Hong Kong Free Speech Disappears With Imposed Treason Law

Beijing has forced a law on Hong Kong that slaps heavy penalties on "collusion" with foreign entities, which could mean just about anything.

Ad Boycott Can't Stop Facebook

How did it feel for traders who sold Facebook on news of the ad boycott? Like putting your hand on a hot stove.

Dazed and Confused, Jobs Report, More 'Helicopters' on the Way, Trading Boeing

Equity markets had a tougher day on Wednesday than immediately meets the eye. And did you catch what Trump said?

There's Doubt Now in Alpha Pro Tech Stock

But I like the opportunity for a speculative long as well as a nice balance against other positions that could drop if Covid increases.

Wild Night With Navarro, Nasdaq vs. S&P, Strat-O-Matic, in Praise of Walmart

Are equity markets still in a confirmed uptrend? It depends on which index you look at.

Warning: Predictions of the Future Are Likely to Be Way Off

We're hearing some of Wall Street's favorites tell us what's going to happen, but the only certainty to be found is in the past.

Mirror Market Closes, Pompeo Tea Leaves and Disappointing Data: Market Recon

Plus, "smart rings" for detecting Covid-19 and quick looks at Salesforce.com and Zscaler.

Indian Government, Consumers Vow to Cut Out Chinese Products

Indian state companies will cancel contracts with China after a deadly border clash, while a retired major tells consumers to throw out their Chinese goods.

Chinese and Indian Troops in Deadly Clash High in the Himalayan Border

The rupee has weakened after 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese troops died in combat at a contested snow-desert gorge.

Jim Cramer: Here's Who Would Bulk Up From a Big Infrastructure Bill

If a trillion dollar package were to happen, here are the companies -- and communities -- who would benefit most.

15 Stocks That Will Support the Coming Infrastructure Buildout

We are talking about a finessed, intelligent approach to what we see happening in real time.

Market Charges Up With Strong Speculation

Dip buyers give stocks boost after Covid concerns.

With Huawei in the Headlines, Let's Test Our Investing 'IQ'

The U.S. is reportedly eyeing amending bans on U.S. companies working with the Chinese tech giant, and this is creating opportunities.

Fed's Powell Sealed the Fate of Market Momentum

The market misread the narrative that there was a cyclical recovery. That equity spike had to come back to earth.

5 Reasons I Don't Like Stocks or Bonds Right Now

There's a host of factors that play into my full risk-off stance.

Pandemic Spreads, Fed Heroes, Trading Thoughts

There is a risk-off theme to the market as news comes in of rising Covid-19 cases in some states, while the Fed has been a ray of light during this crisis.

I Smell Market Manipulation

I'm not pointing a finger, but the trend I'm seeing here is companies based in China, trading on U.S. exchanges....

British Banks Pledge Loyalty to China on Treason Law; Shareholder Pushes Back

Beijing demands support from companies in Hong Kong for its treason law if they want to keep doing business there and some big names are complying.

Why I'm Shifting All the Way to Bearish Now

Look for Washington to rapidly lose interest in pumping stimulus into the economy.

U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks Open Secondary Escape Hatch in Hong Kong

NetEase is the second Chinese company to launch a secondary listing in Hong Kong. It is unlikely to be the last.

Rally Far From Reality, Buoyant Boeing, Trading Thoughts

The airlines took off as markets continue to be positive in the face of major negative economic headwinds.

Jim Cramer: We're at a Crossroads With China

What's the plan? It's anybody's guess, which is really, in the end, what matters.

Warp Speed for 5 Vaccine Candidates, Watching KLA Corp, Trading Thoughts

The administration will provide increased financial support to 5 pharmas working on Covid vaccines, and we must keep an eye on price action in this uncertain market.

Market Highs, Zoom's Blowout Quarter, Trading Thoughts

The market continues to rise despite numerous negative catalysts, while Zoom beat all earnings expectations and guided higher.

China Gloats Over U.S. Chaos But Faces Curbs on Access to Capitalism

Scrutiny of overseas listings and corporate purchases by Chinese companies is set to intensify.

As Indexes Rise Amid Unrest, Investors Are Skeptical, Fear Missing Out

If this market is ever going to top, it seems likely it will have to occur on good news since no amount of bad news seems to matter.

Jim Cramer: I'm Watching China, Europe Right Now

Other places besides the United States are flashing green, and they can surprise us -- even give our international companies a boost.

Watching Price Action, Pfizer Selloff, Trading Thoughts

Taking a chunk of Pfizer during this selloff, while Amazon has raised $10 billion in mixed-maturity debt and all eyes are on the government's response to civil unrest in the U.S.

The Market's in a World of Its Own

If you're asking how much longer the market can ignore all the negative events that are so glaringly obvious, then you're not alone.

Jim Cramer: The Market Makes No Judgment Calls, Investors Do

And the reality is that the more money you make, the more likely you can contribute to the causes that you care about.