Hong Kong Stocks Continue 'Treacherous Bottoming' With Another Advance

The notion that China will ease its zero-Covid policy spurs stocks higher even though there's no indication from the government of a pending change.

Last Week, Trader's Market, Earnings, Busy Week Ahead, Fed Funds, Key Headlines

Of primary importance, from a macroeconomic perspective, the focus of the week will be the October CPI to be released on Thursday.

Despite Negative News and Inflation Uncertainty, the Market Mood Is Positive

The elections and the CPI report are going to be the big market movers this week.

Hong Kong Stocks Surge on Hopes of Audit, Covid Progress

Plus, the German chancellor was in Beijing, and an SEC audit team reportedly wrapped up on-site inspections of several Chinese companies.

The Biggest Positive in a Market Where the Fed Is Not Your Friend

You are not going to miss out on the next bull market if you fail to buy today.

Rumor of Chinese Covid Easing Prompts Furious Stock Rally

Chinese stocks have popped to the tune of billions of dollars over the last two days, based on a gossipy social-media post.

Exxon Mobil and BP: A Pair Trade on Big Oil

This trade eliminates concerns about windfall taxes, the SPR, OPEC+, the potential end of China's Covid zero policy, and more.

Overhyped Overbought, Yield Inversion, Fed Forecast, Oil, Biden and Windfalls

The tradable bottom of October 13 stands firm for now. At least until Jay and the gang re-emerge from their caves.

Doug Kass: Here's Why Easy Money Often Winds Up in Money Heaven

The Fed's zero interest rate policy led to poor capital allocation policy and to poor investment decisions.

Market Does a Head Fake and the Fed Can't Be Happy About It

A big runup into the Fed decision is going to create a very dangerous technical setup for the bulls.