Dillard's, Inc. Class A (DDS)

Prev Close 221.76
Day Low/High 220.00 / 229.13
52 Wk Low/High 43.25 / 226.26
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 20.61B
Market Cap 4.57B
P/E Ratio N/A
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Retail Gets Jiggy

As I mentioned earlier, retail has picked up a bid. Dillard's , the greatest trading sardine extant, is doing its thing (again) -- up by +5%. And, Macy's is following suit. No trades today.

4 Stocks on the Move

Good action in and two stocks recently added to recently and initiated yesterday ( and ). , a victim of premature selling, is a total monster (+$3). (Still on my Best Idea List).

Changing Leadership May Lie Ahead in a Choppy Market

"Nope, what mattered is managers just said what the heck do I need safety for when it is overpriced when I can buy cheap and make a whole year in a day. That's what a rotation is about. That's what happened today and it is rarely a one day thing, wh...

Play It Again, Sam

Dillard's , a new buy, getting jiggy.

Improving Reward v. Risk In Two Retail Stocks

I have reestablished very small long positions in Macy's and Dillard's at $24.27 and $63, respectively. The modest size implies a low conviction in the entry price. Macy's was placed on my Best Ideas List on November 14, 2017 at $19.39. I have made ...

PG Is Value Added

Besides my favorite trading sardine, Dillard's (currently no position), Procter & Gamble has been an extraordinary value added component of my portfolio (first on the short side and then on the long side). I initially shorted (and put on my Best Ide...

Investing Time Frame

If I had an investing time frame of 1-5 years, I would be buying ,  , , , and the banks at current prices.

This Is Beginning to Sound Familiar

Break in! Target's shares are -9% after a gross margin miss. We own no retail stocks - though I would be a buyer of and (the shares were green in a sea of red yesterday) on weakness.

Back to Net Short

The market has grown increasingly unpredictable and "newsy." Many traders are having problems dealing and interpreting the short-term gyrations, which in large measure are machine/algo influenced. Short-term trading has become almost like a guessing...

A Return to DDS

Back in (a small way) at under $62. I am busy so I haven't yet fully analyzed the EPS miss (sales were fine).

I Am a Friend of the Devil (For Now)

* Trading long around a bearish view... * Even the friend of the devil (the Bear Market) can be a friend of mine when trading "I lit up from Reno I was trailed by twenty hounds Didn't get to sleep that night Till the morning came around" - Grateful ...

Brexit Blues and Fed Follies: Market Recon

Brexit Blues and Fed Follies: Market Recon

Investors still fear missing out on a significant year-end rally, despite earnings that appear to be at peak levels and an economy that appears to have reached peak growth.

Retail's Underperformance

With Wednesday's sale of Dillard's and Macy's I have no retail longs.  Retail has been decimated in the last two trading sessions - both absolutely and relatively.  In my view this underperformance likely reflects the recent rise in inflationary pre...

Focus on FOMC After Rip-Roaring Day for Stocks: Market Recon

Focus on FOMC After Rip-Roaring Day for Stocks: Market Recon

Consumer Discretionary stocks were the hottest on Wednesday, though all eleven sectors easily finished in the green.

I'm Battening Down the Long Hatches Further

This week I sold and based on the share price increases and the diminishing reward v. risk ratios. I have sold my (the shares have traded up from $31 two weeks ago to $37 today) and (the trading sardine of all trading sardines, now over $76) longs f...

'Gifty' Again

The gift that keeps on giving, is "gifty" again today.  That would be Dillard's .  

A Shopping List of Possible Buys

I am not making a long purchase today.  But if you don't share my ursine market view I would consider the following at current prices: , , all banks ( , , and ), retail ( and ), and .

Gin Joints and Trading Sardines

* Play it Again Sam   "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine."   - Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca    Of all the trading sardines I have ever traded in my investment career - Dillards has been the most tasty.   The ...

Market Observations

* Trading unemotionally and opportunistically I aggressively bought into the very large sell program at about 3-3:30 p.m. All I can write is that it was a wild day with possibly one of the largest intraday moves I have ever seen.   These sort of spa...

Have Been Adding to M, DDS

As noted recently, I have been adding to my retail holdings - and . Jiggy today.

Eye on Retail

Retail catches a large bid - these were stocks up in a sea of red yesterday and could follow through further. I added to and .  

Looking For Mr. Goodbar

We're all hurt someplace and we're all looking for a painkiller." - Katherine, Looking For Mr. Goodbar As I have previously remarked there is an old trading adage that  long trading opportunities often occur in stocks that are green in a sea of red....

Buying More DDS

I just paid $70.66 for more Dillard's .

Retailers Get a Bid

My two retail holdings - and - are flourishing today after recent weakness. I should probably be adding but I will hold back for now given the market's volatility and sizable morning gain. I am a buyer on weakness.

At the Bandstand

"Music is the soundtrack of life." - Dick Clark After some early buying, stocks closed near their lows today. FANG pulled off a revival led by a robust rise in Amazon and a good move in Google . Chip stocks got slammed again. Autos were bludgeoned.....

Washington Chaos, Trade Worries Start to Bite

Today the markets were influenced by the continued disorganization in the White House (the "Orange Swan" is still flying in the air), new allegations against the Supreme Court nominee and a breakdown in trade negotiations between the U.S. and China....

Dillard's Is The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Dillard's trades over $80 -- I recently reestablished my long investment under $73. The opportunities in this trading sardine has been legendary over the last 12 months. Stated simply, DDS is the gift that keeps on giving!

My Book

Here is a list of the positions I own (long and short) that have been mentioned in my Diary: Longs: puts, large, small, , small, , large, , small, , , small, large, calls, TWTR large, small Shorts: SPY calls, SPY Large, , small, tagends, small, smal...

Dillard's is DiLovely

Dillard's , the gift that keeps on giving, is +$4.00 today. Trading at $79.11, I recently (last Friday) reestablished my long under $73.

Dillard's is DiLovely! (Again)

As I noted earlier, I purchased more Dillard's earlier on Monday and my recent purchase is now up about $4!