Politics and Covid Dominate the Headlines but Positive Price Action Is King

The market's biggest concern is that it won't be clear who the presidential election's winner is, but that issue seems to be on the back burner for now.

Healthy Market Does the Headline Dance and Buys the Dips

Small-caps were the leaders this week, which is primarily a function of a focus on stock-picking.

There Has Been Strong Underlying Support and Aggressive Dip Buying All Day

There's some frothy action out there but that's being overcome by the strong momentum.

Chinese Markets Pop as Mainland Investors React to Trump Illness

Shares were up and the yuan posted its largest one-day gain since the end of a U.S. dollar peg.

Stocks Could Use a Rest, So Don't Be Surprised by Some Selling

It may not take much of an excuse for market players to book profits as momentum slows.

Pelosi's Hardball Gambit, Playing Small Ball, Promising Vaccine Outlook

Plus, there's talk of a possible combination of Advanced Micro Devices and Xilinx.

Maybe the Economy Isn't That Bad

Liquidity combined with a 'Climb the Wall of Worry' is a very powerful force that is likely to persist.

Pricing in the Election, Politics and Investment Success, S&P 500 Resistance

As an investor, you are mercenary in nature. Never forget that. Politics and investment success must be compartmentalized.

It's Not Just Hope for Stimulus That's Driving the Buying

Here's what's fueling the market's move upward.

Jim Cramer: Probe Into Big Tech 'Monopoly' Is Just a Political Game

Here's why the House Judiciary's investigation into Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet and Apple is not what it appears.