Carvana Co. Class A (CVNA)

2.02 0.74
Prev Close 271.30
Open 266.35
Day Low/High 259.37 / 270.81
52 Wk Low/High 22.16 / 302.46
Volume 853.54K
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 172.26B
Market Cap 46.68B
P/E Ratio N/A
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Where I Stand

* In an attempt to remain transparent  To emphasize.  Yesterday I initiated a short in Carvana , added to my Index shorts and to Tesla .  I also sold out my entire and positions on the strength in the regular trading session and in the after hours. ...

How I Stand at Day's End

With the long sale of some General Motors , adds to ,  and shorts, and with new short -- I added to my net short exposure today. In weighting terms I am between medium and large-sized net short.  Thanks for reading my Diary today - I hope it held so...

Carvana Short

I just reshorted Carvana at $274.85.  This is the second time on the short side: the first try was profitable.  Carvana is on my Best Ideas list (short).  

Minding Mr. Market

Market breadth currently a bit less than 2-1 positive.  Speculative activity continues apace - actually running amok! - though, as I observed, some previous large cap tech leaders ( , and ) are cooling off.  Homebuilders conspicuously weak - red in ...

Trade of the Week (Short Tesla $668)

* Speculators are moving away from the large cap high beta names like TSLA, CVNA and ZM now * TSLA could get hit on early January tax selling * And then there is my short investment thesis!  I am observing a deflating in a basket of larger cap specu...

Carvana Rated New Overweight at KeyBanc

Park These 6 Auto Stocks in Your Portfolio

Park These 6 Auto Stocks in Your Portfolio

These timely automotive picks include ideas in used cars, auto parts, motorcycles and RVs.

Carvana Rated New Buy at Jefferies

Pulling Forward

* A host of companies and industries have benefited from a pull forward in sales  Late yesterday Jim "El Capitan" Cramer wrote: "Here Comes the 'Pent-Up Demand' Bull Market"  Jim highlighted automobiles, retail and technology, among other industries...

Jim Cramer: Here Comes the 'Pent-Up Demand' Bull Market

Jim Cramer: Here Comes the 'Pent-Up Demand' Bull Market

The great news about the pent-up demand rally? While these stocks have been creeping up they are now going to explode higher.

Minding Mr. Market

* I went large-sized net short yesterday * Bonds were conspicuously weak, I remain short  Jim "El Capitan" Cramer liked what he saw yesterday: See Jim Cramer: A Great Market Is One That Can Ignore Negative News Entirely (3:24 pm post by Jim).  But, ...

Jim Cramer: A Great Market Is One That Can Ignore Negative News Entirely

Jim Cramer: A Great Market Is One That Can Ignore Negative News Entirely

The fact is that business in whole areas of the economy remain very strong despite what you heard about ZM this morning.

Shares of Carvana Are Ready to Trade Higher

Shares of Carvana Are Ready to Trade Higher

Let's kick the tires as we review the charts and indicators.

Here's Where I Love the Setup for Shift Technologies

Here's Where I Love the Setup for Shift Technologies

I like the idea of a buy-write with a little over buy of the stock.

The Thunder in South Florida Yesterday Was Not the Bad Weather - It Was the Sound of the Market's Pivot From Growth to Value

* Yesterday may have represented a classic "sell on the good news" * While many were cheering about the vaccine news, I was waiting to sell, red tickets in hand * Some stocks and sectors had a great year yesterday * And some stocks and sectors got s...

Today's Trades

* Moved to small net long in exposure! * Reward vs. risk has deteriorated as today's market move borrows from future gains * A classic sell on the news opportunity?   * Established a short hedge - between medium and large-sized - at $363-$365 * Sold...

Improving Breadth and an Impressive Follow-Through of Market Strength

* The Nasdaq rose by 300 handles and the S&P advanced by 67 handles * The market was easy to dance to and had a good beat- I give this trading day a "95" "My name is Dougie Kass and I am 19. I am from Rockville Centre, Long Island, and I rate this t...

Value Trumps Growth Again

* Mr. Market often does its best to confound the most investors * It may be doing it again, right now * I am large net long   The most distinguishing feature of today's market action (nearly three-to-one advancers over decliners) was the excellent p...

The Pivot From Growth to Value Is Speeding Up

Again, the pivot from growth to value is conspicuous this morning.  Look at strength in "value" stocks like Caterpillar , Smucker , selected financials and ETFs, like and .  By contrast, growthy names like Apple , Amazon , Zoom , and Carvana are wea...

Positions Size

For emphasis.  As mentioned in the Comments Section on Friday and, again, in today's opening missive I am back to medium-sized in Alphabet  - after buying more at $1610 Friday.  And I am small-size in shorts: Zoom , Apple , Carvana , and Square . I ...

Tech-nically Speaking, I am Encouraged in the Pivot From Growth to Value

I am emboldened on the pivot to value, after the release (and market response) to the earnings results at Twitter , Apple , Facebook , Alphabet and Amazon .   Google rallied back to +$140 (in after hours), and I have sold my position down to small-s...

Bullish or Bearish, Here's How to Play Carvana

Bullish or Bearish, Here's How to Play Carvana

This isn't a name I'd play aggressively into earnings, but a small gamble here could pay off in a big way.


I was active trading yesterday:  * I took a long rental. * I added to , , , , , , , and longs. * I covered small (still medium-sized), (from large-sized to medium-sized), (still medium-sized) and (still medium-sized) shorts. __________  Long GOOGL (...

Buying These Names Now

* And covering small in individual shorts  DJIA, Nasdaq and S&P, down -900 -350 and -100, respectively. My reaction? I am buying more , , , , , and in the last 30 minutes. I have covered small in (still medium-sized), (from large-sized to medium-siz...

I Like My Positioning

* Especially into next Tuesday's election * I end the day between small-to medium-sized net short in exposure (but closer to small!) I end the day with large and put positions (having covered all my Index shorts -- for a nice profit -- into the whoo...

Jim Cramer: Now There's a Bull Market in Anything Auto

Jim Cramer: Now There's a Bull Market in Anything Auto

After years of being losers how did everything auto catch fire? Simple: the darned pandemic.

(Today) I Give the Market a Bad Name

* The technical and fundamental signposts could be spelling near term problems ahead * Yesterday I moved to a medium-sized short exposure - adding to and initiating more short positions * I have a negative short and intermediate term market view  "A...

Action Jackson

A lot to discuss -- the markets' reasonably large drop from the day's highs, Netflix's  very weak subscriber adds (and $32/share drop in the after hours), Snap's good usage numbers (and its salutary impact on Twitter's shares after the close (up $3/...

I Am Lovin' This Pairs Trade

* Long GM/Short CVNA that is  Two weeks ago I put on this pairs trade:  Oct 06, 2020 ' 09:50 AM EDT DOUG KASS Putting on a New Pairs Trade I am already long a large position in General Motors  .  I am now putting on a "pairs trade" (on top of that l...

More on the Pivot From Growth to Value

My short book of individual names - away from the Indices - include Tesla , Zoom and Carvana .  Given the aforementioned pivot from growth to value that I am playing over the balance of 2020 - which could be exacerbated by the selling FAANG names in...