Hope for a Stimulus Deal Rises Again but Trust Levels Are Very Low

The market remains skeptical about the potential for a deal and that makes it dangerous to chase momentum right now.

Market Body Surfing, Changing Election Odds, The 'Game', Trading Amazon and AMD

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How to Play GrowGeneration as Triggers Approach

In a few years, online gambling and legal cannabis will be allowed in more places than they won't be.

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Sentiment Is Key Before the Election and Holidays

Pay more attention to the price action and not what others are saying or feeling.

The Market's Week That Was, Upcoming Elections, the Economy, Stimulus

Portfolio managers are starting to see a very strong 2021 for markets and the economy regardless of electoral results.

Covid Concerns Are Unable to Shake Bullish Confidence

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Bulls Take a Late Hit, But Trading Action Remains Good

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Facebook's Behavior Is Not Exactly Bullish

The clues we get make us question the upside potential.

Facebook and Twitter Have Now Taken Sides

These social media companies' decision to censor content from a publication that well predates them is quite simply horrifying.