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Managing Emotions Is Key to Navigating a Fast-Moving Market

Keeping emotions in check not only makes you less impulsive but also helps you consider the market more objectively.

What You're Witnessing Is Classic Bear Market Action

The trend may not be very friendly right now but it is warning us that the chances of more downside are very high.

Where Are U.S. Interest Rates Headed? A Quick Check of the TLT

I'll want to pay close attention to Monday's price action in the TLT.

Nvidia Is Poised to Rally: Here's When to Buy

Our latest analysis and strategy on the graphics processing chip manufacturer.

What's Next for the Markets? Here's What the Charts and Data Say

Psychology indicators remain bullish.

Coronavirus Pandemic Exposes Strengths and Weaknesses in Cannabis Companies

Those that could quickly pivot may earn a new set of customers.

Wait for Marvell Technology to Close Above $26 Before Going Long

MRVL has made a low with the broad market but I would not rule out a partial pullback to retest that low.

Rugged Individualism Is What You Need Here

There's no need to own stocks as a group and no need to crowd into widely-owned individual names.

The Daily Picture Has Significantly Improved Across the Board

Weekends have been feast or famine for bulls and bears, so keep that in mind if you are rolling the dice.

Traders Can Approach the Long Side of Adobe

Let's review the charts and indicators.