'Woke' Up and Smell the Coffee, YALL: Investing Shouldn't Be Political

Here we'll look at the newest anti-ESG fund, the upcoming God Bless America ETF, and why agnostic investing is the best kind.

Inflation Isn't Caused By Some Greedy Ebenezer Scrooge-Like Character

Dual forces have combined to create a world in which hydrocarbons are in short supply, which makes the price of everything else rise.

Don't Look Now, but 2022 Is Shaping Up for an Ugly Finish

A slowing economy, a weakening job market and the likelihood of political gridlock will take their toll on stocks.

Mourning the Queen and the City in Hong Kong

On the day of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, Hong Kong ponders what it means to live under Beijing instead of British rule.

Chinese President Xi Jinping to Meet Russia's Putin on First Post-Covid Trip

It will be Xi's first trip outside China in almost 1,000 days.

China Sets Date for Change in Its Leadership, But Not in Its Covid Policy

Five Chinese megacities are restricting movement once again, with no end to the Covid business cycle in sight.

Don't Expect Anyone to Ever Make a Movie About Powell and Yellen

We are just not living in an orderly time in the US economy, so to predict orderly stock market corrections is ludicrous.

For Fed Chief, It's No More Mr. Nice Powell

The chair showed he's not going soft on inflation any time soon, as we have Ukraine's invasion, China's woes and inventory problems in the backdrop.

Doug Kass: 10 Reasons Why I Plan to Substantially Increase My Cannabis Holdings

It seems to me that federal legislation is inevitable.

Congress Sticks Its Foot in the Door with Excise Tax on Stock Buybacks

The 1% corporate tax on stock buybacks is starting out small, but there's nothing to say the percentage couldn't grow over time now that it's implemented.