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Jim Cramer: I Wish We Could Just Say No to These IPOs

WeWork and Saudi Aramco are two big deals that are worrisome to the entire market.

Market Players Shake Off Saudi News

While Monday's action wasn't bad, the lack of emotion and energy is confounding.

Jim Cramer: We Can't Trade Like We're the 'Old' United States

That the market didn't plummet following the strikes on Saudi oil facilities shows big differences in our economy and reliance on foreign oil compared with just a decade ago.

Iovance Biotherapeutics: Technical Analysis and Strategy

Let's check out the charts and indicators of IOVA.

Feeling Some Déjà Vu?

The S&P 500 was surging in July toward all-time highs, then a series of tweets hit along with some poorly received news from China, and the meltdown occurred -- are we going to face a similar fate now?

I Certainly Won't Be Filling Up on BP

Chevron and Exxon Mobil appear more attractive than this stock right now, and the oil sector as a whole should be watched for at least the next couple days.

PVH Stock Has Lost a Lot of Ground: Here's How to Play It Now

Shares of the apparel company have experienced a debilitating decline for several months.

China's 'Big Four' Internet Cos. Suffer Ad-Sales Slowdown

Rapid growth in online advertising is slowing -- by Chinese standards -- creating potential headaches for Weibo and Tencent.

What Would It Take to Shake Up Market?

Despite big news headlines recently and the looming Fed rate decision, market players appear to show little emotion.

General Mills: How Do the Charts Look Ahead of Earnings?

We can see two trends with GIS shares.