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Can IBM's Upside Breakout Continue?

Possibly, as a number of Big Blue's technical signals are bullish.

Biogen Surges on Alzheimer's Drug News: How to Play the Stock

Let's see how traders could react to the latest news.

Jiang Zemin's Death Overshadows Jack Ma's Tokyo Residency

The day's initial focus was on the Alibaba entrepreneur's extended stay in Japan before word broke that China's former president has died at 96.

Has the Market Already Fully Discounted a Hawkish Powell?

The market has sold off significantly the last three times that Powell has spoken. Are expectations lower this time?

NATO Meetings, Defense Stocks, Up Market, Fed's Powell Speaks, S&P in December

This FOMC may be slow to recognize that a pivot, not a pause, will be required within six months in order to best preserve the economy.

A Market That's Always Waiting for a Sign

Whether it's the Fed, inflation numbers or jobs numbers, with this market, it's always something.

Investors Get Into Position for Wednesday's Big News

Tuesday's action is simply a setup for a reaction to the economic and Fed news that will occur Wednesday.

Shares of Intuit Are Weak Ahead of Earnings

I don't see a bullish alignment on the charts.

It Might Be a Long Day for Workday as It Reports Tuesday

Let's see what the indicators say.

All I Want for Christmas Is for the Fed Not to Break Anything

We've got three big events that could together move the markets. Here's the one I'm watching the most closely.