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Playing the Bounce in Apple

It's an inexpensive option even if it's only a dead cat.

Here Are Two Names to Perk Up Your Friday Trading

Talend and Stitch Fix are two stocks that look strong even without the help of earnings or an upgrade.

Novice: Trade: Disney

Now's a good time to head back to the Magic Kingdom.

An All-Or-Nothing Play on Universal Display

This is a name where I expect to hear coronavirus mentioned on the earnings call.

Bells Are Ringing for AT&T

Either the name is going to rally or the dividend is going to get dropped.

Five9 Looks Like a Good Call During Earnings

With just a few hangups, FIVN has over the past two years on post-earnings day seen double-digit moves -- here's how to play it.

Here's a Trade or Two to Consider If You Want to Own Virgin Galactic

SPCE is about commercial spaceflight, the future, and possibly a radical shift in some commercial airline travel as well.

Slack Shares Are Finally Coming to Life

This has been a long name for me, so the trade I'm looking at here is a rollup.

Novice Trade: CBOE

2020 is going to be a great trading year for options, both equity and index.

Novice Trade: Bed Bath & Beyond

I would be a buyer, and here's how.

A Postscript on Our PluralSight Trade

Let's review the earnings reaction to PS and our moves.

Pinterest Will Be More Profitable Than Twitter

I think PINS is going to have a nice earnings win streak, and here's how I'm playing it.

Trading Pluralsight: My View Is to Keep It Simple

This one is all about a lot of risk with a lot of reward.

Anatomy of a Lucrative Biotech Trade

The trade involves using a buy-write option strategy after negative news knocks down a biotech stock into oversold territory.

I'm Betting Apple Will Tumble

I think the stock is going to see another one of those ugly rip down days soon, so here's how to play it.

One Has to Be a Bit Tepid Going Into Hasbro's Earnings Tuesday Morning

I would lean short (puts) here, but I'm going to opt with a volatility play while also not risking a ton of capital.

Telaria's Strength Remains Hard to Ignore

Shares of TLRA are a potential setup for a breakout trigger today.

Don't Chicken Out on Tyson Foods

Tyson is in a great position to have an outlier second half of 2020 as greater clarity develops on China.

This Is How I Would Pursue a Trade of Pinterest

Pinterest isn't exactly known for its conservative moves around earnings.

Disney's 'Dis' Is Your Chance, Especially if You Like Baby Yoda

The reasons for the stock being down are weak.

AmerisourceBergen Has Made a Strong Habit of Post-Earnings Strength

A weekly close above $92 sets ABC up in a great position.

Intermediate Trade: TLT Long-Term Treasury Bond ETF

Bonds need to back off here. Here's the play on TLT.

Itching to Short Tesla? Here's How I'd Do It If I Wanted to Do It

Enjoy the run, but don't get caught holding the bag.

Take Advantage of Nordstrom's Pricing Here

The stock has been pummeled along with the rest of retail, but things are not that bad.

If You're Going to Trade Alphabet, Here's How I'd Do It

A trader needs to be patient here.

This Is a Thunderstorm - But a Tornado Is on the Radar

The VIX is finally acting like the coronavirus is serious.

Diamond Eagle Is Super Ready for the Global Sports Betting Explosion

I might wait until after the Big Game, but if you're itching to do something today, this is the only thing on my radar.

Apple Looks Due for a Pullback: Here's My Trade Idea

AAPL feels very heavy right now.

Line Up This Trade With Align Technology

Here's how to play ALGN, which is expected to report later Wednesday, three weeks from its Feb. 21 expiration.

A Simpler Way to Play the VIX and Volatility

CBOE owns VIX and all trading related to it.