Campbell Soup Company (CPB)

Prev Close 41.35
Day Low/High 41.23 / 41.97
52 Wk Low/High 39.76 / 53.77
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 302.11B
Market Cap 12.49B
P/E Ratio 19.25
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

The Case for Large Consumer Packaged Goods Mergers, Consolidation Grows More Compelling

* Large mergers may be the solution to the price/cost squeeze facing the consumer packaged goods space * An industry consolidation would serve to create important economies of scale, sizeable cost saves and needle-moving synergies Back in September,...

After a Plunge -- The Safest Time to Play

After a Plunge -- The Safest Time to Play

Campbell Soup and Nordstrom offer opportunities for the bold.

Pick Your Poison... err Analysis!

"Desperado, why don't you come to your senses? Come down from your fences, open the gate It may be rainin', but there's a rainbow above you You better let somebody love you (let somebody love you) You better let somebody love you before it's too lat...

A Hot Way to Play Cold Soup

A Hot Way to Play Cold Soup

My favorite approach here is to use a no-cost ratio put spread to try and buy CPB at lower levels.

My Investment in Campbell Soup Has Been A Big Investing Mistake

* Management is executing poorly on several fronts and, at the same time, faces a price/cost squeeze * The company lowered its 2018-19 earnings guidance * I plan to hold on to my shares (I purchased more 'in the hole' this morning) This morning's Ca...

Soup of the Day

The News for Campbell Soup Isn't M'm M'm Good

As you probably already know, Campbell Soup announced Friday that CEO Denise Morrison is abruptly retiring. I wrote recently in It Is Time for the Dorrance Family To Consider Selling Campbell Soup that it's time for the company to sell itself to War...

4 Great Dividend Stocks That Always Remember to Say 'Thank You': Market Recon

4 Great Dividend Stocks That Always Remember to Say 'Thank You': Market Recon

These dividend payers compete in businesses that I'm interested in and believe in -- and they pay me to own the shares.

Morning Soup

As expected, Campbell Soup lowered guidance. And the company is replacing its horrible CEO. More after the conference call.

Adding to CPB

Yes, I added to in front of tomorrow morning's EPS release. I expect a 1-3 cents miss relative to expectations.

4 Reasons Why Markets Will Crash Next Time: Market Recon

4 Reasons Why Markets Will Crash Next Time: Market Recon

I do not see a crash in our immediate future. I do not see the potential for a US recession on our immediate front either.

Adding to CPB

First Boston lowers their price target on Campbell Soup and takes down (slightly) quarterly and full year estimates this morning - principally based on higher costs associated with recent acquisitions: We are lowering our target price to $38 (from $...

Rotation Ahead?

* A move out of tech and into consumer packaged goods may lie ahead The consumer staples space is catching a bid - even that POS Campbell Soup ! is particularly jiggy (and the subject of my bullish thoughts yesterday). With defensive stocks starting...

I Am Double Upgrading Procter & Gamble

* After the share price's fall from grace, the PG Board may now be reassessing (Peltz's recommendation of) a breakup into three separate operating entities * Taking PG off of my Best Ideas List (short) * Putting PG on my Best Ideas List (long) On Au...

Adding to These 5 Stocks

This morning I added to  ,  , (now large), and .

Carnage In Consumer Packaged Goods Stocks

"Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful." - Warren Buffett The carnage in consumer packaged goods stocks continues apace today - with across-the-board losses. Consider the accumulating headwinds: * A changing competitiv...

Adding to Several Longs

This morning I added to the following longs: , , and .

Recent Trading, Investment Moves

Here are some recent trading and investment moves: * I have added to my  short and I initiated an Alphabet trading short rental last week. * In retail I remain net short but I reestablished my and (acting suspiciously well in the last few days) long...

It is Time For the Dorrance Family to Consider Selling Campbell Soup

It is time for Campbell Soup's  controlling shareholders, the Dorrance family, to recognize that a sale of the company is in their interests and the interests of Campbell's shareholders. The competitive pressures facing consumer packaged goods compa...

P&G No Longer King of the Forest - It's the Cowardly Lion (Part Deux)

  "I'm afraid there's no denyin' I'm just a dandy-lion A fate I don't deserve I'm sure I could show my prowess Be a lion, not a mouse If I only had the nerve." - The Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz) This morning P&G reported very weak organic growth for...

Tactical Strategy

In the speculative FAANG space I have recently added a very small Alphabet (Google) short (added small to my short this morning at $1080) to join my currently medium sized Facebook short. I have aggressively been trading around a core FB short (it's...

Help Out a Brother!

Any contributors or subscribers see any reason/news why Campbell Soup is trading higher? I have been out of the office for a while - and we cant find anything.

Risk vs. Reward Remains Negative

Markets generally flatlined after the early rally -- basically erasing yesterday's losses. Banks and tech were conspicuously strong. Retailers -- the recent object of my disaffection -- turned lower and closed near the day's lows. FAANG -- Facebook ...

Today's Long Purchases

Today's long purchases: Add-ons to , , and .

Adding to Investment Shorts

I plan to add to the following investment shorts on further strength: * Retail ( , , ) * Disney over $105 * Starbucks at $59.50-$60.00 better * over $40 * at $260 or better * at $77 * at $122 I continue to add to the following longs: , and .

New Campbell Soup Management

This new management appointment at Campbell Soup is a modest positive for the shares.

Today's Trades

I have added to (speculative) Alternative Harvest  , bought the morning weakness in Campbell Soup , Hartford Financial and Twitter (moved to large long). I have covered my Market Vectors Retail ETF short for a profit. I have sold out my trading bank...

The Rotation Into Consumer Non Durables Should Continue

Yesterday I observed: A Late Day Observation Apr 3, 2018 ' 2:34 PM EDT Please watch the continued rotation into consumer non-durables and defensive securities - this could be important as we look at a changing market leadership and its possible (adv...

Today's Trades

I sold my long rental. I added to , and .

A Recap of Today's Trades

* I covered a small amount of Market Vectors Retail ETF and will continue to cover the balance over the next few days given the lack of liquidity. * Bought more SPDR Gold Trust ETF . * Added to Wells Fargo , Bank of America , JPMorgan Chase and Citi...