Market Bounce Takes Everyone By Surprise

Obstacles that lie ahead, but this market never seems to embrace a negative narrative for long.

The Economy, Politics, and Your Portfolio

There's huge potential for a spike in volatility.

Discerning When Lows are Lows, Urban Flight, Politicos Dance On: Market Recon

Plus, there still are hordes of people filing for unemployment assistance.

Certainty of Uncertainty, Lines in the Sand, Election Fears, Fed Alone, Twitter

The result has been a technical breakdown in risk-asset pricing -- and the main culprit is without a doubt, the inability of Congress to compromise.

Jim Cramer: Abbott's Rapid Covid-19 Test and My Super Bowl Dreams

Abbott Labs can bring back some normalcy to this country -- and the world -- with its BinaxNOW rapid antigen test along with its amazing Navica app.

'Not Much More' Fed Can Do. Now, We're on Our Own

With Fed's toolbox emptied and a big stimulus package unlikely, here's what I see for the economy, credit markets, and ... yes, stocks.

Don't Be a Dip-Buying Hero Now

There are three key reasons why investors should resist the urge here.

TikTok and WeChat Spared Trump's Wrath at Last Minute

Newly formed TikTok Global will remain a Chinese subsidiary, but plans an IPO, while WeChat is spared a U.S. ban by court action.

Stock-Specific Ideas for the Post-Fed Era of Investing

Make sure that your portfolio is composed of sane assets for the balance of this crazy year.

50-Day Line in the Sand, Don't Blame Powell, Crude Awakening: Market Recon

Plus, the chart of Novocure Limited is a real attention-grabber while the chart of Apple bears watching.

The Fed's Message, Market Reaction, Snowflake's Blizzard, JFrog, TikTok/Oracle

At least part of the market's negative reaction to the Fed on Wednesday may be tied to two factors.

Will Japan's New Prime Minister Last More Than a Year?

Shinzo Abe successor Yoshihide Suga will continue 'Suganomics', but he's described as low on charisma yet high on political prowess.

Is It Safe Now? Wall Street Bets on Science, Joy in Metville, Citi's Selloff

Electoral risk remains the monster under the bed, and it only grows as our legislators intentionally choose the blame game over honest cooperation.

Markets Detest Uncertainty, So Be Cautious Heading Into the Election

The outcome of the presidential race may not be known right away, which could rattle the markets until a winner is declared.

TikTok Ditches Microsoft, Tries Ties with Oracle

TikTok tries to satisfy the Gordian Knot of Trump push and Chinese pull through partnership deal with Larry Ellison's Oracle.

Challenging Markets, Nvidia Acquires Arm, Oracle Wins TikTok, Vaccine Update

Also, several scheduled events this week, election risk, earnings to watch.

Algos Kick In, Elections Matter, Garage Sale, Wary Eye on Amazon: Market Recon

Plus, federal legislators fiddle while the ranks of the unemployed continue to burn.

No Rotation, No Panic, Nasdaq's Crucial Line, Tesla's Truly Bad Day, Apple Stung

We must see equity markets, the Nasdaq Composite and Nasdaq 100 in particular, fight back this week to keep on believing in this market.

This Volatility Does Not (Necessarily) Signal a Falling Market

With the VIX likely to rise near the election, the market is looking for big moves. But be ready for action in either direction.

Jim Cramer: Careful On This Market Rotation, These Stocks Make Weak Leaders

As the best stocks are going down on great numbers and the new market leaders are a gamble, the stakes are getting higher.

The Rubber Band Is Beginning to Break: Here's the Trade

We are within days of QQQ taking a dive.

No Ordinary Month, Fear September?, Put/Call Ratio, TikTok Bidding War, Amazon

How September markets digest August ahead of momentous events will be far more important to uptrend maintenance than how August closed.

It's Sad, and Bad, Japan's Longest-Serving Leader Is Stepping Down

We'll miss you, Shinzo Abe, who had big dreams but has only partially brought them into reality in Japan.

Vaccine Chills, Divergent Trails, Fed-flation, Walmart and TikTok: Market Recon

Plus, Veeva Systems reports stellar results and ups its guidance.

Seinfeld Is Wrong, the Big Apple's Biggest Threat Is Not Going Away

Real-life Jerry is just as out of touch with the working world as his character was 25 years ago.

Looney Tunes, Market Rotation, Fed's Powell On Deck, Facebook's Slam Dunk

It's likely that Powell may try to change the way the Fed targets inflation, and what the public expects going forward.

Apple Still King, Dow Shell Game, More Market Faith, Renewed China Talks?

Monday's market action was in no way similar to that recent disparity between the 'haves' and 'have nots.'

Market at All-Time Highs but It's Literally Boiling Down to Just One Stock!

Is that a sign of a healthy market?

TikTok Is Correct to Sue the U.S. Government

The forced sale of TikTok as a purported national-security threat is simply a move by U.S. politicians to cash in on parental concern, and votes.

Jim Cramer: In the Vast Patch of Market Green There Are Plenty of Weeds

It may just be a matter of time before the green chokes on the pestilence and the stock market stars don't even matter.