Hong Kong Leader Unable to Say If It's Legal to Remember Tiananmen Massacre

Investor uncertainty is mounting in China as 'red lines' shift on Communist Party sand.

Done Debt Deal, Fed Heads Tone It Down, AI Gold Mine, Wary Eye on Apple

Plus, a couple major stock indexes appear to be in better technical shape.

Debt Deal Done, Fed Set to Skip, How I'm Playing CrowdStrike After Its Beatdown

There are two areas I would allow for absurd valuations right now: Anyone who sells what buyers need to integrate AI into their own offerings and those engaged in cybersecurity.

The AI Theme Destroyed the Economic Bears, But Now What?

About 90% of stocks are still struggling, but many market players are celebrating.

Debt-Ceiling Deal, AI's Revolution, Charting the Indexes, Wild Week Ahead

Business has always been cut-throat. This will take the cut-throat nature of business to a whole new level.

It's a Long Shot, but Here's My Ideal Scenario to Keep the Fed in Check

It involves people pocketing their savings from lower gasoline prices so that the economy cools and the Fed doesn't need to raise rates again.

A Classic Sell-the-News Setup, But Watch for Aggressive Dip Buyers

Traders looking for this news to hit are now in a position to lock in some gains.

Nvidia Spikes the Nasdaq Punch Bowl, But These 4 Indexes Have Weakened

As some charts have deteriorated, so has cumulative market breadth.

Nvidia's Shooting Star, Negative Watch, China's Cyber Threat, Fed Minutes, SNOW

Nvidia's overnight move has put it back into my top-five holdings by weighting.

Nvidia Blows the Doors Off, But It Isn't Acting Like a Market Leader

If leading stocks acted like real leaders, then this would be a wildly bullish market, but that isn't happening, and it doesn't look like it is about to change.

There's Been a Shift in the Market's Character

The prospect that this miserable debt-ceiling debate could drag out for weeks is causing additional selling pressure.

Chinese Stocks Shed All Gains for the Year to Dip Into Red

Whereas the stock markets in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have performed extremely well in 2023, Chinese markets are suffering from geopolitics and a whole host of uncertainties.

Debt Ceiling Games, Saudi Oil Warning, Covid Vaccine Stocks, Pressured Equities

New Covid infections appear to be surging in China due to the rise of the XBB sub-lineage of the Omicron variant.

Dancing on the (Debt) Ceiling, 'Productive' Progress? Fed, Zooming In on Zoom

If only this were a drinking game and 'productive' was the keyword.

The Market Is Held Hostage By Debt-Ceiling Negotiations

There appears to be little worry that a deal won't be made, but traders can't do much until the headlines hit.

3 Issues Will Dominate the Market Action This Week

Debt, markets, inflation and growth are what to watch.

Put This Preferred 'Bench Player' in Your Investment Starting Lineup

These shares allow you to make a call about the future prospects of the U.S. equity market while getting paid in the interim.

Debt Ceiling, Marketplace, Fed Talk, More Earnings, Busy Week Ahead

The focus this week will once again be on political posturing and political theater and its impact on the US and global economies as well as on financial markets.

Disney Stock: New Lows or a Buy as Iger and DeSantis Take Off the Gloves?

There's a key thing to be on the lookout for with the stock.

As G7 Democracies Meet in Hiroshima, China Buddies Up to the Stans

President Biden has disappointed Pacific Island nations by shortening his Asia spin, with AI a new topic on the docket for the G7.

The Market Is Celebrating a Debt-Ceiling Deal That Hasn't Happened Yet

Conditions for a 'sell the news' reaction are building.

Debt Ceiling Algo Paradise, Regional Banks Pop, Trading ServiceNow, Nvidia, AMD

Traders are likely leading investors. Investors remain less convinced, while traders are taking advantage of (or intentionally creating) momentum.

Stocks Break Though the Debt Ceiling Headlines

While the political deal-making is used as an excuse for the rally, I see different reasons behind it.

Debt Ceiling Progress? Market Temperament, Retail Sales, Defense Stocks, AI

There are now two weeks until what we think is the deadline for getting a debt bill passed into law.

Thailand Economy Outperforms as Voters Deliver Victory for Opposition

Pro-democracy parties have won handily in Sunday's Thai elections and must now form a coalition. The question is, can it govern?

Fed Speakers Galore, Debt Ceiling, Retailers, Charting the Indexes, Week Ahead

Would the Fed be out in this kind of force early in the week if there were not some kind of message to be sent?

Can Thaksin's Daughter Turn Around Asia's Worst-Performing Market?

Thai stocks are Asia's laggards for 2023. Can the return of a populist political dynasty turn Thailand's fortunes around?

Bullish Price Action Is Beating Economic Bears, But Trading Is Lopsided

The bulls are winning the argument right now -- and the biggest beneficiary is big-cap technology.

Market Conditions Suggest a Big Move on the CPI Report

In addition to CPI, there is much talk about the debt ceiling issue.

Budget Talks Accomplish Nothing, CPI, Markets, Druckenmiller's Take, Fed Data

Both political sides seem disinterested in doing something temporary or shorter-term about the federal debt ceiling to avoid a default.