Playing a Lululemon Call Spread Here Isn't a Stretch

A pre-earnings long or a post-earnings short spread may make sense here.

Intermediate Trade: SPY

We are probably tuning up for a run right back to 2800 in the S&P 500 over the rest of the week.

Studying Up on Arco Platform for a Potential Trade

ARCE has been trading between $20.50 and $24.50 since its IPO.

Novice Trade: Microsoft

Among tech names, I personally like Microsoft. Here's a MSFT options idea.

Keeping My Focus on High-End Retailer RH

Let's approach this trade from a calendar spread thesis.

Novice Trade: Facebook

I like buying longer-term options in Facebook in lieu of actually buying the stock.

Cloud Stock Nutanix Has a Business Model and Chart I Subscribe To

When analysts are becoming more bearish on price, yet price pushes higher, the market is telling analysts they are wrong.

Intermediate Trade: VIX

The piece that is most likely to move off the G-20 is not a stock at all but the VIX.

A Twitter Boycott? They'll Come Back and So Will the Stock

While Fox may stay away for a while, look for the shares to bounce from these levels.

Novice Trade: SPY

Let's close out Tuesday's SPY trade that doubled overnight and put on another.