Citigroup Inc. (C)

0.03 0.06
Prev Close 49.78
Open 50.26
Day Low/High 48.51 / 50.73
52 Wk Low/High 45.40 / 80.29
Volume 28.94M
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 1941.92B
Market Cap 95.78B
P/E Ratio 12.57
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Today's Trades

I added to and longs.  Citigroup is down off a neutral initiation - concerns about buyback being delayed until 1Q, discussed earlier this week. Rather than buy more I have called an audible and I have shorted some against my C long. I have recently ...

C Green

Citigroup is back green. One of my favorite stocks for 2022.

Today's Trades

Added to at $61.87 and to at $31.08. Shorted more at $468.87.

Patience With the Bank Sector

The bank sector is frustrating many as rates have risen in the last week and the stocks have gone nowhere.  But I am undaunted and patient.  Picking at some more Citigroup at $62.72.  A top five holding.

Two Adds

Adding to and on the opening.

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off?

"You say either and I say eyether You say neither and I say nyther; Either, eyether, neither, nyther Let's call the whole thing off!"  - George Gershwin, Let's Call The Whole Thing Off   I have been follow...

Analyst Downgrades Citicorp Long After the Charts Turned Weak

Analyst Downgrades Citicorp Long After the Charts Turned Weak

The charts and indicators are not attractive.

From The Street of Dreams

Morgan Stanley downgrades from overweight to neutral, and upgrades and to overweight.  The weird thing is that if you read Betsy's research report today - she has a larger upside target on C than the other two!  Color me confused.

Adding More C

I paid $63.13 for more Citigroup .

To C From JPM

I have just sold my position in for a small profit (at $162.65). I never accumulated enough of a position below $160 and I am recommitting the money into Citigroup now.

Premarket Adding

I am adding to Boeing ($194) and Citigroup ($63.65) in premarket trading/panic.  

This Morning's Trades

* Purchased at $142.1. * Covered my short at $461.20. (Bought some SPY for a rental at $460.85 and sold out at a profit.) * Added to ($196.70), ($64.50), ($161), ($32.68), ($27.85), ($23.40), ($24.18) and ($10.37). * Covered all of my under $320. __...

More Premarket Moves

I have covered my Nvidia short for a very small profit (under $320). I am adding to JPMorgan Chase  , Citigroup , AT&T and Boeing BA.  

Adding to 2 Bank Holdings

I added to my Citigroup  and JPMorgan Chase holdings in the premarket at $64.75 and $161.02, respectively.  

Hotel California

* What's to like? Very little.. * Though the averages have held up (thank you "Nifty Seven"), a look under the hood reveals a dismal picture of broken stocks and charts  "Last thing I remember, I was Running for the door I had to find the passage ba...

My Shorting Zone Radar Is Flashing

Both and are moving back into my shorting zone.   But, given my belief that value/financials may catch up (absolutely and relative to growth) - I have been steadily adding to and initiated a purchase on Friday - I will give the stocks a wider berth ...

Adding to 2 Positions

I have added to Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase on the modest pullback.

Powell Renominated

Break in! Jerome Powell has been renominated as Fed chairman. The initial response in the futures is positive. . To me, banks are the greatest beneficiary of the president's decision. I initiated a JPMorgan Chase purchase on Friday at around $160/sh...

Bank Stocks

The fear of lockdowns in Austria and Germany is impacting interest rates (lower) and, in turn, bank stocks over the last week or so.  I would be using this weakness to accumulate bank stocks.  I own Citigroup and I plan to be a scale buyer of JP Mor...

Adding to 2 Longs

I am adding to my Citigroup and Boeing longs.

Adding to Longs

I added to the following longs this morning: , , , , and . __________  Long C, IVZ, VIAC common and calls, FGEN, MSOS, DISCK. Short C calls, IVZ calls, VIAC puts, FGEN calls, MSOS calls, DISCK calls.

RIVN Market Cap

Rivian's market capitalization is now $10 billion greater than that of Citigroup . I am short RIVN and long C.

Two Moves

Buying more at $30.55 and adding to below $68.

Citigroup Outperforming

Citigroup is getting jiggy... as if a bank stock can get that jiggy!  After underperforming its comparables it is now beginning to outperform.

Today's Trades (Before I Go Into a Research Call)

* Added to my short. * Established a trading long rental. * Added to and . * Buying more . * Aggressively adding to cannabis names after Representative Mace announced her legislation will be delivered on Monday, well ahead of expectations. * Added t...

Minding Mr. Market

* Adding to Boeing . * Streaming stocks go from loser to hero ( and ) * Banks catch a bid o the rate rise ( -$1.50) - steadily adding to . * Scaled up on my short - cost basis now $344.10.

Citi's 10Q

On Monday Citigroup released its 10Q - and I studied it.  Nothing earth shattering.  The document included a strategic refresh, a discussion of asset sales, and consent order remediation, and balance sheet and capital management as well as a new app...

Kass: A Lengthy Period of Easy Money Has Gotten Everyone Drunk Again

Kass: A Lengthy Period of Easy Money Has Gotten Everyone Drunk Again

My investing program and process have been boring over the last few months. But I'm being rational in a bubble that grows daily.

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* A lengthy period of easy money has gotten everyone drunk again * My investing program and process have been boring over the last few months * But to me, I am being rational in a bubble that grows daily * "Aerosmith's music is still playing" as the...

C Bidding

I am back bidding for more Citigroup .