Jim Cramer: Health Care Stocks, the Election and the Perfect Setup

Right now, the market is furiously trying to price in a Blue Wave, and the health care sector is getting clobbered. But here's how I think things play out.

As With Politics, a Lot Can Happen by Election Day in the Market

So let's see what's likely if the indexes keep sliding all the way to Nov. 3. (Hint: It still doesn't mean we'll find a 2016 setup.)

Nowhere to Hide: Investors Are Shaving Risk Ahead of the Election

Thoughts on copper, precious metals and the S&P and a low risk way to get involved in a possible recovery in stocks.

Shark Bites: Stalking a Trade During a Market Freefall

Not every stock deserves to be sold as if it is going out of business.

Reading the Bond Market and Investing Through the Election

Most of the media's attention is on the presidential race. However, that isn't what has been moving the bond market in recent weeks.

With the Market in Freefall, There's No Reason to Jump In and Do Much

What's most interesting about this action is that it's mostly index driven.

Election Uncertainty and Threats of Economic Lockdowns Roil the Market

Buckle up and play stout defense, but this too shall pass.

Surviving in This Environment, Shaky Recovery, Lilly and Pfizer Setbacks

The 'work from home' or 'economic lockdown' trade is close to being back on.

The Indicators Make a Vote for Change

No matter who comes out as winner, this election setup will likely look different than it did in 2016.

Waiting for the Smoke to Clear

This is going to be a tough week to do much, unless you are trading very short term or reacting to some earnings reports.