Oh, This Really Hertz

HTZ should not be valued at five bucks and change -- so, here's how I'd play the low-rent name right now.

Taking Another Refreshing Sip of Coke

If you think you missed out after Friday's action, you are wrong,

It's Tough to Chase Nikola, so Try This Setup Instead

The new options are trading on the stock, so using a put spread might be a better way to target a lower entry.

Intermediate Trade: Nordstrom

This is an excellent chance to take another dip into some of the names I love.

I'm Dipping a Toe in Invitae

A close above $18 would go a long way towards making breakout buyers feel better.

Learning How to Invest While Facing an 0-2 Count

The Covid-19 lockdowns and social unrest are two strikes against investors, who'd do well to be happy with hitting singles amid the uncertainty.

Apple Is Ripe for a Put Trade Again

From a risk/reward standpoint these are super cheap.

Nutanix's Recent Action and Long-Term Story Intrigue Me

The company has been transitioning from a transactional hardware sales model to a subscription software model.

Dropbox Warrants a Flyer

With price pushing above resistance today, a small upside play could be considered here, especially if you remain under invested.

Here's What I Think the Market Does From Here

There is a lot of pent-up selling in the markets.