Canaan Inc. (CAN)

0.19 6.00
NASDAQ : Electronic Technology
Prev Close 3.10
Open 3.09
Day Low/High 3.06 / 3.33
52 Wk Low/High 2.56 / 11.50
Volume 2.21M
Avg Volume 1.71M
Exchange NASDAQ
Shares Outstanding 132.90M
Market Cap 285.15M
EPS -1.00
P/E Ratio N/A
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

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More Lessons Recently Learned

"You can't go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending." - C.S. Lewis No matter how long I have been in the investment business I literally learn every day. The last 18 months have been especially instructi...

My Tactical Approach to the Markets

* Treading slowly as I build up a (small) net short book * I am often wrong and always in doubt  For reasons mentioned daily in my Diary I find myself, today, nearly at the polar opposite of the bullish cabal. That election is based on fundamental a...

Bit by Bit Bitcoin Peripheral Equity Plays Get Torn to Bits

Bitcoin peripheral equity plays are getting schmeissed - as , , , , , etc. are being taken to the woodshed. I remain negative on bitcoin and digital currencies. See the Podcast of the Day.    

Don't Let Trades Become Investments... and Some More of My Cryptocurrency Opinions and Observations

* The magnitude and swiftness of the decline in digital currencies has been eye opening and has accelerated over the last few days despite the strong protestations from its supporters * Bitcoin again dropped overnight (-25% in the last week) and the...

Again and Again 'Group Stink' Has a Foul Odor

* Consensus is sometimes the negative of thinking, logic and knowledge * Stop nodding your investment head in agreement * As a contrarian investor, I often relish and find opportunities in rejecting consensus * Thoughtfully going against the consens...

The S&P Index Remains About 20% Overvalued

* Tops are processes (bottoms are events)  * Investors are remarkably complacent - with no one, save Perma Bears, looking for a meaningful market decline  * The market silliness is now deafening as the (motley) fools rush in at the end of a speculat...

Crocs Is Breaking Out to a New All-Time High and It's My Stock of the Week

Crocs Is Breaking Out to a New All-Time High and It's My Stock of the Week

The shoes may be ugly, but the chart is attractive, and sales are good.

Kass: My Bearish Market Outlook for the Next 12-18 Months

Kass: My Bearish Market Outlook for the Next 12-18 Months

My investment conclusion and strategy is to sell in June for the anticipated market swoon.

Sell in June for the Anticipated Market Swoon? My Ursine Market Outlook for the Next 12-18 Months

* The market silliness is now deafening as the (motley) fools rush in at the end of a speculative cycle * I see a pivot in monetary policy and disappointing (relative to consensus) 2022 S&P EPS * There is a possibility for a broad valuation reset lo...

More Strange Brew

Though NYSE breadth is 17-3, I see a sea of red on my monitor.  Ns over Ss.  The most speculative gewgaws are the upside feature ( , , etc.) while digital currency related issues (as cyrpto appears to be rolling over) continue to be downside market ...

Lessons Learned

* And some advice from my former horse trainer, Delvin Miller I have launched my new hedge fund, Seabreeze Capital Partners LP, because I believe -- despite the mushrooming in commission-free trading activity at Robinhood and elsewhere, the emergenc...

Cryptos Lower

Interesting to see cryptocurrencies lower this morning with digital peripheral plays ( , , , and ) all lower.  Meanwhile,  is bucking the trend lower and is +$5.40/share.    

Hanging With My Spec Garbage Cryptos

I was hoping that we would see a Fin TV special tonight... "Crypto In Turmoil". Then I would know that I should buy more crypto related stocks.  But, alas, Bitcoin has rallied by about $10k.  It's very non Kass-like but I am still hanging in with my...

So Far So Good

* With the crypto gewgaws  and are nearly +10% each off the panic purchases. is +5% and is flattish.

This Is Pure Speculation!

Given the cryptocurrency price crash, I just put together and purchased a small speculative long rental trade in secondary crypto equities:  * $21.90 * $19.56 * $29.40 * $8.56  I might be a Sixty Minute Man in these! 

Is It Time to Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful With Cryptocurrency Equities?

* Maybe very soon!  With the speculative tertiary cryptocurrency plays getting obliterated in line with digital price "discovery" - and with some of the stocks -75% from the 2021 highs - I am assembling a speculative crypto equity package to BUY.  S...

A Systemic Loss of Character

* Its valuation deflating and market unfriendly * Another rant... There is a lack and loss of character in our markets, in social media, with our policy makers, among some of our most powerful corporate leaders, on Wall Street and, even, too often w...

Another Lesson Learned

My favorite short gewgaws continue to get crushed: , , , and .  The magnitude of the declines from their respective early 2021 highs -- at a point near where many price momentum based strategists/technicians were aggressively and confidently buying/...

This Looks Like Topping Action

From my perch there is little to "like" about the market over the last few days. (Remember... tops are processes, bottoms are events.) A number of individual stocks look dreadful -- even "beast mode" Amazon is down about 12% from the recent after-ho...

I Remain a (Non Consensus) Bitcoin Bear

* With the recent fall in cryptocurrency prices, down seven of the last eight days, the "cool kids" may be getting worried now * Are cryptocurrencies a giant fraud? * From my perch, and minority viewpoint, cryptocurrency holders are more lemmings th...

Minding Mr. Market

* The decline in speculative stocks has been historic and broad-based - something I have been expecting for months * I remain bearish on the overall outlook for equities   Yesterday's market was brutal and broad-based to the downside:  * The specula...

What Could Possibly Go Wrong (With Cryptocurrencies)?

* There are now over 100 Crypto Assets worth over $1 billion (that's a new record) * Dogecoin, which started as a joke, hit a $50 billion market capitalization on Friday * Investors want to believe in the value of cryptocurrencies, in the prophesies...

Minding Mr. Market: The Coin Toss

* I ended the day in a large net short exposure (personally)   Some observations:   1. I was wrong on where I thought Coinbase would open, but I was correct that it should be be avoided (or shorted on the opening at $381) as it closed at $328. See "...

New Buy (and Short) Levels

* My revised levels I don't want there to be any ambiguity about the size of my positions, or about my buy and short levels, as I strive for as much transparency as possible. This column is a continued commitment towards that sort of disclosure. "Wh...

Minding Mr. Market

Stock futures have continued their climb this morning (5:20 am) - with S&P futures +12 handles and Nasdaq futures +95 handles.  As I wrote in "There Is Always More Than One Cockroach":  "The 1966 season took its toll on Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher S...

Nothing Normal About This Market

The speculative gewgaws have lost their bids again and are falling back to earth.  , , , ,  , , etc., getting taken to the woodshed.  Usually this portends broader market weakness - but there is nothing normal about this market.  Meanwhile, in part ...

There Is No Market Leadership

* Slowly, but very surely, prior market leaders have crashed * At times, markets can churn when leadership is unclear or non existent * But, given current high valuations, a more ominous market outcome seems more likely * Consider "Uncle" Bob Farrel...

Take the Money and Run

If I was trading I would probably be out of all my speculative gewgaw shorts - like , , , , , etc.