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RingCentral Looks Set to Fall Further

Don't be in a rush to anticipate a bottom in the business communications company's stock as the technical signs are largely bearish.

Tech Stock Hot Potato, Inflation, the 'Pain' Trade, Dips in Chips, Trading Exxon

Clearly, professional portfolio managers are now positioning themselves for a changed environment.

Market Struggles To Deal With Vicious Rotational Action

Speculative liquidity has essentially disappeared.

Powell, How Would You Rate Inflation Now?

As real inflation ticks higher and much faster than actual GDP growth momentum, then it starts to become a real scare, an inflation scare.

Dow Comes Out Swinging, but Misses

One of the biggest issues facing traders is whether stocks that have already corrected deeply can withstand a falling Dow.

Jim Cramer: Here's What Can Go Higher

Let's look at the companies that can go up, and the ones that can't.

The Danger of 'Value Traps'

Don't be in a rush to buy those great values before they start exhibiting some better price action.

Dogecoin? Really? Taking a Hit on 19 is Not a Smart Approach to the Market

I worry that we are going to see a lot of folks go bust here soon rather than gathering up at least some of their winning chips.

I'm Currently Long Freeport-McMoRan: Here Are My Trade Thoughts

The stock has outrun most of the Wall Street analysts that follow this name.

Take What the Market Will Give You

Don't let greed ruin your investments.