U.S. Lawmakers Lash Out at Wall Street 'Whitewashing' in Hong Kong

There's mounting criticism of the participation by Wall Street's top brass in a Hong Kong conference designed to cover up human-rights abuses.

Will Biden Get Lucky With His Oil Policy or Leave the U.S. Exposed?

Depending on global demand, the White House might just prove a strategic investor.

Chinese Shares Sell Off After Hu's Humbling and Ditching of Moderates

Xi Jinping's predecessor as president is ushered off stage before the Chinese Communist Party unveiled a roster of leaders stacked with Xi loyalists.

The U.S. Made a Strategic Blunder on Oil With the SPR: Here's How to Fix It

The U.S. has drawn a line in the sand on oil prices. This seems to be a critical error.

Protests at Home and Abroad Challenge China's National Congress Propaganda

China was forced to postpone the release of Q3 economic numbers, presumably because they would have detracted from the CCP's tale of success.

Macro and Company-Specific Data Scream 'Buy This Stock'

If you believe we are in for a nice rally here is a name that appears poised for a huge upturn.

Chinese President Xi Plays Down Economy, Plays Up Security in Opening Speech

In opening the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese leader was briefer and spoke less about economic reform.

China Prepares for Presidential Election, and Much More, With National Congress

The meeting will recast China's top leadership, and no doubt throw up new Communist catchphrases indicating the party's intentions for the next five years.

Welcome to the Jungle, It's Not Fun and Games

It's a dauting task to manage these markets, which have some similarities to those during Great Financial Crisis, but here's what to do.

Cannabis Stocks Get a Long-Awaited Pardon as Traders Await Friday's Jobs Report

There was some interesting action under the surface in the market Thursday .