Debt Ceiling Algo Paradise, Regional Banks Pop, Trading ServiceNow, Nvidia, AMD

Traders are likely leading investors. Investors remain less convinced, while traders are taking advantage of (or intentionally creating) momentum.

Stocks Break Though the Debt Ceiling Headlines

While the political deal-making is used as an excuse for the rally, I see different reasons behind it.

Debt Ceiling Progress? Market Temperament, Retail Sales, Defense Stocks, AI

There are now two weeks until what we think is the deadline for getting a debt bill passed into law.

Thailand Economy Outperforms as Voters Deliver Victory for Opposition

Pro-democracy parties have won handily in Sunday's Thai elections and must now form a coalition. The question is, can it govern?

Fed Speakers Galore, Debt Ceiling, Retailers, Charting the Indexes, Week Ahead

Would the Fed be out in this kind of force early in the week if there were not some kind of message to be sent?

Can Thaksin's Daughter Turn Around Asia's Worst-Performing Market?

Thai stocks are Asia's laggards for 2023. Can the return of a populist political dynasty turn Thailand's fortunes around?

Bullish Price Action Is Beating Economic Bears, But Trading Is Lopsided

The bulls are winning the argument right now -- and the biggest beneficiary is big-cap technology.

Market Conditions Suggest a Big Move on the CPI Report

In addition to CPI, there is much talk about the debt ceiling issue.

Budget Talks Accomplish Nothing, CPI, Markets, Druckenmiller's Take, Fed Data

Both political sides seem disinterested in doing something temporary or shorter-term about the federal debt ceiling to avoid a default.

Unleash the Bull? What the SLOOS Said, A King's Sage Advice, Trading PayPal

The Nasdaq Composite has spent two days knocking on a door. Open that door and the index will go.