Jim Cramer: How to Play the Inevitable Stimulus

Go with the banks. They are cheap and we learned this week with that big move up in rates, they will too.

As the Political Battle Intensifies, 'Sell the News' Conditions Develop

The biggest positive that's going on right now is that there continues to be a focus on individual stocks.

Election Hopes, Buoyant Banks, Labor Labors Less, FDA's Remdesivir Thumbs Up

Plus, a quick look at Southwest Airlines and why it remains the one airline to own.

Stocks Find Support in Stimulus Hopes

The market keeps rallying on the possibility of a deal, despite the hurdles.

Investors: Don't Worry About Who Will Win the White House

You cannot know for sure what will happen on Nov. 3 -- or in the weeks after -- so here's what to do instead of guessing.

The Action Isn't Bad but It's Not Very Lively

Market players don't want to be aggressive or have large exposure until we see greater election clarity.

Election Uncertainty Starts to Matter - But Several Positives Provide Support

The big issue looming over the market isn't earnings or stimulus but whether the election is going to be as chaotic as many fear.

I Vote for Not Dismissing Risk

Everyone seems to be pricing in a Biden win and stimulus passing -- while shorting the dollar and eyeing the recovery basket. But they could get 'scared.'

The Price Action Takes a Negative Turn

There are no signs that a major market reversal is about to begin.

There's Some Interesting Rotational Action Taking Place

I expect the indices will jump around again soon on news about fiscal stimulus.