Dominion Energy Inc. (D)

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NYSE : Utilities
Prev Close 82.42
Open 82.58
Day Low/High 82.33 / 82.85
52 Wk Low/High 67.41 / 82.68
Volume 444.59K
Avg Volume 3.71M
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 821.91M
Market Cap 67.53B
EPS 3.70
P/E Ratio 54.77
Div & Yield 3.67 (4.35%)

Pulling the Plug on Oil

New England still relies on oil for electric power, and that raises rates for everybody.

Contemplating King Coal

This industry may well be in for a robust recovery.

LNG Is the Place to Be

LNG Is the Place to Be

Dan Dicker talks with Jim Cramer about the IEA report and the continuing opportunity in liquid natural gas.

Nuclear Dominoes Are Falling

Declining market prices are pushing some nuclear plants toward early retirement.

Berkshire's Energy Edge

Its utilities division doesn't pay dividends, so it can reinvest its earnings.

Solar Scores a Big Win Over Nuclear

Warren Buffett's investment affirms that solar is the clear winner on costs.

Staying Competitive in LNG

For the US, is liquid natural gas more sizzle than steak?

New Nukes in Florida a Win-Win

Uprating existing plants adds 500mw to energy grid. 

Natural Gas Players Paying Off

Natural Gas Players Paying Off

Vast supplies of natural gas are pushing America closer to energy independence and stocks like Oneok higher, Skip Aylesworth, Hennessy portfolio manager, tells Gregg Greenberg.

Mad Money Uncovered: Dominion, the more defensive Nat Gas Export Play

Mad Money Uncovered: Dominion, the more defensive Nat Gas Export Play

Jim Cramer looks at a safer way to play nat gas exports with Nicole Urken, Mad Money Research Director

Put Money in Those Pipelines

Natural gas opportunities are just beginning to surface -- and the pipelines are one of the sturdiest options.

Power Markets Work to Clear Bottlenecks

Here's how power markets cope with the lack of transmission lines.

Worldwide Gas Bubble About to Form

New LNG facilities likely to outpace limited world demand.

Time to Rotate Into Technology

Stay away from utilities and other defensive sectors.

Pull the Plug on Utilities

Pull the Plug on Utilities

Too much risk, not enough reward.

How Utilities Are Coping With Disruption

In the face of energy substitution and efficiency, some are selling or retiring assets.

Exelon Hedges About the Future

The utility's reliance on hedging to bolster results makes this a speculative investment at best.

Duke's Credibility Gap

Having lost the confidence of regulators and the public it serves, the utility's future is uncertain.

Building a Better Battery

A new technology to displace old power plants.

Pardon Me, Can You Spare Some Gas?

There appear to be no pipeline options to supply New Englanders.

Mid-Market Generators Are Gambling on Coal

Solar and nuclear powered cost leaders will win when mid-market participants, mostly using coal and cheap natural gas, are gone.

Exelon's Big Gamble

The company is taking a risk by staying in RTOs -- but that risk may yet pay off.

Trouble Lurks on Some Utilities' Balance Sheets

Plants that cannot produce power economically are liabilities, not assets.

U.S. Nuclear Power Expansion on Shaky Ground

Investors should consider the possibility that new projects may not be completed.

Watch Dominion, but Wait

It's one of the premier utilities, but its price is a bit rich right now.

DOW: Quit Your Bellyaching

Just buy a natural gas company already.

Energy Consumption Had a Surprising Dip

Summer usage was down from 2011 levels, and this could ding utilities' quarters.

Nothing but Static Electricity

Nothing but Static Electricity

There is no reason to own Dominion at the current quote.

Two More Ports in the Fiscal Cliff Storm

A pair of electric utilities are selling at attractive entry points.

An Exelon Surprise

The energy company goes speculative.