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That's a Wrap

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How LOW Will This Chart Go?

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The Indexes Are Holding Support, but That Is All

The biggest gainers were China-related names Alibaba, PDD Holdings Inc., and

How LOW Will This Chart Go?

Shares of Lowe's are retreating on the charts, so buyer beware.

Home Depot's Charts Reveal a DIY Downtrend

It looks like overall housing trends may be throwing a wrench in the prices of HD.

In This Market, Walmart Offers Investors One-Stop Shopping

WMT may not be a 'value stock' but in a choppy market, it is a supertanker sailing steadily ahead.

Let's Dig Into First Republic Bank

Despite talk of a possible failure, the bank has remained open.

As Big-Tech Stocks Like Nvidia, Microsoft Cool, Here's My Strategy

The best quality you can have right now as a trader is patience.

Emerson Electric Shares Continue to Disappoint

Where's the bullish setup?

McCormick Needs More Spice, It's Fundamentally Flawed

Wall Street's ratings have not been very impressive.

Have We Moved Past the Peak of the Petrodollar?

The wheels of change are in motion as global alliances are shifting.

Can Lululemon Athletica Regain Its Mojo?

Let's check out the charts and indicators ahead of earnings.