Alibaba Figurehead Jack Ma Toppled From Top Spot on China's Rich List

Bottled-water and biotech billionaire Zhong Shanshan leads the Hurun China Rich List for the first time, with major gains for new-energy companies and big losses for property tycoons.

Market Obstacles, New Budget Plan, 3 Trading Questions, Earnings

We answer questions on UPS, Lockheed Martin and Nvidia.

October Rebound, Pricing In the Past, Tesla Hertz So Good, Space, Facebook Q&A

Markets are pricing in some fiscal policy, but it's not what a lot of pundits think.

Algorithmic Control, Bearish Kass, Budget Framework, Trading Netflix, Microsoft

Plus, the Chinese government raised $4 billion in dollar bonds on Tuesday, borrowing on the cheap from the international community.

Will a Sputtering Jobs Engine Cause the Equity Market to Stall?

That's a question investors should be thinking about as record numbers of Americans quit their jobs and create a big problem for many employers.

What a Week, China's Troubles, Hypersonic Weapons, Earnings, FDA Drug Approvals

The lack of urgency at the FDA, as it is in the defense space, is alarming.

Where the S&P and Nasdaq Stand, The New Green Team, Trading Southwest and Pfizer

With earnings season starting in earnest Wednesday, both indexes have offered investors nothing but lower highs coupled with lower lows since the start of September.

That Debt Ceiling Rally? Don't Trust It

Here's why the bounce on lawmakers' bargaining was silly and what real risks remain.

Chinese Food App Meituan Shares Leap After US$535M Fine

The food-delivery operator Meituan has been penalized less than expected for abusing its market dominance, sending Chinese tech shares sharply higher.

With So Much Disinformation, Can You Handle the Truth?

Janet and Jerome have never created a job. But that's who we worship these days. It's such nonsense.

3 Stocks You Should Consider Buying Now

As we end the trading week, I believe these names can still be bought here.

A Series of Fortunate Events, Fiscal Cliff, Powell's Prospects, 4 Trading Notes

Market volatility could spike in late November/early December just as liquidity walks away. Keep that in mind.

Doug Kass: Is China the Market's Black Swan?

China's economy is basically a debt-driven Ponzi scheme.

Is Jerome Powell's Renomination Now in Peril?

Plus, my take on Friday's jobs report and the steepening yield curve.

Japan's New Leader Promises Stimulus Spending and Tough Stance Abroad

With his popularity low, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida has called an early election to win a mandate, while pledging a 'new capitalism' to boost the middle class.

Here's My $600 Bet on What's Next for Crypto, Prices, Twitter Trades

As the Biden administration seeks to spy on our bank accounts, commodity prices rise and gas prices move up, let's take a step back to take in the big picture.

Gas Is Naturally the Best Choice for Energy Investors

Natural gas is the ideal transition fuel for a lower carbon future -- your portfolio should reflect that reality.

Buckle Up for Another Tumultuous Month

October could be as scary as September for market participants. Here's how I'm playing it.

I'm Very Optimistic About the Potential for Great Trading In the Fourth Quarter

If you are focused on big-cap stocks, you are missing the charts that are setting up the best right now.

Septembers and Octobers, Yellen's Hard Truth, Guidance Worry, Death of Peloton?

It is now clear, in a world without all that much clarity, that professional money is in the early stages of distribution mode.

Growth Stocks Slammed on Intense Rotational Correction

With the quarter ending on Thursday, there will be pressure on fund managers to run prices back up.

Who Is Japan's New Leader, and What Does His Election Mean for Investors?

Japan will have a new prime minister come Monday. So what does Fumio Kishida, Japan's Obama-era foreign minister, bring to the table?

Enter Sandman, Rising Yields, Fed Heads Talk and Walk, Ford, Trading Raytheon

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell have plenty more up their sleeves. The appearance of having gained the upper hand is more important to them than your P/L ratio.

Let's Dissect Lockheed Martin's F-35 Production News

The announcement is welcome because it ensures production predictability, though deliveries scheduled for next year have come down a bit.

Evergrande Is Not Over

The big question is what Evergrande's troubles mean for China's real estate market more broadly, and the answer may be an unpleasant one.

A Peculiar Week, Political Maelstrom, Q3 Earnings Season, Time to Sell Nvidia?

The real crisis is not that the Evergrande story will be back, but that China isn't able and politically willing to be the global driver of economic growth it has been.

Bonds Finally React, TINA Sticks Around, Booster Confusion, Salesforce Love

Plus, a look at where central bank policies appear to be heading.

The More I Know, the Less I Understand

Can you please name me an industry that isn't impacted by this inflationary monster?

Evergrande Fears Ease as the Market Looks Ahead to the Fed Decision

I'm looking for a continuation of strong pockets of speculative action.

Fed Day, DC Budget, Evergrande Update, Disney Discount, Trading FedEx and Adobe

Like spilled milk, there is no use in crying over lost monetary opportunity that only increases economic risk at a bad time fiscally now.