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My Stock Pick for the Rest of 2023 Is a Real Beauty

This name is an excellent trading vehicle. Let me show you how to play it.

You 'Can' Do a Lot With Ball Corp.

As Ball Corp. is ready to sell its aerospace business, let's see how to play the name.

5 Investing Lessons From a Stock Pick That's Lived Up to the Challenge

Let's follow up on my September 2022 top pick and challenge to readers.

I'm Marching Right to Dollar General

DG falls into the category of a hated stock that is almost certain to regain its former popularity with investors.

Monthly Income, Growth Outlook Will Make You Say, 'O,' Wow!

Realty Income offers payouts at almost 5.5%, significant upside at a bargain price.

Make a Pact With Genpact

G is a premier growth tech stock at a bargain valuation. Here's how to trade it.

Pay Yourself With PayPal

Here's why it's time to make friends with this iconic payments name.

Buy Market-Sensitive Shares When People Are Nervous

Common sense says that getting something much more valuable, for less than it was prior to growth, must be a good thing.

This Health Care Stock Rarely Gets Cheap. Right Now, It's a Bargain

Baxter International is a blue-chip stock at a white-chip valuation, and I expect the sharp selloff to get followed by a big rebound once the momentum turns positive again.

You Deserve Some LUV

Let's take a look at how to play Southwest Airlines.

Sonoco Offers the Whole Package at a Bargain Price

SON should be a popular choice for investors, commanding an above average valuation; instead, SON is now available for one of its lowest price to earnings to date.

Don't Let Cracker Barrel's Apparent Blandness Deceive You

With its generous yield and well-defined upside potential, CBRL offers outstanding reward to risk.

UGI Corp. Appears Full of Energy

You can get more and pay less now for UGI than its quote from a decade ago.

Loosen the Purse Strings for Tapestry

Tapestry, formerly known as Coach, has record results, a fine yield, and is bargained priced.

Own This Premier Growth Stock (While It Is Cheap)

This proven 'left-to-right' growth name is trading for a lower-than-typical multiple while sporting a well-higher-than-normal yield.

Did You Miss the Rebound From Last Fall's Nadir? You Are Not Alone

This stock remains my single largest personal dollar holding. I averaged down multiple times over the past two years waiting for the moment we are seeing now. It's not too late to get onboard.

Axos Financial Shares Got AX'd on Banking Fears, and Now It's a Buy

Let me show you how to you can use options to profit off this premier growth company at a mundane valuation.

Income From Options Can Really Add Up. Let Me Show You How

A difficult year has not stopped me from booking some nice gains from both expired and closed-out contracts year to date. Here's how it works.

If You Buy This Stock Now, You'll Be Stuck Shopping at Dollar Stores

... Because you'll lose money. Here's why I would avoid Dollar General right now.

This Stock Is a Shining Star, Even in a Bad Market

Let's see why poor market years prelude better ones, and why Polaris looks bright.

Let's See What This Stock 'Can' Offer You

Ball Corp. offers a recycling play at a bargain price. Let me show you how.

The Key to Wealth? A Good Investment Plan

Equities have been by far the greatest path to maximum returns -- let's look at how to invest and my updated Top 10 stock list.

Scared of Options? Consider Them a Type of Investing Insurance

In this first of a series on options, let's take a look at why options can act as a great investing tool, once you understand how to use them.

Let's Step Closer to the Money With This Stock

Caleres, despite a little trip down, is among my 'Dandy Dozen' stocks, let's see why.

Jobs Data Smells Funny, but Not International Flavors & Fragrances

At the request of a subscriber, here's my take on IFF and how to play it, and on the jobs numbers that come in Friday.

Style Up Your Portfolio With the Company Behind Vans, Supreme

V.F. Corp still appears too cheap based on its long-term history, so here's how to trade it.

Here's Why It's Time to Plug Into USB

US Bancorp looks like it could fit into most any portfolio -- it's got financial strength, pays well over 4% in dividend income and offers generous upside potential.

Retirement Isn't Just for the Rich

Everybody who works and saves can still have a great retirement, as I show here, with a stock to consider.

Lower Volatility Readings Tell Us a Great Deal

What's the historical significance and what does it mean?

How to Profit From Share Buybacks the Easy Way

Let's look at the good, bad, and ugly of share buybacks in a way that's easy to understand with examples.