Think Trade War Has Hurt Equity Markets? That's Hogwash

A look at the the Baltic Dry Index, the prices of corn and soy, and other data give a clear picture of what's going on during this 'phoney' war.

Jim Cramer: Let's Win the Trade War With China

If the Chinese really want a substantive deal, they must renounce their ways and start playing fair with our nation.

Market Awareness, Jobs Day, Trading Microsoft and Advanced Micro Devices

I have to wonder if the advent of increased exposure to technology has something to do with the incredibly broad lack of situational awareness.

Don't Kid Yourself About Fundamentals, It's All About Liquidity

Traders and investors need to stop reacting to Trade War headlines and company outlooks as they are representative of the past and entirely useless.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why So Many Americans Feel Left Behind on Stocks

Let me explain why so few families own stocks outright and so many remain numb to the market's success -- and how that can change.

The Cold War With China Already Is On, So Here's What to Do Next: Market Recon

Plus, checking in on the yield curve, the Put/Call Ratio, political gamesmanship here and abroad, and a handful of tech names.

Hope for a Trade Deal Rises Again

Three days of selling have helped to create healthier technical conditions.

Jim Cramer: How Salesforce is Seeking Truth, and Why It Matters

Marc Benioff is aiming to become a trusted partner with client data, and that will win out over Mark Zuckerberg's manufactured arguments on free speech.

Watch These Stocks as Hong Kong Posts Worst-Ever Retail Sales

October retail sales fell 24%, the worst one-month decline on record. Watch these restaurants and food chains that are targets of the protests.

Jim Cramer: These 2 Stocks Are Soaring, and It Is All About the Democratic Race

UnitedHealth Group and JPMorgan are both bucking other trends to rise as more moderate leanings start to dominate the Democratic horse race.

Thank You, Trump, For Siding With Hong Kong at Thanksgiving

New laws in support of Hong Kong and the democracy movement were deliberately snuck in hours before the Detroit Lions kicked off and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Everyone Wants a Market Pullback

The half-day trading session following Thanksgiving is typically thin and positive but there is some anticipation of problems that is causing early pressure.

Alibaba's Double-Digit Rise Enabled by Beijing's Repressiveness

Write this city off at your peril. Hong Kong is still the financial capital of East Asia, and will remain so as long as the Chinese Communist Party refuses to ease its capital controls.

Exhaustion? Not Much Evidence Just Yet

The market may need some rest and consolidation, but that doesn't mean it will produce a lot of downside.

Hong Kong Market Rallies After Landslide Win for Democracy Forces

Pro-Beijing candidates took a beating in Sunday's election, while young activists will take up seats of local power.

3 Reasons to Stay Bullish: Good News, Positive Charts and Strong Seasonality

This action looks like some healthy digestion, and it is a particularly good setup going into Thanksgiving week, which has historically been positive.

Jim Cramer: Is Facebook a Buy on Bloomberg's Presidential Run?

We don't know where Michael Bloomberg is going to come out in his campaign spending, but we know that he needs to reach young people -- and Instagram could be a beneficiary.

Jim Cramer: Creating U.S. Jobs Is Good, Even if You Think Trump Is Bad

When I saw how the president's manufacturing tour with Apple's CEO was portrayed, I found it almost horrifying.

China and the Markets, Trading Target, Eye on Cornerstone OnDemand: Market Recon

Clearly, Wednesday was a day of broad portfolio distribution. Not, however, the end of the world.

Hong Kong Protestors, Chinese Government and Trump Caught in Squeeze Over City

President Trump will only take a firm stance on Hong Kong if forced to do so to win re-election.

Trade Is Reaching an Inflection Point

I see two ways the trade talks can play out from here, and how the effects of each will ripple out into the global economy.

4 Most-Dangerous Words on Wall Street: A Correction Is Due

Calling for a correction at this point is easy, but it comes with a sizable opportunity cost. Ignore the anticipatory bears and stay focused on the individual stocks.

Microsoft's Batting Average and Feel-Good China News: Market Recon

Microsoft's Cloud business is making big wins, and how to interpret Larry Kudlow 's Phase One China trade comments.

Trading in a Topsy-Turvy World, Sell Cisco? No!: Market Recon

Headline blur. What channel to watch? Who to listen to in real time? How to trade it? Should you trade it? Is anyone even trading anything?

Jim Cramer: Trump May Be Even More Anti-Elite Than Elizabeth Warren

The Chinese are playing their cards wrong and could end up losing no matter who ends up in the White House.

From the Frontlines of a Hong Kong in a Manufactured 'Total Collapse'

The police in Hong Kong are being encouraged to crack down harder and harder on pro-democracy demonstrators that Beijing dubs "terrorists." Cracking down is not working.

Cash Stashes Dwindle as Markets Crest and Powell Speaks: Market Recon

Plus, we preview Wednesday's Trump-Erdogan meeting and check out AbbVie's huge debt offering as well as the new Abode-Microsoft connection.

Investors Are Stuck Between the Fed and the Data

The market is disconnected from reality. But for now, the U.S. Fed is in full easing mode and the liquidity boost should show up in the economic data over the next few months.

The Market Awaits Trade Comments From President Trump

There are always various trends at work in the stock market and they often have little to do with the movement of the major indices.

This Market Is Very Sticky - Sticky to the Upside

Quite a few loud bears are predicting downside but that seems to work as a contrary indicator.