'Woke' Up and Smell the Coffee, YALL: Investing Shouldn't Be Political

Here we'll look at the newest anti-ESG fund, the upcoming God Bless America ETF, and why agnostic investing is the best kind.

Inflation Isn't Caused By Some Greedy Ebenezer Scrooge-Like Character

Dual forces have combined to create a world in which hydrocarbons are in short supply, which makes the price of everything else rise.

Don't Look Now, but 2022 Is Shaping Up for an Ugly Finish

A slowing economy, a weakening job market and the likelihood of political gridlock will take their toll on stocks.

Mourning the Queen and the City in Hong Kong

On the day of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, Hong Kong ponders what it means to live under Beijing instead of British rule.

Chinese President Xi Jinping to Meet Russia's Putin on First Post-Covid Trip

It will be Xi's first trip outside China in almost 1,000 days.

China Sets Date for Change in Its Leadership, But Not in Its Covid Policy

Five Chinese megacities are restricting movement once again, with no end to the Covid business cycle in sight.

Don't Expect Anyone to Ever Make a Movie About Powell and Yellen

We are just not living in an orderly time in the US economy, so to predict orderly stock market corrections is ludicrous.

For Fed Chief, It's No More Mr. Nice Powell

The chair showed he's not going soft on inflation any time soon, as we have Ukraine's invasion, China's woes and inventory problems in the backdrop.

Doug Kass: 10 Reasons Why I Plan to Substantially Increase My Cannabis Holdings

It seems to me that federal legislation is inevitable.

Congress Sticks Its Foot in the Door with Excise Tax on Stock Buybacks

The 1% corporate tax on stock buybacks is starting out small, but there's nothing to say the percentage couldn't grow over time now that it's implemented.

Let's Shine a Light on 7 Solar Energy Stocks and ETFs

The Inflation Reduction Act contains about $430 billion in new spending, a big chunk of which goes toward clean energy.

Pelosi's Taiwan Trip Could Aid Rather Than Hinder Asian Stability

Asian markets haven't taken Beijing's bait that the House Speaker's visit to Taiwan is somehow destabilizing the region.

Taiwan and Pelosi, Mangled Yield Curve, AMD's Big Night, Apple Bond Sale

Keep in mind that AMD will be reporting performance across four business segments for the first time this evening.

We Rallied on Dismal News. I've Got an Idea Why

I didn't think stocks could do as well as they did, on close to a -1% GDP print, so let's try to figure out why and look at some specific areas to invest or avoid.

China Quietly Abandons 2022 Growth Target

Shares in mainland China and Hong Kong sink as the Beijing leadership walks away from growth of 'around 5.5%' for this year.

Ballard Power Systems Shows a Bit of Spark on Its Charts

The technical signs of the provider of fuel cell products were improving even ahead of climate legislation that now appears to be moving forward.

Was That a Hawk or a Dove We Saw Fly Out of the Fed Meeting?

Let's pick apart the Fed's words and actions on Wednesday and see what's likely to come.

Walmart's Woes, Standing Before the Payphones, Coinbase Crumbles, Yardeni's Call

Monday's trading action reminded me of a quiet bus ride into the mayhem.

China Considers Three-Tier System to Allow U.S. Listings to Continue

Beijing regulators are prepping three categories of data security for overseas-listed companies, in the hopes that Chinese companies can remain on Wall Street.

Big Week, Big Earnings, Collision Course, Tracking Trend, Fed, Fun With Numbers

The longer-term trend is still to the downside, but the short-to medium-term trend has improved as has relative strength.

DiDi Global's US$1.2B Fine in China Ends Damaging Tech Crusade

A financially disastrous and embarrassing attack on the tech sector looks to be ending in China, with DiDi Global penalized for data-protection violations.

U.S. Senate Edges Forward on Bill to Stimulate U.S. Chip Production

The measure that is aimed at aiding U.S. semiconductor producers as they compete with foreign chipmakers still has hurdles to clear.

Crisis in Europe, Sour Apple, U.S. Safe Haven? ECB Hike, CHIPS (Act) Ahoy

Russian energy giant Gazprom has apparently invoked 'force majeure,' for its failure to deliver natural gas shipments to European clients in recent weeks.

Biden's Visit to Saudi Arabia Won't Lower Oil Prices

Supply, demand and timing are what matter for this commodity.

3M Looks Like a Clean Bargain, Until You Realize a Dirty Truth

It's unclear how costly cleanup and legal battles over PFAS will be for this iconic American company.

Shinzo Abe Made Japan Believe in Itself Again

Japan's longest-serving leader was assassinated Friday. His 'Abenomics' revived Japan's economy.

For Smith & Wesson, Load, Cock and Fire Another Round

Here's how to aim for this gunmaker once more with a covered-call play.

Here's What You Need to Know About Investing in Energy

The rudderlessness in DC has created an environment that's downright hostile to domestic exploitation of hydrocarbons.

Short Tesla? Feel the Heat of Elon Musk's Furnace With This Trade

If the stock fails at the pivot, we could get a nice run lower here.

If You Fear U.S. Regs That Filter Oil Profits, Then Fill Up on These ETFs

As some nations look to take a cut of oil money -- and U.S. surtax legislation is floated -- let's look at what exchange-traded funds might protect investors.