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Apple Is Ripe for a Put Trade Again

From a risk/reward standpoint these are super cheap.

Nutanix's Recent Action and Long-Term Story Intrigue Me

The company has been transitioning from a transactional hardware sales model to a subscription software model.

Dropbox Warrants a Flyer

With price pushing above resistance today, a small upside play could be considered here, especially if you remain under invested.

Here's What I Think the Market Does From Here

There is a lot of pent-up selling in the markets.

Don't Let This Opportunity Go to Waste

There are many ways to play Harisco.

Cruising for Yield on Norwegian Cruise Line

Consider this high-value ATM call sale in NCLH.

Novice Trade: Wells Fargo

Believe it or not, at some point WFC will be back above $50.

A Bearish Bet on the VIX

I would be a buyer of these VXX puts.

Let's Put Slack Back to WORK

Here's a trade in the name as we return to a new normal.

How to Play Coca-Cola's Potential to Pop

This was a $60 stock in February.

Hopping Aboard Wells Fargo's Beaten-Down Wagon

This WFC options trade is such a value it is hard to resist.

The Second Time Around: Trading Virgin Galactic

This is a pure play on the potential future of travel as well as the technical picture.

Silver Bells Are Ringing

There are two big reasons to like silver - and the SLV ETF - right now.

Log Me Out of Zoom and Its Valuation

The idea that ZM is worth the same as CSX and more than GM is laughable.

This Mistake Could Pay You Dearly

A desperate deal by Genprex could spell opportunity for investors. Here's how.

It's Time to Take Stock of Schwab

The long-term record of Charles Schwab tells of its future value; its current price does not.

Apple's Cart Is Due to Be Upset: How to Play It

I think AAPL's a fade, yet again.

So, There Was a Point to All the Pinterest Activity

News out about Microsoft Edge's integration with PINS has helped spur another trade in the name.

Laggards Finally Get Some Love: This One Still Has More Upside

I would be a buyer of a call spread in this ETF.

International Game Could Produce Strong Returns as the Economy Reopens

IGT is a smaller name with high volatility, so a call spread is still my preferred approach to limit time decay on option premiums.

This Stock 'ADS' Up to a Buy

Ignore the 'doom and gloom' crowd: Alliance Data Systems is still solidly profitable and paying a reasonable dividend.

Pinterest Will Rise Again: Here's My Trade Idea

Amid the Covid-19 environment, people are looking for other income ideas, drawing them to sites such as Pinterest.

It's Options Expiration Day, and I'm Cashing In

Covered call options provide downside protection for holders of the underlying stock and can yield nice profits, too.

What This Kind of Volatility Means and the VIX

Keep a close eye on the 'Big 5' stocks.

Let's Unmask This Opportunity

The big push for Alpha Pro Tech has been N95 masks, which we know are in huge demand, and here's a trade in the name right now.

This Selloff Could Bring Totally Different Victims

A lot of money needs to come out of the QQQ.

Here's Where I'd Want to Buy Etsy

After a quick post-earnings dip, ETSY has rallied back to new highs.

2 Finance-Related Stocks That Could Rebound Nicely

Ally Financial and Golub Capital BDC appear to be bottoming and could produce solid returns as the economy recovers from Covid-19.

Here's the Trade I'll Likely Roll With for DraftKings

This is a name I think traders need to be in before sports actually get going if they want to catch the biggest portion of the short-term upside.

This Virgin Galactic Trade Could Really Take Off

Richard Branson's sale of SPCE shares is setting up a potential contained squeeze.