Drip, Drip Goes the Market

We saw no panic, but we did see steady selling all day. Here's what matters going forward.

Jim Cramer: Meet the Magnificent Seven

It might be like cold water in the face to think that earnings don't matter. But these stocks have detached themselves from all metrics.

Volatility Popping? Play It With VXX

We may get a short-term volatility pop into VIX expiration on Wednesday.

Look for AT&T to Decline Further Despite an Attractive Yield

Avoid the long side for now.

How to Play GrowGeneration as Triggers Approach

In a few years, online gambling and legal cannabis will be allowed in more places than they won't be.

It's 'Active' Vs. 'Passive' and the Winner Is ...

Both, actually. But the one who came out way ahead might surprise you.

Emerson Powers Ahead

Emerson Electric looks set to rally further in the coming days, according to the charts and indicators.

Shark Bites: Convergence of News and Technicals Makes Xeris Interesting

Even when the story is good, the chances of a great trade are enhanced when technical conditions are there to help drive it.

Capri Holdings' Weekly Chart Is Worth Watching but Wait for a Trigger Event

The idea of FOMO should be minimal if you simply set some upside triggers and follow them.

Preparing Your Fixed-Income Portfolio for Rising Yields

Be very careful using bonds as a hedge here against your equity position.