Valuation and 2 Names to Watch Into Earnings: Market Recon

Citigroup and Lululemon are on the radar this morning.

China Trade Intrigue, Algos React to Old Mo, and Spread News: Market Recon

Shakespeare seemingly could have written the script regarding the U.S.-China trade drama.

A Perfect 'Sell the News' Setup But It Shouldn't Last For Long

This is a market that is tired of the China trade issue and is looking to move on.

China's Silence Makes It Clear There's No Trade Deal at All

Stock markets have rallied on the "Phase 1" agreement reached with China, but the optimism is misplaced, with no mention of any trade deal whatsoever from the Chinese side.

Bill Dudley's Take on the National Debt Is Disturbing

The former president of the New York Fed acknowledges that the nation's debt is a big issue but says he doesn't know when it may come to a head.

Some Resolution to China Trade Will Be a Relief but 'Sell the News' Danger Lurks

If the market keeps running up into the meeting between Trump and Liu the potential for some profit taking in front of the weekend will be quite high.

Jim Cramer: Trump's Endless Assault Is Taking Its Toll on China's Resolve

The president can win some sort of concessions from the Chinese simply by NOT raising tariffs any more than they are.

Trump Says Talks Are Going Well, and the Machines Buy It -- Again

Enough theatrics, back to fundamentals.

Jim Cramer: What Would Make a Good Stock in This Environment?

Let me give you the items I want to see before I bless buying anything in what has become a plain, out and out, treacherous market.

Developing a Trading Strategy for the Fourth Quarter

The indices are vulnerable so it will be more important than usual to focus on the underlying action.

A Very Dysfunctional Fed

These people have no idea what is happening with the U.S. economy. It is that simple.

Market Meltdown Averted? Trade Talks, Time for Bed Bath & Beyond?: Market Recon

I think both the U.S. and China 'get' the importance of at least setting up further talks, while coming away with something immediately understood by the public as positive.

Jim Cramer: Rate Cut Talk Is About Stemming the Tides of a Recession

Hate Trump or like Trump, the economy does respond to a lower Fed funds rate.

Markets in Limbo as Trade Deal Expectations Shift

More often than not the market ends up doing what few expect or anticipate.

Finally Some Merited Action Against China's 'Cultural Genocide'

Let's hope the blacklisting of eight companies supplying surveillance equipment to the Chinese state is not just another chip on the U.S.-China trade negotiating table.

Hope Is Fading on China Deal, Possibly on Fed's Abilities, Too

Market players feel a trade deal with China is increasingly unlikely, and they appeared largely unmoved by Fed comments on Tuesday about buying Treasury bonds.

Jim Cramer: A Terrible Moment for the Stock Market

If your goal is to ratchet up trade tension? There couldn't been a better moment, hence one of the worst moments for the stock market since the trade battle began.

Traders Capitulating on Hopes of China Trade Deal

So far the selling is unrelenting and there is no choice but to stay out of the way and wait to see if some support may hit.

Why Anti-Mask Law in Hong Kong Should Terrify Overseas Investors

Hong Kongers are moving their money offshore, fast, as the unpopular Lam administration digs deeper into its foxhole by deploying a colonial-era emergency ordinance.

Investors Get Taken for Ride on China-Trade Roller Coaster

At the end of the day, market players came to realize that maybe they won't see any real progress in talks, and the indexes closed near the lows of the day.

Balancing Risk, China Talks, Trading Delta Air Lines: Market Recon

Perhaps the greatest risk of all is that of systemic complexity, and this is as close to an unknowable risk as there is.

Market Held Hostage by China Trade Negotiations

The main danger for the bears is that there is some level of progress that causes the market to celebrate.

Jim Cramer: 7 Key Points of Contention in China Trade Talks

The Chinese want to buy more soybeans. The U.S. wants real change. Sounds like there's not a lot of common ground.

Are Trump and Xi Jinping Playing 3D Chess?

Both sides are meeting to make a deal, but do not yet meet eye to eye on the main issues.

The Week Ahead Could Be Equally Challenging for Traders

The market had its worst two days of action since last December on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This Market Could Be Dangerous on Trade News and Jobs Report

This combination of macro uncertainty combined with a market under technical pressure is going to make it very tough for the bulls to make progress.

Jim Cramer: Insanity in Trump's Trade War Tariffs

Punitive behavior doesn't help if you are fighting a slowdown, which, judging by some of the bigger indicators, we most certainly are.

Potential Ways the U.S. Could Target Chinese Listings

The White House has issued assurances that it is not about to delist Chinese companies from U.S. markets, but it wouldn't be a stretch to see state-owned enterprises come under fire.

Jim Cramer: Starbucks Is Emblematic of the Fear Haunting This Market

Investors are culling the stocks that are worth owning and shedding those that aren't, and Starbucks is a prime example.

Houston, We Have a Problem: We Are in a Recession

The structure of your portfolio can change dramatically when you are managing through a recession. How to view the current economic picture and how it will affect the markets.