Ulta Beauty's Charts and Indicators Signal a Defensive Posture

There is a heightened risk that Ulta could break its 200-day or 40-week moving average line in the weeks ahead so get defensive.

Jim Cramer: I Hate to Say It, Mr. Powell, but I Told You So

Somehow the Federal Reserve has gotten itself in this ridiculous box where it has to raise rates because it said it was going to raise rates.

Big Tobacco Hasn't Killed Cannabis, This Dance Has Only Just Begun

After Altria's investment in Cronos Group, which cannabis company will be the next target?

U. S. Concrete Is Still Weighed Down by Sellers

A retest of the lows of October could be seen in the months ahead.

Here's Why Bank Stocks Are Sinking Today

Wake up and smell what the Fed is cooking and lower the amount of your portfolio allocated to stocks.

Lululemon Is Going on Sale - Buy the Product, Not the Stock

LULU has broken to a new low on a different Point and Figure chart so let's visit with the charts again.

Was Lululemon's Quarter Good Enough?

Analysts expect the moon and stars from LULU and need to be brought back to earth.

Indonesia Plans to Move Its Capital and Here's How Investors Can Capitalize

Three propositions identifying three different cities as potential new capitals, all in the Indonesian state of Kalimantan, now sit on the president's desk.

Broadcom Is Getting Ready for an Upside Move, Maybe, I Think

The level of trading volume has been subdued and suggests we are looking at a large triangle-like pattern.

Facebook Is a Good Illustration of the Condition of Many Stocks Right Now

FB stock is doing nothing and that is all that matters in my book.