The Fed Has Our Backs, Trading Thoughts, 'Facebook Shops'

As State economies begin the slow process of reopening, the Fed is there to support market function. Facebook's latest e-commerce foray has investors cheering.

Has Investing in Chinese Stocks Gone to Pot?

Political games of smoke and mirrors are making Asian trades look risky, but there may be another opportunity sprouting up.

Taiwan's Tsai Takes Office With Praise From Pompeo

It's time for greater recognition of Taiwan as the independent state that it is, and time to push China on that front instead of trade.

Forget the V-Shaped Bounce, Playing Lockheed Martin, Trading Thoughts

Expect more fiscal and monetary support and don't expect a full return to previous economic activity for quite some time.

'Risk-On' Market, Volatility and Valuation, Trading Thoughts

Watching Moderna, Microsoft and FedEx as risk continues to be a central market theme, despite Monday's rally.

Georgia on My Mind

The reopening -- a careful and well-planned one -- looks more likely to move America back in the right direction: a 'V'-shaped recovery.

Let's Take Stock of the Real Risk: Cowering Inside During the Covid-19 Crisis

Driving, boating, walking -- even just living -- have risks, and we just have to learn to deal with them.

Jim Cramer: This Game of Survival Is Rigged

Our government made businesses insolvent to conquer a disease it can't conquer, and now solid businesses that could have thrived, that could have been the next Walmart for all we know, are closing.

Sell Signals, 'Operation Warp Speed,' Trading Notes

Trump administration taps former GlaxoSmithKline exec as head of vaccine task force, and how I'm playing Walmart and Datadog.

Hold 'Em or Fold 'Em? Risk-Proofing Your Portfolio, Walmart Earnings Play

Tuesday's heavy selling into the close may be the sell signal that traders have been waiting for. Regardless, ensure you are managing risk tightly as volatility increases.