Biden Promises U.S. Military Will Defend Taiwan if Attacked

Surprising even his own staff, the U.S. president overshadowed the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity.

The Week Ahead, Indo-Pacific Deal, S&P 500 Valuation, What I've Been Trading

Markets now have a new reversal to think about, but I think I have to be convinced before I can believe.

Biden Visits Korea and Japan With Rare Opportunity

On his first Asia spin as president, Joe Biden will find a surprisingly warm welcome, and is due to launch an economic framework for US-Asia relations.

Oil, War and Inflation: Here's Where Prices Are Likely Headed

Oil has a war and inflation hedge premium, but those aren't permanent.

Steve Wynn Accused of Working for China to Lobby Trump

If Elon Musk proceeds to buy Twitter, he would surely face censorship pressure stemming from Tesla's Shanghai factory, as Steve Wynn's experience shows.

China Faces 'Tsunami' of Covid Infection That Could Swamp the System

A new study suggests 1.55 million people could die if China abandons zero-Covid, with the intensive-care system needing 15.6 times existing capacity.

New Leader Puzzles Hong Kong With Promise to Work for 'We and Us'

Beijing's hand-picked candidate, John Lee, takes over as head of Hong Kong, which continues to bleed emigrants and stock market red ink.

Marcos Set to Take Power Over Past and Future in the Philippines

Bongbong Marcos has operated almost exclusively through social media during his campaign, calling for 'unity' and glossing over his father's dictatorship.

Traders Jockey for Position Ahead of Fed's Wednesday Decision

The trillion-dollar question for bears and bulls alike is to what degree the market already has discounted an expected Fed interest rate hike.

A New Pot ETF Just Lit Up, So Let's Get Deep Into the WEEDs

Here we'll hash out the differences among cannabis players and see high how Roundhill Investment's The Cannabis ETF can go.

Relief Rally, Charting the Indexes, Fed Talk, Taiwan Semi, Musk Bids for Twitter

The market roared, but the pros did not tag along in size. They either have to catch up, or they are just not coming.

With Energy Security on Everyone's Mind, Here's My Top Pick in the Sector

We are in the early stages of massive spending in the energy group.

Hope and Despair, Yield Curve, Shanghai Shutdown, Biden Budget, Trading Costco

The yield curve certainly signals the U.S. economy will have to pass through troubled waters over the medium to even long-term, but it also signals outright economic contraction remains tomorrow's problem, not today's.

Why Caterpillar Is the Cat's Meow Right Now

Durable economic trends are generating strong demand for the company's products. Here's what's in play.

Buyer Beware on China Stocks

Intrigued by the wild swings in many of these stocks? Caution is warranted.

Bottom or No?, Stay Flexible, China-Russia Concerns, Biden-Xi, My Disney Dance

Plus, the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage has risen above 4%, so what will that do to the housing market?

Baidu Makes a Snap-Back Rebound, But Is it Sustainable?

Here's what to do for now.

Blue Monday, Technical Damage, Death Cross, FOMC, China, Raskin, Lockheed Martin

The Nasdaq Composite suffered a 'death cross' back in mid-February and what happened after that is now clear to see.

Ukraine-Russia Dominoes Still Could Fall in Ugly Ways

It is highly likely markets are heavily underestimating second- and third-order effects from Russia's invasion and the world's response to it.

The Biggest Market Positive Is That Everyone Knows How Bad Things Are

The trillion-dollar question is to what degree the negative news already has been priced into the market.

Why Is the Market Willing to Believe Putin?

Our job isn't to try to guess how international events may play out. Our job is to navigate the price action.

Making Sense of Rising Prices, Oil's Surge, Credit Markets and War

Let's tackle several questions about how the invasion of Ukraine adds to uncertainty over rising energy costs here and in Europe, increasing inflation, recession risks and more.

Dip Buyers Kept at Bay by an Abundance of Uncertainty

There are fantastic opportunities developing, but the fundamentals are meaningless right now.

Amid the Risky Market, Regeneron Offers Glimmer of Hope

I see a rare attractive technical setup in this pharma name.

The Fog of War Besets the Market

The great challenge for market participants right now is that there is no safety in individual stocks.

The Market Can't Ignore the Ukraine Crisis Any Longer

We are dealing with the next stage now when the cost of the battle is becoming more apparent.

That '70s Market

The only things missing are the bell bottoms and the Eagles.

Russia's Nuclear Plant Attack Makes Case for Traders Moving to Cash Each Night

With a madman on the loose conducting a ludicrous war, this is a time for less risk, not more.

Unbridled Aggression, Russian Oil, Eye on Odessa, Jobs Day, Riding the Rails

Was Russia's attack upon a Ukrainian nuclear power plant shockingly reckless or shockingly calculated?

Weekend Worries About Ukraine Will Keep Pressure on the Market Today

The big concern is that there is no way to know how much damage Putin is willing to create to accomplish his goal of seizing Ukraine.