Novice Trade: UnitedHealth on 'Medicare for All' Weakness

Insurance companies would have their claws in any potential new healthcare law so deep, the law will have slash marks on it.

Be Careful With Healthcare Stocks Here

Especially when healthcare CEOs discus political issues with analysts and reporters.

Healthcare Misery, Pinterest IPO, Japan Marketplace, URI Earnings: Market Recon

Negative political pressure is being felt in an overbearing way on the entire healthcare sector.

Pockets of Weakness and Politics Will Make For a Messy Pre-Holiday Session

Focus on defense, as news headlines on the Mueller Report and discussion of 'Medicare For All' make stock picking tough.

Indonesian Election a Market-Friendly Vote Against Religious Extremism

2 ways to invest in the Asian country, as business-friendly presidential incumbent Joko Widodo surged ahead in election exit polls.

Qualcomm/Apple, 'Medicare for All' Talk Ignite Extreme Market Rotation

There is a bloodbath of selling in medical-related names and severe pressure on cloud-related stocks that have been momentum favorites.

Chart of the Day: UNH's Universal Healthcare Comments Sting Sector

The free press that the progressive push for Medicare got on Tuesday morning is hurting the healthcare sector.

Political Environment Pressures UnitedHealth Shares

UNH's operational strength can't overcome the potential political overhang at the moment.

UnitedHealth Group Receives Booster Shot From Healthy Earnings, Outlook

The health benefit giant's fundamentals are good, but there are more symptoms to consider for a proper examination.

Citi Is Monitoring Mexico, Shareholders Should Be Too

Citigroup's investments in Mexico could meet some macro troubles in the near to medium term.

Japan Holds the Advantage as U.S. Begs for Trade Talks

President Trump's decision to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has left the U.S. in a weaker trade position with Japan and other partnership members.

Jim Cramer: Forget Capitol Hill, a More Important Show for Bankers Starts Friday

We have to hope they are given a better chance to tell their story than they were Wednesday.

Don't Short a Dull Market

I'm looking for inventory but I'm finding this to be a bit tough for stock picking right now.

Jim Cramer: 10 Potential Tops for All You Top Callers

Here are a bunch reasons to sell -- even if I don't believe in most of them.

Charts of the Day: Anticipating Congressional Questions for Wall Street

A cheat sheet of expected questions for investors and political theater enthusiasts.

Goldman Sachs Can Expect Contentious Visit to Capitol Hill on Wednesday

Goldman CEO David Solomon will need to navigate a difficult hearing on Wednesday.

Korean Air Parent Hanjin's Stock Rockets on Death of Chaebol Leader

The late Cho patriarch is the first member of any founding family of one of Korea's all-powerful chaebol conglomerates to be removed from power by shareholder action.

With the Market at Its Highs, What Will Q1 Earnings Bring?

Those investors who called the market bottom back in January will be well served to be in cash.

Saudi Arabia's Tough Balancing Act on Oil

The Kingdom must balance between pleasing their key ally, the U.S. -- and the president's prolific tweets -- and their own domestic needs.

Jim Cramer: Monday's Rise Was Driven by Chinese PMI

Portfolio managers care more about Chinese expansion than they do Chinese trade talks.

Facebook Is Facing Further Heat in India's Elections

Considering the uproar in India, many more skeptical speculators will be anxiously watching elections as they unfold.

Danger of a 'Sell the News' Reaction to Positive China Trade Headlines

Keep an eye on China trade discussion, the Lyft market launch and end-of-quarter allocation adjustments in Friday's trading.

Jim Cramer: Leaving Wells Fargo Is Tim Sloan's Best Move

Whether it is fair that he step down is another story.

Yield Curves, Russian Collusion and China Trade Battle to Drive the Market

My game plan is a more-defensive posture and tighter stops.

Thailand Takes to the Polls With Investment in the Balance

Sunday's elections in Thailand have the potential to provide a big boost to the nation's economy - and to Thai stocks as well.

A Negative Reaction to a Dovish Fed Is Cause for Concern

The indices gave back gains on Wednesday, as market players pondered whether the Fed is anticipating some problems that the market isn't seeing.

The Fed Is Running Scared

The equity market is massively overpriced, and there are some serious recession risks looming with a Fed that is backed into a corner.

Jim Cramer: The Fed Stopped the Rate Hike Madness at 2 pm

And now we need a trade deal with China.

Jim Cramer: Elon Musk's Contempt Citation Is Beyond the SEC

This is about an attack on the Judiciary, and Judge Alison Nathan is likely to act swiftly. How should Tesla shareholders respond?

Is Jerome Powell Backed Into a Corner?

When fundamentals and economics do not align with liquidity, take a breather and wait on the sidelines rather than be caught long and wrong.