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Digital Turbine Needs to Correct Its Outsized Gains

Here's what it would take to make APPS more attractive to new buyers

As Usual, Equities Are the Last Ones to Get What Is Really Happening

Like central bankers, the equity markets seem oblivious to weakening global economic conditions that indicate a recession already is here.

Netflix Could Sink Further - Avoid the Stock but Not Your Favorite Shows

Let's take a fresh look at the charts.

Zscaler Must Hammer Out a New Base Before It's Attractive Again

Trading volume in the cybersecurity company's shares was very heavy on their recent decline following a period of aggressive buying.

Negative Seasonality Makes a Challenging Market Even More Challenging

While the overall technical picture looks quite favorable, the action under the surface has not been easy.

Fed Caught Off-Guard, China's Troubles, Trading Amazon: Market Recon

The fact is that there are several highly significant barriers with China still to be satisfactorily addressed before any real progress might be realized.

Jim Cramer: A Predictable, Giant, IPO Travesty

I railed against it broken-record like for months on end. It's here now, it's hurting the market, and it's only going to get worse.

When Will We Get Back to Oversold?

Let's look at the Trading Index for clues as to when the market will turn.

Here Are Four Stocks to Watch Amid Turbulent Week in News

As Brexit, China trade and other big headlines continue, it's time to look at the fundamentals of Blackberry, Nike and others who report this week.

The Secret of Elite Trading

The best way to advance your trading to a higher level is contained in a comment from George Soros.