Macro Worries Undermine Solid Fundamentals

Market players are trying to hold on to 'good' stocks while navigating election chaos. This will produce choppy and sloppy trading.

Red Monday, Virus Rattles Market, Political Picture, Aerospace & Defense Stocks

This is a major earnings week, electoral risk is real, the virus is already slowing velocity, and the cavalry (fiscal policy) is not coming. Sometimes, circling the wagons is not the worst idea.

Here's What Concerns Me Following the Election

It's not what you think -- it's complacency. Also, here's why I see a short-term rally ahead.

This Is Corrective Action, Not Bear Market Action

Don't be too negative.

Is a Biden/Democratic Sweep Really a Done Deal?

The market won't tell you which way it will go, but it's important to look at positioning and assess the asymmetric risks.

The Market Grows Nervous About the Election, Covid-19, Earnings and Stimulus

Traders have managed to shake off the headlines up to now, but that is becoming more difficult.

Politics and the Virus, Unpriced Risk, Monster Earnings

There is no stimulus deadline. There is no deal. There are only the games people play.

This Is a Very Tricky Market With Obstacles in Its Path

Many folks are likely planning to move to the sidelines and wait for the smoke of the election to clear.

There Was a Winner in Thursday's Night's Debate

Market winners and losers, Intel loses its touch and a high-risk/ high-reward scenario for two major ETFs.

One Way or Another, Cannabis Is on the Election Ballot

Cannabis investors are keenly aware of the landscape and how it could play out for the industry.