Delta Air Lines, Inc. (DAL)

1.50 4.10
Prev Close 37.22
Open 37.08
Day Low/High 37.03 / 38.69
52 Wk Low/High 29.75 / 48.54
Volume 10.42M
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 641.08B
Market Cap 25.34B
P/E Ratio N/A
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Disappointing Delta

Break in! Delta Air Lines gives its second half guidance - and it is a bit disappointing. I would be short DAL - which is on my Best Ideas List (short).

Jim Cramer: The Bears Are Fooling Themselves

Jim Cramer: The Bears Are Fooling Themselves

Let's look at the many positive story lines out there -- which having nothing to do with the Fed -- and what they mean for investors.

Covering Disney, Delta Air

Perennial and popular favorite Disney is approaching the low $170s where I would cover the short.  Delta Air Lines is down hard again and I would cover $40-$42.    

6 Turnaround Stocks in the Military/Defense Sector

6 Turnaround Stocks in the Military/Defense Sector

Investors are underestimating the potentially significant secular increase in defense spending. Here are several opportunities among prime defense contractors.

Short DAL

Delta Air Lines (placed on my Best Ideas List (short) at $48.88 on April 13, 2021) continues to be a downside feature as airlines are now threatened by the lack of availability of fuel.  Trading -2.5% today, to $44.25, I would short this name on any...

DAL Flounders

One of my favorite investment shorts, Delta Air Lines , continues to flounder.  DAL was placed on my Best Ideas List (short) at $48.82 on April 13, 2021. The shares are currently trading at $45/share.  

Minding Mr. Market: Shortlist

I remain negative on stocks.   The "market without memory from day to day" has continued.   Market breadth was noticeably weak.   I have been of the view that banks, Twitter (-$3), Amazon (-$53), Walmart (-$1.53) and others should be reduced -- and ...

Covered Delta Air Lines Short This Morning

Delta's shares have steadily moved from the low $50s to $43.50.  I just covered a large DAL short.  I will be further liquidating my personal holdings in light of my May launch of Seabreeze Capital Partners LP. 

Minding Mr. Market

* The decline in speculative stocks has been historic and broad-based - something I have been expecting for months * I remain bearish on the overall outlook for equities   Yesterday's market was brutal and broad-based to the downside:  * The specula...

Get Alpha From Delta

Get Alpha From Delta

I'm seeing some attractive plays among the airlines.

UAL Misses and Its Shares Are Falling in Premarket

Yesterday I reiterated my Delta Air Lines short.

Did I Mention That the Price of Oil Has Risen From $27/Barrel in November to $63 Today?

* The airline industry looks like a good short setup  As I have been adding to my Delta Air Lines short I wanted to reposte my short thesis: Mar 16, 2021 ' 08:10 AM EDT DOUG KASS Minding Mr. Market - A Quick (and Skeptical) Look at the Airline Indus...

Short Delta Air

My only individual short equity position is Delta Air Lines  - I am short large the Indices - and I shorted more this morning.  

Minding Mr. Market

Strange brew.   * Market breadth was 5-3 positive, impressive in an absolute sense, but not against a 45 handle rise in the S&P and 180 handles in the Nasdaq.   * Again, the Russell wasn't crowing.   * Bullish sentiment is way extended - more so tod...

The Reflex Game, Re-Rotation, Big Bank Bonanza, Oil Demand, Johnson & Johnson

The Reflex Game, Re-Rotation, Big Bank Bonanza, Oil Demand, Johnson & Johnson

How Interesting. On Wednesday, market participants rotated out of the un-rotation that had been in vogue for most of April.

Minding Mr. Market

Some observations:  * Ss over Ns. And the Russell is not crowing. (I added to my and shorts on the morning's strength). * Banks are lower in a sea of green this morning. It is my view that bank stocks are vulnerable after the runup. I will have a co...

Shorting DAL

I am (personally) shorting Delta Air Lines  - above $48 - in premarket trading following the J&J vaccine news.  DAL is on my Best Ideas List (short).  

Sell The Winners Buy The Losers, Dayenu?

* In a (price) momentum based investment world the winners often get overextended and the losers often get oversold  "Ilu ho-tsi, ho-tsi-a-nu, Ho-tsi-a-nu mi-Mitz-ra-yim, Ho-tsi-a-nu mi-Mitz-ra-yim, Da-ye-nu! .. CHORUS: .. Dai, da-ye-nu, .. Dai, da-...

Looking at Shorts

*Last week we looked at laggards to buy, today I look at shorts  Last week I looked at laggards I would buy - some, like Amazon , Twitter  and Walmart prospered:  Apr 01, 2021 ' 08:30 AM EDT DOUG KASS Looking at Laggards * On the long side While I f...

New Buy (and Short) Levels

* My revised levels I don't want there to be any ambiguity about the size of my positions, or about my buy and short levels, as I strive for as much transparency as possible. This column is a continued commitment towards that sort of disclosure. "Wh...

Nothing Normal About This Market

The speculative gewgaws have lost their bids again and are falling back to earth.  , , , ,  , , etc., getting taken to the woodshed.  Usually this portends broader market weakness - but there is nothing normal about this market.  Meanwhile, in part ...

Three Short Moves

I would continue to scale out of banks and consider shorting and in here. I would be adding to a Delta Air Lines  short in here.    

There Is No Market Leadership

* Slowly, but very surely, prior market leaders have crashed * At times, markets can churn when leadership is unclear or non existent * But, given current high valuations, a more ominous market outcome seems more likely * Consider "Uncle" Bob Farrel...

You Done Tore Out My Heart and Stomped That Sucker Flat

"You keep on stompin' And my heart is on the floor..." - Lewis Gizzard, You Done Tore Out My Heart and Stomped That Sucker Flat  In yesterday's opening missive, "The Market Is a Hard Dog to Keep Under the Porch," I argued that the U.S. stock market ...

The Market Is a Hard Dog to Keep Under the Porch

* The U.S. stock market remains materially overpriced * I would use market rallies to reduce equity exposure * Value is stretched now (financials and energy) while growth valuations are vulnerable to higher interest rates * I am looking towards some...

I Remain Negative on the Markets

Today's feature was a (not surprising) mean reversion back from value to (recently depressed) growth.   Given the interest rate rise, I suspect there is a limitation or ceiling on growth stocks over the near term.   Indeed with Invesco  having peake...

Trade of the Week (Short Delta Air Lines)

A week ago I wrote an ursine summation of the airline industry and for Delta Air Lines .  Delta closed at $49/share on Friday. For these reasons and others (see above...the price of oil has climbed from $27/barrel - in early November - to over $61/b...

Assessing the Damage

My Takeaways * The damage today was broad-based * I ended the day with a medium-sized net short exposure (down from very large at the beginning of the day) * Banks may have had a buying climax today * Tech (especially of a speculative-kind) remains ...

Shorting DAL

I am back shorting Delta Air at $50.55 now.  

Shorting Delta Air

I shorted Delta Air Lines small on the opening.