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Closing the Books on My Double-Net Value Portfolio

It was not a great year for this value portfolio, with only 5 stocks in positive territory for the year.

Starbucks Stock Could Perk Up Into the End of the Year

An up-to-date look at the SBUX charts and indicators.

At This Point There Is Nothing to Suggest That the Corrective Action Is Over

Timing the market based on extreme sentiment is a very difficult task.

Let's Get Real About Johnson & Johnson's Selloff and How to Play the Stock

I find a lot of Reuters' claims hard to believe. Even more difficult to believe is the selloff.

Johnson & Johnson Stock Presents a Buying Opportunity Amid an Overblown Selloff

Many analysts advise buying the shares on weakness because it's attractively priced.

Johnson & Johnson - Round 2 - More Selling Pressure

JNJ ended the day and week in a vulnerable position and we are seeing further weakness today.

Sell Apple's Suppliers in Asia as Holidays Fail to Bring Cheer

Apple suppliers' shares are approaching a 30% slide since the start of 2018.

Sagging Centene Appears Vulnerable to Further Declines

Shares of the healthcare company are showing unhealthy tendencies right now after a federal judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional.

Okta's Technical Signals Look Secure for a Rally, So Go Long

The charts of the cybersecurity company indicate it is poised to move higher.

Know Your Timeframes to Manage Risk and Make Money in This Treacherous Market

Without any navigational tools, control mechanisms or respect for risk, there is little chance of survival.