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The Charts of PVH Corp. Are Aligned to Trade Higher in the Weeks Ahead

Let's delve into the charts and indicators.

Is the Market Half Full or Half Empty? Depends on How You See It

Whether you see the indexes trading flat on Monday afternoon as good or bad depends on your outlook.

HP Has Plenty of Good Reasons for Rejecting Xerox's Initial Buyout Offer

Though HP says it's still open to some kind of deal with Xerox, the deal that Xerox proposed would carry major financial risks on top of all the execution and revenue growth risks any kind of merger between the firms would carry.

HP and Xerox? Not Such a Bad Idea

With Carl Icahn involved on both sides, we can expect him to lean heavily on both Boards to come to an agreement.

Ross Stores Looks Ready to Ring Up Higher Share Prices

Ahead of its earnings release on Thursday, ROST has a price target of around $130-$135, according to our review of the charts.

Medtronic Set to Trade Higher Unless Earnings Derail the Rally

Let's see what the charts have to say.

Put Protection Is Always Needed

Puts tend to work very nicely when the market is in a panic, but getting in early can be tricky.

Market Volatility Has Been Muted… and Then There Are These 2 Stocks I Own

Watch maker Fossil Group and Argentine farming giant Cresud have seen their shares plunge amid a market that steadily marches to all-time highs.

Overconfident Bears Have Missed Out on Great Opportunities

I am carrying a large cash balance -- but not because I'm bearish.

HP Has My Attention, but I'm Not Getting In Now

If tempted, don't forget HPQ will report the firm's fourth quarter performance next Tuesday.