Adani Implosion Threatens Broader Blow to Indian Markets

Indian opposition politicians are demanding an investigation into the government's ties with the Adani Group, as Boris Johnson's brother steps down from linked investment bank.

Japanese Leader Opens Parliament With Pledge to Spark Birth Rate

Similar to China's discouraging demographics released last week, Japan faces the big challenge of an ageing population that isn't replacing itself.

EXCLUSIVE: Billionaire Investor Leon Cooperman

Watch this hour-long private event with the legendary investor as he shares his views and outlook on the market, the Fed, stocks, crypto and much more!

Job Data Myopia, Careening Economy, No Option C, Tracking 2 Space Defenders

Keep in mind that as interest rates rise, companies will need to pay more to borrow or cut back on operating expenses; there is no third choice.

House Drama, Santa's Late Rally, Fed Minutes, Microsoft's Drop, Amazon Layoffs

Much of the truly horrendous and contractionary macroeconomic data over the past three weeks or so were released after the December Fed meeting.

Mr. Speaker, Fat Man Markets, 4 Investment Strategies, Trading Sectors

The first day of trade in 2023 had a negative feel to it for equities. How negative the session was is debatable.

GDP Surprise, Tepper Tantrum, Semis Smackdown, Hypersonic Weapons Boost

Plus, an ode to Santa, a look at Thursday's spike in trading volume and Alphabet's big Sunday Ticket deal with the NFL.

Doug Kass: Cannabis Stocks Are Still Not SAFE

Though it is tempting, there are a host of reasons why I'm not bottom fishing.

Santa Rally Trading, Morose Monday, 5 Steps Toward Progress, Managing Risk

The ability to adapt is the single most important character trait present in those who do well in difficult spots.

Chinese Statistics Diverge From Covid Reality as Traders Fall Sick

Many businesses in China report difficulties due to staffing shortages, but the official tallies of infections and deaths don't reflect that situation.

Rush for the Exits, Awful Macro Data, Payroll Bombshell, Defense Bill Moves On

Though the media hasn't covered it, the Philly Fed reports that supposed big job gains in the second quarter simply didn't happen.

A CPI Set-Up? Fed in the Wings, Bah Humbug, Sam Bankman-Fried, Bullish Pfizer

If the CPI number prints a bit frosty, there will be and should be some questions.

Railroading of Publisher Jimmy Lai Shows You Can't Expect Justice in Hong Kong

In an Al Capone-style conviction, the publisher of Hong Kong's biggest tabloid is sentenced to nearly six years in prison for violating a lease.

Jiang Zemin's Death Overshadows Jack Ma's Tokyo Residency

The day's initial focus was on the Alibaba entrepreneur's extended stay in Japan before word broke that China's former president has died at 96.

Deadly Fire Sparks Covid-Rule Demonstrations Across China

Chinese stocks moved lower Monday as protestors demand an end to harsh anti-Covid measures -- and, in Shanghai, the end of Communist rule.

Jokers, Clowns Make for Good Distractions, but Not Good Investments

My strategy is based on not following the herd, which means profiting along with 'unpopular' energy giants.

Emerging Markets Set to Outperform in 2023: Here's Where to Look

These are the emerging markets to target next year, with EM growth set to easily outrun that of the recession-bound developed world.

Will Rumble Punch Ahead, or Give You a Black Eye?

Before you plunge into this online video name that was the product of a special purpose acquisition company, read this.

Who Wins in the Carbon Trade?

Here's my take on the carbon trade and why I'd stay far away from it.

Tuesday's Test, Inflation Expectations, Biden-Xi, Ho, Ho Humbug, Apple Outlook

Fed Vice Chair Lael Brainard did not sound quite as dovish as her comments were made out to be Monday. That said, Brainard certainly did not sound hawkish.

Inflation Concerns Are Cooling, But Growth Worries Are Building

The market is in good technical shape for more upside, however, there still are economic headwinds.

Crypto, Election, Inflation and the Fed: There's a Lot for Investors to Decipher

Here's how I'd be playing things right now.

Biden Meets Xi for the First Time as President

On the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Bali, Xi and Biden shook hands and shared warm smiles, which could help thaw a frozen relationship.

Investors Give a Vote of No Confidence in Market Amid Crypto Mess

Post-election anxiety and FTX fumble feed selloff -- but here's the good news.

Hungover Market Loses Its Risk-On Appetite Due to Crypto Indigestion

In the midst of small-cap earnings season, there are brutal selloffs occurring in some of these stocks.

So Much for a Red Wave, Crypto Rescue, Weighing Obesity Drugs, US-Taiwan Talk

Plus, the Treasury yield spread moved in the wrong direction Tuesday, signaling possible economic hardship ahead.

Election Uncertainty Persists as CPI Becomes the Primary Focus

The CPI report will hit tomorrow morning and that is going to be a significant market mover.

Crypto Emerges to Spook Stocks for a Bit Amid Election Day Rally

Action reminds investors of the volatile market -- and they should expect more.

Here's How I'm Electing to Look at Post-Election Scenarios

Even a small win for the Democrats could be reason to buy.

3 Reasons Why a Year-End Rally Could Fizzle

It will take more than a turn of the calendar page to cure this market's ailments.