I'm Not Banking on Full Normalcy Returning in 2021

The exodus out of large, high tax and high-density cities will continue in 2021 even if it might not be at quite the same pace.

Voters Spoke and the Winner Is Cannabis

A 'green wave' has advanced cannabis legalization across America. And that's just one of the forces powering up pot stocks right now.

Mnuchin's Bomb, Yellen's Call, and the Data Deluge: Let's Make Sense of It All

Big headlines dropped this past week, including that funding for several emergency lending programs would not be renewed. Here, I'll sort it all out.

Sloppy Wednesday? Macro-Economic Data, Rising PC Demand, Best Steel Stock

Beyond the impacts of the pandemic, the political environment and its impact on potential policy have taken center stage.

Jim Cramer: The 10 Tipping Points That Took Us to Dow 30,000

All in all stick with the tipping pointers, they are the drivers of this and the next leg higher.

Turkey Week Market Celebration Continues to Take Wing on Positive News

Greater clarity on the presidential transition and the naming of Janet Yellen as the next Treasury Secretary help push stocks higher.

November to Remember, Energy Roars, Janet Yellen, Transition, 8 Breakout Stocks

Equity markets have run wild since Oct. 30, and it is the more economically sensitive indices that have really taken flight.

This Market Is Not as Lackluster as It Appears

Thanksgiving week is often favorable for small-cap trading. We may have seen a preview of that.

Mysterious Mnuchin, Vaccines at the Ready, Carnival Isn't Cruising, 2 Big 'W's

A look at the charts of Advanced Micro Devices and Tesla, plus a review of the 'broadening' market action from Thursday.

The Perfect Storm of 'Sell the News' Moments

The effects of Tesla's inclusion in the S&P 500, encouraging vaccine news and the election could combine to merit caution in the markets.

United States Notable by its Absence in Pan-Asian Trade Pact

The RCEP, which covers one-third of the world's population and economy, agreed on terms that China helped design.

Marketplace Uncertainties, Problematic Covid, Retailers' Earnings, Week Ahead

The only expectation that I have for now is a near certainty in increased volatility caused by several factors.

Jim Cramer: The Stock Market Will Do Even Better Under a New Administration

Many CEOs disagreed with a number of Trump's positions and are looking forward to a new, more predictable regime.

Jim Cramer: This Market Rally Is Happening Despite the Government

Business is the greatest platform for change, not the government, and the contrast is so great that it blinds you to the publicly traded positives.

Two Election Losers: Fox Corp and Twitter

I'd be wary of both of these stocks.

Capital Markets Chaos at Hand as Trump Strikes at U.S.-Listed Chinese Firms

The president takes aim at 31 companies that the Defense Department says have ties to the Chinese military.

Bears Are Gaining an Upper Hand

The market's mood shifted Thursday.

Internet Issues? Nothing's Stopping Me From Looking for the Next Great Trade

The biggest positive I see is a continuation of speculative trading action.

Indecisive Markets, RealClearPolitics, Infection Surge, Moderna, Disney Earnings

Trading volume was low enough Wednesday to indicate a lack of conviction, or conviction that did not spread across enough managers to truly change the narrative.

Jim Cramer: I Sound Like a Scaremonger, But You Need to Be Thinking About This

I just don't hear enough people talking about these scenarios that could befall us.

This Market Has Yet to Make Up Its Mind

The action is chaotic and needs some time to develop further.

Alibaba Isn't Just About Earnings, So Here's How I'd Trade It

I'm flat BABA but really see no reason to own any stock domiciled in a nation that runs on a different set of rules.

I'm Placing Selective Bets in a Market That Isn't Deserving of Trust

There are reasons to proceed with extreme caution in the current market, including the possibility that the U.S. won't have a divided government.

It's Different This Time

A shift in market character is occurring and requires repositioning for what lies ahead.

Reviewing the Markets, Spreading Covid-19, Vaccine Politics, My Boeing Plan

Just how many markets are there? We used to say 'the market' was up or down by so many points. No more.

If All of the Good News Is Priced Into the Market, Will Disappointment Follow?

This is not the place for aggressive bullishness in my view.

Vaccine Rotation, What I Bought and Sold, Stocks on Thin Ice, Apple's Event

What the Nasdaq experienced Monday is known not just as an 'Outside Day,' but an 'Outside Reversal,' and these can be dangerous.

What Does a 3-Sigma Move Mean for Markets?

Ask yourself if anything has really changed.

Vaccine News Produces Overreactions in Both Directions

This is a very extended market that is now even more extended.

It Ain't Over 'til It's Over, and the Election Fallout Ain't Over Yet

At the very least it isn't known whether Republicans will maintain control of the Senate, and that outcome alone could change the market landscape.