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Complacent Market Players Keep It Chill -- as Sparks Fly All 'Round

It is still a surprisingly sedate market, despite indexes sitting close to all-time highs, earnings season, possible interest-rate cuts and endless speculation about China trade.

Jim Cramer: You Need to Be Looking for Opportunities on Days Like Today

This is the kind of market that's worth running to when the stocks of good companies go down.

Tesla's Latest Price Changes Simplify Its Sales Message

The price difference between the most expensive version of Tesla's Model 3 sedan, and the cheapest versions of its Model S sedan and Model X crossover, just got bigger.

Starbucks Looks Extended on the Upside - Lock in Some Gains

Let's look closer at the price action over the past 12 months.

JPMorgan Chase Sees Average Joe as 'Star of Show,' Amid Unfriendly Trends

With volatile swings following its quarterly earnings release, JPM still appears to have investor confidence.

Here's a Prescription for Eli Lilly Stock: Don't Swallow Yet

With prices in a downtrend with a $95 price target, hold off on purchases until prices hold for the drugmaker.

Here's How I Look at Trading JPMorgan

JPM joined other banking heavyweights in exceeding expectations at least at the headline level.

Jim Cramer: Everyone - Congress, Peter Thiel, Everyone - Needs to Dial It Back

From the Google witch hunt to the demonizing of Facebook's Libra dial it back now before all of this gets way too out of control.

Market Selling Is Picking Up Now but Breadth Is Still in Decent Shape

From a technical standpoint some downside at this juncture may be what is needed to shake things up and create better trading conditions into earnings.

Even in Slowdown, Nike Could Run to New Highs

The shoe company might tap around for a bit in the $88-$90 range in the short-run, but if it stays above $85, it could then race to around $100.