Novice Trade: PayPal

PayPal's selloff is overdone. Here's how to play it.

The Upside for Skyworks Solutions Lies in Their Guidance

Here's what I'm waiting on to get involved today.

Novice Trade: Facebook

Look for FB to bounce back this week.

Tilray's Getting Smoked: Here's How I Would Play the Struggling Stock

The cannabis company's $4 billion market cap continues to dominate the sector without enough reason.

When Considering Beyond Meat, Ask: Where's the Beef?

BYND's current market cap exceeds the entire plant-based 'meat' market universe, which should give you pause, so here's how I'd play it.

Intermediate Trade: Boeing

BA is not flying higher.

A VIX Contango Trade for the FOMC Meeting

A good opportunity for VIX traders.

Aiming Steady While Trading in Wild West of Earnings, I'm Shooting for WDC

Western Digital is set to report earnings next week, so this is a trade that may run through them, but I'm entering it with the mindset I'll be holding through.

Ride the Wells Fargo 'Wheel'

WFC is a good Put Wheel candidate in the short term.

One Prescription for Uncertain Market? Gilead Sciences

Use buy-write orders as a conservative way to invest in GILD in these uneasy times.