Advanced Trade: Apple

AAPL's dip below $200 is lunacy and a huge over-reaction.

Where's the Catalyst to Own Apple Stock for New Buyers?

This feels like a scenario where Apple is going to be stuck in a range.

Novice Trade: SPY

The VIX is fully in contango now, which means the market is more likely to go up then down.

Stitch Fix Finally Appears on the Mend: Here's How to Play the Stock

I believe a push back into the $30-$34 range has set up for the holiday season.

Take Advantage of Xilinx's Selloff With This Trade Idea

A potential buyout of Mellanox Technologies would benefit Xilinx significantly over the next five years.

Novice Trade: Advanced Micro Devices

The 'FOMOMOMO' stocks appear to be getting a head of steam.

It's Not Easy Being GreenSky, but Here's a Simple Way to Trade the Stock

What we are seeing with GSKY is what happens when interest-rate risk isn't managed well.

Intermediate Trade: Apple

AAPL is getting pretty close to desirable now.

2 Educated Options Approaches to 2U Earnings for You

Consider my butterfly or iron condor strategies.

Polishing Up a New Silver Trade

In this 'she loves, she loves me not' environment, I want to consider positions that won't be highly correlated with stocks.