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Biden Bits, Vaccine Vanguard, Unmasking Folly, Minerd Musings, Ives Inklings

Among other things, the president works to align Democratic senators to support his massive Covid relief bill.

Jim Cramer: The Rush to Reopen Is Ill-Advised

Only 7% of Texas is vaccinated, or two million people. I don't want to mess with Texas or Texans until that number is higher.

Complacency Is High ... and So Are New Lows

I have something to fuss over, so let's look at these new lows on Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

Dreary Market Action Disappoints

Big-cap tech names slip into the red and pockets of momentum become harder to find.

Is Ralph Lauren Stock Sharply Dressed?

The pace of RL's advance has slowed.

All Bets Are Off With Inseego as it Gaps Lower and Slides Further

This looks like a 'hot knife'.

Here's Some Food for Thought on the Commodity Bull Market

Usually commodity bull markets start with a supply shock, but maybe this time is different. Let's compare the 1970s to what we're seeing today.

Dealing with Impatience and Random Volatility

All traders have to set parameters that will determine when they will act.

I'm Betting Draganfly Will Fly Past Those Other Drone Cos.

Buzz around deal with Apple co-founder should take Draganfly higher, and if you disagree, I have a question for you.

Our Latest Ulta Beauty Technical Strategy

A bearish divergence could foreshadow price weakness ahead.