Old School Tech Name Qualcomm Has My Attention

I believe the half-now, half-on-a-breakout is the way to play this one.

My Pessimistic Play on Parabolic Palantir

The Palantir story has improved, but the current valuation is more chase than a fundamental shift.

Now, How Should I 'Put' This ...

Put writing is better than, and not as risky as, you think. Let me explain.

Put the Pedal to the Metal on Silver

Here's a play in this precious metal exchange traded fund trust.

Thanksgiving Dinner Hasn't Been Cooked, and I'm Already Looking at a 'Potbelly'

I see a delicious play and a yummy chart in PBPB.

You Can Have a Real Ball With Manchester United

I expect sports fans to return in full force next year, and that makes MANU a great play.

PagSeguro Digital Is Definitely a Weekly Chart to Watch, but Here's the Rub

If you don't have a strong gut, this may not be the week to trade.

Electrameccanica Is Giving Me the 'Butterflies'

Here's a butterfly approach to playing SOLO, as dilution is likely on the way following the $200 million offering.

Nordstrom Is Not Finished Getting Dressed Up

These calls are way too cheap.

What's Been Holding Social Capital III Back the Past Month? Options

This is one where I would simply buy the stock below a certain level and have all the upside potential.