Caterpillar Inc. (CAT)

Prev Close 134.39
Day Low/High 132.52 / 135.11
52 Wk Low/High 87.50 / 150.55
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 541.51B
Market Cap 72.77B
P/E Ratio 17.76
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

My Tactical Approach and Current Positioning

* I have liquidated a lot of my long positions and have been averaging into Index shorts lately * I worship at the altar of fundamentals and not of price momentum * Monday I will present a more lengthy analysis of my concerns over the balance of 202...

Some Late Day Takeaways

* Market breadth has been shrinking all afternoon (at 3pm less than 100 more advancers over decliners). * Oil up a beaner to $23.72/barrel. * Gold down small. * Bond yields +2 basis points. * and FAANG experiencing some strength - but not impressive...

Jim Cramer: We Have a Rip Snorting Rally Unfathomable 2 Months Ago

Jim Cramer: We Have a Rip Snorting Rally Unfathomable 2 Months Ago

So what's the narrative? Simple: the recession is ending, it turned out to be a V recession and recovery after all.

Jim Cramer: What's Really Driving This Market?

Jim Cramer: What's Really Driving This Market?

The thought that one of these more than 100 attempts to tame Covid-19 pays off.

Playing Bullishly... For Now

* The bears' skepticism (and cautious market positioning) coupled with their collective cynicism towards medical and scientific innovation, and the inevitability of the curve's flattening along with an "all in" Fed, have fueled the market recovery f...

CAT's Out

I am out of my short for a large profit.


I have moved to medium-sized (from large-sized) in both and .

I'm Getting Thirsty

* Making some moves now... I have added to . I am reestablishing long positions in $99.90 and $103.70. I am adding to and .   I covered a small amount of my $303 and $101.30 shorts.

Some Takeaways

* Breadth still nasty at 10-1 negative. * No real stability, yet. * Oil down two bits. * Gold +$9. * Bond yields down three to four basis points. * Energy, retail, financials, real estate, gaming, industrials broadly lower. * The only green on my ma...

Subscriber Comment of the Day

CAT is still a DOG:  badgolfer22  this should be good for a 20 point bounce.......... 09:05CAT Caterpillar reports rolling 3 month retail sales statistics (105.00) April sales for total machines -22% world (-27% in North America); resource industrie...

Still a Dog

is still a dog -- new low (-$2) to $106.50. I am not covering in response to some emails.

New Buy (and Short) Levels

* My revised levels I don't want there to be any ambiguity about the size of my positions or about my buy and short levels as I strive for as much transparency as possible. "When the time comes to buy, you won't want to." --Walter Deemer "When the t...

CAT Is Still a DOG

"The more things change the more they are the same." - Grandma Koufax The thing about Financial TV is that you rarely hear about mistakes - and there is nearly always limited followup to investment boners. As an example, Caterpillar recently traded ...

I Covered My Nasdaq Short and Sold SPY Puts

* Back to between small- to medium-sized net long * We are now exactly at my intrinsic value calculation for the S&P Index I have covered my medium sized short on the whoosh lower: And, as I suggested on Friday (when I sold out about half of my puts...

Wrapping Up a Busy Week

Thanks for reading my Diary today and all week. It's been a long five days and I am going to sign off early. This has been a difficult period for many and I have tried to unemotionally explain how I am navigating and coping with the markets (and lif...

The Chemistry of Kevlar

Danielle DiMartino Booth asks whether a downturn in tech spending lies ahead: With major chemical companies such as DuPont and BASF pulling 2020 guidance, the Chemical Activity Barometer from the ACC provides a convenient macro proxy; this barometer...

Small-Caps Roar, Bets Against the Market, Trading Nvidia

Small-Caps Roar, Bets Against the Market, Trading Nvidia

Money movers are not buying protection for individual names, but they are starting to bet against the market en masse, while the Russell 2000 ran up 4% on Monday.

Caterpillar Shares Could Weaken in the Short Run

Caterpillar Shares Could Weaken in the Short Run

CAT is set to report quarterly earnings Tuesday.

From the Street of Dreams

* CAT remains my favorite short Morgan Stanley has turned bearish on Caterpillar , citing "downside risks of a multi-year downturn in spending in the non -residential construction industry". The brokerage has moved the stock from neutral to sell (wi...

Short Book

My short book consists of Apple and Caterpillar shorts, as well as long puts.

My CAT Rationale

Bidding to cover a small amount of Caterpillar at $108-09. The shares are nearly -$20 from my April 9th short at $127+. My rationale: the downside risk vs. reward to the upside is no longer as attractive.

Updating CAT

Caterpillar's share price (-$5.45) appears to be rolling over on the charts. CAT was placed on my Best Ideas List (short) on April 9. 2020 at $127.40/share. Now trading at $109.15.

From the Street of Dreams

Bank of America downgrades this morning. The shares were -$7.65 this morning. CAT is my largest short position (from Thursday): Apr 09, 2020 ' 12:00 PM EDT DOUG KASS Adding to CAT I added to my Caterpillar (CAT) short this morning and I have put it ...

The Bottom Line

* We are all "Japan" now * At 2800, the S&P has hit my "fair market value" * I am back to market neutral -- having sold all of my Index longs * I have no plans to sell my individual stocks as many are undervalued and trade at a 2400 S&P equivalent (...

Back to Market Neutral!

I have put on some shorts, including moving to large. This brings me to a market neutral position. Phew! I plan to buy weakness in light of my constructive intermediate term outlook.  

Adding to CAT

I added to my Caterpillar   short this morning and I have put it on my Best Ideas List (short).

Bad News Bulls

Bad News Bulls

If you're paying close attention to the news, you're probably too scared to buy. However, the charts are telling a different story.

The Mouse Roars

* A big sub beat took DIS shares +$7 in the after hours * DIS is among my favorite long positions Like Caterpillar , I have profited shorting Disney over the last four years. A perennial member of my Best Ideas List (short) since 2016, I recently re...

CAT Is Still a DOG

* On March 16 I took a trading long rental in Caterpillar - selling it out shortly thereafter for a profit * I took a trading short rental in CAT, at the close yesterday * CAT's shares have climbed from under $90 to over $127 since March 16th Over t...