Dominion Energy Inc. (D)

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NYSE : Utilities
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Open 76.10
Day Low/High 75.33 / 76.20
52 Wk Low/High 67.41 / 79.47
Volume 385.08K
Avg Volume 3.56M
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 802.36M
Market Cap 61.66B
EPS 3.70
P/E Ratio 36.42
Div & Yield 3.67 (4.53%)
Utilities Stocks Look Headed for an Outage

Utilities Stocks Look Headed for an Outage

Dividend-seekers have driven these stocks far ahead of the companies' fundamentals.

Three Stories to Combat the Gloom

There is another economy -- one that's robust and not seeing a slowdown -- and these names showcase it.

Cramer: FOMC Extending Zero Interest Rates Is Most Important

Cramer: FOMC Extending Zero Interest Rates Is Most Important

Jim Cramer says the most important thing Ben Bernanke can do today is extend zero interest rates to 2015.

They Just Don't Get Loews!

They Just Don't Get Loews!

Marek Fuchs, senior contributing analyst at TheStreet, laments the condemnation of Loews.

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Duke Energy shows us that even in this safe sector, stock-picking is essential.

Three Dividend-Paying Stocks to Consider

Today we are lifting the high-dividend end of our barbell approach, and recommending Con Ed, Dominion Resources and Kellogg.

Storm Whacks Mid-Atlantic Utilities

Companies must fix systemwide damage first, frustrating customers.

Navigating Ahead of Bernanke's Statement

Navigating Ahead of Bernanke's Statement

Lindsey Bell and Scott Redler, chief strategic officer at, revealhow to trade stocks ahead of earnings season: retail, banks, tech.

The Dark Side of Energy Costs

When analyzing solar companies, be sure to look at their markets on a state-by-state basis.

Dominion Resources upgraded at Jefferies

Joining the 40-Plus Club

As a portfolio, this unique class of utilities is performing well.

Dominion Reigns Supreme

Dominion Resources is the safest play on liquefied natural gas exports.

What to Do With Liquid Natural Gas

US companies looking to export surplus gas to faraway nations may be in for a big surprise.

The EPA's Rifle Shot

A proposed rule is bad policy for safe, economical and reliable power generation.

7 Energy Issues Candidates Don't Grasp

Few politicians understand the fundamental principles of energy production, delivery or consumption.

Another Approach to Using Natural Gas

The gas-to-liquids process could turn our abundant supply of nat gas into distillate fuels.

Powering Up

Congress has approved construction for much-needed, nuclear plants, but it needs to clean up its underlying energy policies.

Dominion downgraded at JP Morgan

Winners and Losers of the EPA's New Rules

The EPA's coal plant regulations have become a polarizing issue because states made it a federal case.

How the Wind Blows

No matter what the source of power, utility investors benefit from either subsidies or capactiy payments.

Revolutionizing the Nuclear Market

SMRs can produce safe, economic and reliable power to serve the grid's base load at a more affordable price.

Congress in the Dark on Renewable Energy

Powerful incentives to invest in solar and wind power may die because politicians don't understand why they're good for America.

A Maverick of the Utilities Space

AES, which has taken great strides to take care of its shareholders, is once again able to deliver bottom-line results.

An Absurd Disconnect

A number of fine American companies are at the euro's whim, regardless of whether there's any fundamental reason for it.

The Nuclear Energy Race Gets Peculiar

Two companies seek U.S. design certification, but nearly all the construction is happening overseas.

Solar Program to Darken at end of Year

When the 1603 Program ends, incentives will change and this will cull small and medium businesses.

Not Much Future in LNG

The deck is stacked against liquefied natural gas players in the U.S.

Sabine Liquefaction Deal Faces Hurdles

CQP's challenge will be to receive the financing, especially since it has no equity to offer banks.

Energy Efficiency Measures Don't Always Add Up

Rate structures discourage consumers who use small amounts of energy and reward those who use a lot.

Dominion Investors Shouldn't Feel Aftershock

An insurance policy should cover most of the quake damage and outage at a Virginia nuclear plant.