ARKK Under Pressure, Peloton, Vaccine Moral Dilemma, Charting the Nasdaq

The fund is at a key spot technically, and there is real fear that if this spot cracks, what looks like a stretch of rough rapids could become a waterfall.

Kass: Undisciplined Monetary and Fiscal Stimulation Have Become Intoxicating

The question is not if but when things blow up.

Jim Cramer: The Flawed Belief That Raising Taxes on the Rich Will Hurt Stocks

If you hate the taxman, you'll continue to be an owner of stocks, not a seller.

Chinese Regulators Summon Big Tech Who's Who for Showdown Talks

Thirteen Chinese tech firms have been told to change their ways by stopping anticompetitive practices and getting licenses for consumer credit.

Economics for Dummies, Fed Recap, Fun With Jobs Math, Amazon, Buying ServiceNow

The differences in approach between the two most basic strategies for how to grow an economy are as stark as the division they cause among economists.

Checking In on the Late 1960s to See What Inflation Could Look Like Soon

There are similarities between conditions more than 50 years ago and the present state of affairs that should give investors cause for concern.

Earnings Avalanche, FOMC, Growth and Inflation, Biden's Spending Plans

The US Ten Year Note has been on the move, and the US Dollar Index has also been climbing overnight.

My Beautiful Balloon, Unmasking the Market, Crypto Risk, Preparing for Powell

With the economy apparently growing robustly, the Fed has to watch how the president's plans play out in terms of the size and scope of deficit spending.

A Taxing Idea Is Not Good for the Stock Market

There is no warning to exit the stock market, but be aware the landscape will change.

Investors Don't Seem to Be Pricing In Hurtful Impact of Radical Biden Policies

The administration's actions and plans aren't friendly to either investors or business operators.

Stocks Setting Up Nicely as Key Earnings Loom

Although indices were flat for the week, that is exactly what we need for better technical conditions after the dips.

Wells Fargo Joins Drift of Finance Jobs Away From Hong Kong

With freedom of speech under attack, investment banks are quietly de-emphasizing operations in the city, often shifting Asian hubs to Singapore.

Biden Tax Proposal Kills Momentum, but Big Earnings News Is on Deck

The market was surprised by aggressive tax proposals that whacked a small-cap recovery just as it started to build.

Taxing Matter, Biden's Unsound Idea, Adapting to Change, Problems and Solutions

The president's plans to raise taxes aren't a surprise, but hiking the capital gains rate significantly isn't such a hot idea.

Biden's Tax Policy Sucker Punches Stocks

The market is concerned that these taxes would trigger a rush to lock in gains before possibly higher rates went into effect.

Jim Cramer: If the Capital Gains Taxman Cometh, Be Ready for Anything

Don't fear the taxman, view this one as an opportunity, not a penalty.

The Hour Glass Phenomena, Oh Canada, Portfolio Haircut, Earth Day, ESG Investing

Canada made the developed world's first moves toward normalizing monetary policy coming out of the pandemic, despite the fact that Canada does not seem to be flattening its own curve.

Bye Bye Bitcoin?

Thursday's actions by the U.S. on Russia highlight how crypto makes it much easier for despots to avoid the impact of sanctions.

China's Economy, Retail Sales, Helicopter Money, Walmart's Autonomous Vehicles

The 'organic' economy has to take over at some point, and at that point, at least in theory, demand for credit should accelerate.

Jim Cramer: Tensions Between the U.S. and China Continue to Rise

I see no path to improve relations and many to make things even hotter.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why I Pulled $100,000 From the Market

These seven concerns are why I took money out of the market for my charitable trust.

Not Another Manic Monday, Bond Bidding, Coinbase Excitement, Semiconductor Wars

If you're looking for the meme traders, we found them. They're trading cryptocurrencies ahead of the Coinbase direct listing.

Jim Cramer: The Market Likes That There Are No Surprises From President Biden

I don't think President Biden pays much attention to the stock market at all.

Highlights From the March FOMC Minutes

I expect that stronger economic data will actually cause the market to assume more rate hikes down the road.

16 Biotechs I Like Even as a Lack of Liquidity Is Hurting the Market

Quite a few stocks are fading right now -- not due to poor fundamentals, but due to lack of buying interest.

Here's My Less-Than-Optimistic Take on Jamie Dimon's Letter

Among other things, I'm not optimistic that tons of federal "infrastructure" spending will be spent on anything remotely related to infrastructure.

Jim Cramer: Jamie Dimon Throws Down the Gauntlet

I find his comments about China the most compelling after his salvo about racial equality.

A Plea to Meet in the Middle, Jobs Pick Up, Yield Curve Concerns, Debt Downer

Plus, a look at the technical setup of KLA Corp.

You've Been Looking at NFTs Completely the Wrong Way

How so? First, they are about more than just GIFs and JPEGs.

Nasdaq Rally, Infrastructure Bumps, Cards Off the Table, Microsoft's 'Pennant'

Yes, the cost of doing business in the U.S. is going higher. How close are we to becoming an artificially managed economy, which by the way has failed on every attempt made in human history?