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Fear and Anxiety on Wall Street

We've got fear of missing out and wariness that the market may keep running away to the upside.

Mining for Value in Metals & Minerals Stocks

Six investment advisors discuss their favorite ideas in a range of commodities, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper.

It's Hard to Say What's Cookin' at Weber, Though It Smells Like a Short Squeeze

The grillmaker's stock has traded wildly and heavily at times, most recently this week after it posted its latest results on Monday.

Dour Day Shows Why I've Been Raising Cash Into Strength

I'm not aggressively bearish, but just waiting for better technical conditions.

Target Badly Misses the Mark, Which Sets It Up for a Bearish Bet

The big retailer's second-quarter results were atrocious and so is its balance sheet, which makes it a stock not to buy right now.

Markets Appear More Vulnerable to Profit Taking Though Charts Remain Bullish

The data are causing some concern now that substantial gains have been achieved from the June lows.

The Market is Hitting a Short-Term Peak

The intraday reversal Tuesday may have cooled off the momentum and will allow some consolidations and pullbacks to develop.

What Rally? Home Builder Sentiment, July Retail Sales, Fed, Hearing Aids, Costco

I think the most troubling data-point Tuesday was the analysis concerning contract or 'home-purchase agreement' cancellations.

Japan Rises Above Pre-Covid Levels, Set for 3 Years of Growth

The tortoise of Japan may be far behind the hare in the West, but Tokyo is pacing itself for steady multiyear growth.

Micro Moves in the Market

Let's check on an infinitesimal shift in the indicators we saw Tuesday.