Should U.S. Investors Ever Trust Chinese Stocks Again?

After being burned by Beijing, many U.S. investors are rightfully left wondering about their China-linked holdings.

China 'Rules', Defense Stocks, Infrastructure Package, FOMC, Earnings

What if Beijing plays the power game with foreign firms reliant upon Chinese revenue, Chinese labor, or simply Chinese economic growth?

Chinese Crackdown, Bitcoin/Amazon, Tesla Earnings, My Big Plan for a Big Night

Why we ever allowed Chinese businesses to raise capital, our capital, on our shores, is beyond me.

Jim Cramer: Nightmare vs Positivity

What's with this stark dichotomy? How can we be so at odds? It all has to do with COVID and herd immunity.

Why We Won't Remember the Human or Financial Cost After the Olympics Begin

The Olympics... they're a year late, and finally here.

Jim Cramer: There's a Way for the Pandemic to End But It's a Terrible Way

We are a nation divided between those who are rabid to take the vaccine and those who are not.

5 Key Themes Playing Out as the Market Heads Lower

Caution remains the order of the day.

Dodging the Snakes, Dissonant Dance With China, Dipping Into the Chip Bowl

Those rattles you hear on the COVID, Fed and political fronts are reasons to tread carefully in the markets.

Jim Cramer: An Intel/GlobalFoundries Deal Likely Isn't Going Anywhere

It's the type of transition the Biden team probably would put its antitrust lawyers on to squelch, again leaving Intel with no quick fix.

U.S. to Warn American Businesses on Dangers of Operating in Hong Kong

The official action would come as Hong Kong's rights and differences from mainland China erode.

Market Discomfort, Suffering Small-Caps, Understanding Powell, Manchin's The Man

The Russell 2000 is now down not just back-to-back sessions, but six sessions in the last eight with all six of those "down" days having given up 0.9% or more.

Temasek's Gains Remind Investors of China's Profit Potential

Strong performance has pushed the Singapore state investor's assets to record levels. But its cross-border scope is increasingly difficult to maintain.

Jim Cramer: U.S. Needs a Clear, Firm Policy of Standing Up to China Over Taiwan

The Biden administration must come up with a strategy to deter President Xi from pursuing his reunification plans with the island nation.

Biden's Executive Order on Competition Could Slice Several Companies Into Pieces

Any selling of these stocks based on short to medium term potential for antitrust litigation could probably be a trade if one is savvy enough.

One Really Bad Dream (or Was It?), Biden Hops on the Rails, Vaccine Booster

Plus, China's central bank plans to cut its Reserve Ratio Requirement and Wells Fargo looks to exit a business line.

Jim Cramer: The Unintentional Consequences of the 'Rich Rush' Phenomenon

It's being played out in every single amazing little town in America: wealthy people descending on a bountiful area that simply can't handle it and very strange things happen.

Chinese Authorities Broaden Battle on Overseas Listings Beyond Didi

The Chinese cabinet says a crackdown on Chinese overseas listings will happen. It's still deciding how.

3 Dividend Growth Stocks for an Infrastructure Deal

Let's examine three companies that should directly benefit from the potential infrastructure bill.

Jobs Hold the Key, Premature Minimum Tax Celebration, and Enough Is Enough, Fed

Plus, the latest monthly ISM Manufacturing survey sends a disturbing signal about prices and a quick option play thought about Veeva Systems.

Kass: 'Bizarro' Jerry (Seinfeld) Meet 'Bizarro' Jerry (Powell)

Everyone knows inflation metrics greatly understate what is going on in the real world. And everyone knows the Fed knows this as well.

Jim Cramer: The Government Isn't a Reason to Sell Facebook or the FAANG Stocks

Better luck next time: The Federal Court beat down the FTC and the states in it's case against FB.

Black Rain Washes Over Hong Kong, Forcing Trading Suspension

The downpour is an appropriate metaphor for the mood in Hong Kong as China preps to celebrate 100 years since the Communist Party's founding.

Kass: The Entire Economy Is Now Managed Around 2-Year Election Cycles

Politics cannot become intertwined with the Fed. But it has.

Russell Cooks Ahead of Rebalancing

The best news about this market now is that astute stock-pickers are being rewarded.

Hong Kong's Last Pro-Democracy Newspaper Faces Extinction

The influential Apple Daily would have to shut down its operations this Friday if its accounts remain frozen.

This Market Is Totally Out of Its Mind

What's the setup for the second half of 2021? Well, first one has to analyze the first half.

Hong Kong Charges 2 at Pro-Democracy Newspaper With Foreign 'Collusion'

Authorities raided Apple Daily and arrested five top executives. Trading in Next Digital is suspended, but the stock may leap.

Jim Cramer: I Warned You That Betting Against Science Is a Mug's Game

And I was right, and the cynics were wrong. Here's why that matters more than ever now.

The Week Ahead, Protectionism, Software Stocks, Economics 102, Bond Investment

Ever hear of the Cleveland Fed's median CPI? Trust me, every kid sitting at the FOMC table is glued to this indicator.

Bonds vs. Equities: The Markets Seem Disconnected

Is the Fed ready to help markets start its rehab program or will it continue to feed the junkie?