the stocks I have invested/traded in the last several years, of all things, a retailer named Dillard's has been one of the most rewarding. DDS was placed on my Best Ideas List in June, 2017 at $50.75. Its currently trading at over $70.00. Thi...

Adding to WFC, DDS

I have added to the following longs this morning: Wells Fargo  (back to large-sized) and Dillard's  .

A Positive Datapoint Emerges for Apparel Based Retailers (Like Macy's and Dillard's)

The CPI was released yesterday and it included apparel inflation of 1.7% -- this was the highest monthly apparel reading in 30 years. This datapoint is one of the more reliable government statistics. The sample size is adequate and it usually does n...

Pretty Good!

* But on Valentine's Day I Am Falling Out of Love (Again) * Took SPY Long Profit and Went Short SPY Near the Close after a 600 Point Intraday Move In the DJIA Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, good. I wanted to briefly review and comment ...

Adding to Retail Longs

Retail has been jiggy today. I have been a steady buyer of Macy's and Dillard's .

Curb Your Enthusiasm!

"I am trying to elevate small talk to medium talk." -- Larry David Every day at about this hour I review my trading/investing of the last 1-2 days. Upon that review I am pleased -- but I am not patting myself in the back (this is part of my process ...

More Adds

I added further to Citigroup , JPMorgan Chase , , Macy's  and Dillard's on early weakness. 

Today's Drop Reflects Structural Issues

First let me emphasize that much of this afternoon's drop reflects, in my mind, structural issues and not rate concerns -- as the yield on the ten year US note is down by five basis points, just touching 2.80%. This means that when the de-risking by...

For Traders Only: Look at What's Up Today

If you are interested (as I am) in looking for individual long rentals in order to play for a possible market recovery over the near term (and solely from a trading basis) -- I would begin by looking at stocks that are up in a sea of red today. This...

Adding to Dillard's and Macy's Longs

I continued to add to my Dillard's and Macy's longs today. I pressed my Goldman Sachs short.

Modest Increases

Besides the Intel add, I also modestly increased longs in Campbell Soup , Dillard's and Macy's .

Waiting For Sears

As I have recently cautioned, the end is nigh for Sears Holdings . Based on my industry contacts (factors involved in financing), I expect an imminent bankruptcy filing. I also expect the retail sector to be hit a bit by the news, as store closures ...