Tyme for Asia as HSBC and South African Online Bank Expand

Europe's biggest bank, HSBC, is in an impossible political situation, caught between London and Hong Kong. South Africa's TymeBank will have it easier expanding into the Philippines.

Jim Cramer: The Birth of a Market Bottom, Part 3

The market's funk continued into the fourth week of March 2020, but by week's end a stellar TV performance by the Fed's Jay Powell would turn the tide.

Time to Take Some Bitcoin Chips Off the Table

Here's what has me nervous now.

3 Reasons Why Caution Is Still Warranted in This Market

A sudden surge in energy prices is among the trio of factors that could put on damper on the market.

Jim Cramer: The Birth of a Market Bottom, Part 2

The Fed's Jay Powell pulled out the heavy artillery to help keep the economy and financial markets going, but would it be enough?

Jim Cramer: The Birth of a Market Bottom, Part 1

A year ago the stock market was flying high, only to plummet with the spread of a deadly, mysterious virus; this is the story of how it found a bottom.

Are We About to Witness the Return of Stagflation?

All the Covid-inspired federal spending going on now is reminiscent of the government's guns-and-butter mode of the 1970s.

Super Bowl Lesson, Earnings, DC Reality, Bonds, Labor Demand, Southwest Air

Bond markets are pricing in medium-term economic growth amid monetary and fiscal conditions that they believe to be conducive to igniting inflation.

Why the January Jobs Report Isn't as Bad as It Looks

This employment report wasn't great, but it wasn't all bad either.

We Are Back to Brent Levels Where Russia/Saudi Tensions Started Last Year

As prices nudge towards $60/bbl Brent today, where do things stand?

Be Defensive on This Dividend Stock

Lockheed Martin is armed with a solid dividend yield, but to invest in the name, you must keep Washington locked on your radar.

Turn of the Worm, Treasury Curve, Manchin's Might, Trading Microsoft, Spotify

There is a point where if longer-dated yields move high enough, defensive-minded investors will be drawn from equities to debt securities.

It's All About the Stock-Picking Right Now

If you want to be successful in this market environment, it is imperative that you stay focused on the right things.

The Social Media Squeeze Play Is Over

Market players revert back to small-cap stock-picking, especially in the SPAC sector.

Robinhood, GameStop, Silver... Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Investors will be inundated with day trading and David vs. Goliath headlines, but you cannot lose focus on the major investment themes.

What Other Risks Is the Market Missing?

The war between small traders and hedge funds is unsettling the market, but there are other potential disruptors lurking, too.

From Reflation to Stagflation - Implications for Asset Allocation

We shall see what the future holds for the dollar as that is and always will be the key deciding factor for asset allocation and sector allocation too.

Here's One Sector For Which I Have No Taste in This Market

It's the restaurant sector, which would still appear to be in for a rough time moving forward.

India Sees Day of Conflict With Farmers and Chinese Troops

Republic Day is a day of celebration in India, but descended into chaos as farmers marched on the capital; meanwhile, a border dispute wears on.

Bright Cannabis Outlook Leads to Bigger Estimates for 2022

The fundamentals of the cannabis industry continue to improve.

Don't Underestimate Yellen's Impact: What it Means for Your Portfolio

The former Fed Chair stole the show last week. Here's what it all means going forward.

Volatile Road Ahead, 4 Market Impact Thoughts, Monster Earnings Week

What can be done? Well for one, we are going to have to be creative. Jay, and Janet, I need you both paying attention here.

Vaping Company First Major Chinese Listing on U.S. Markets This Year

The maker of the RELX brand of vape pens and e-cigarettes - the market leader in China - hopes to take the company global.

Taking Precautions for When the Music Stops

The market continues to set all-time highs almost daily, but woe to those who are left without a chair should its sweet tune end abruptly.

As New Biden Regulations Move Forward, There's Fallout in Some Sectors

This looks like consolidation after a big run rather than a major shift in market character.

Rotation Back to FATMAAN Stocks Provides Strong Market Support

This action indicates that the institutional and big money is afraid of missing out.

Jim Cramer: Here Are the Biden Stocks

As power has changed hands in the White House, we can expect these names -- and themes -- to benefit.

Janet Yellen, Interest Rates, the Fed and the Tapering Threat

Yellen will likely oversee a massive increase in government debt. How much is too much?

A Virus-Plagued Rat Year Ends, and China Starts Afresh

It's exactly a year since the virus first locked down Hong Kong. What have we learnt since then?

Politics Don't Move Markets, Taxes and the Fed Do

Here's a lesson about how little the market will care about the inauguration -- and a look under the hood at bonds, Nasdaq, transports and more.