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Let's Step Closer to the Money With This Stock

Caleres, despite a little trip down, is among my 'Dandy Dozen' stocks, let's see why.

Jobs Data Smells Funny, but Not International Flavors & Fragrances

At the request of a subscriber, here's my take on IFF and how to play it, and on the jobs numbers that come in Friday.

Style Up Your Portfolio With the Company Behind Vans, Supreme

V.F. Corp still appears too cheap based on its long-term history, so here's how to trade it.

Here's Why It's Time to Plug Into USB

US Bancorp looks like it could fit into most any portfolio -- it's got financial strength, pays well over 4% in dividend income and offers generous upside potential.

Retirement Isn't Just for the Rich

Everybody who works and saves can still have a great retirement, as I show here, with a stock to consider.

Lower Volatility Readings Tell Us a Great Deal

What's the historical significance and what does it mean?

How to Profit From Share Buybacks the Easy Way

Let's look at the good, bad, and ugly of share buybacks in a way that's easy to understand with examples.

Cracks in TILE's Price Can Be Polished Into a Buy Strategy

Here's why I see a window of opportunity on this flooring company.

When Analysts Disagree on a Stock, Do Your Own Math

Here's how to figure out what to do with disagreeing price targets, using a name I recently discussed as an example.

The Price of a Dozen Eggs Is Up Big. Same for My 'Dandy Dozen' Stocks

How do you handle inflation? You make more money -- and I'll show you how with my stock list.

After Earnings Scare, It's Time to Come BAX

Let's use the stock of Baxter International to show what you should do after an earnings disappointment.

It's No 'Surprise' That Mom and Pop Investors Got It Wrong

But I've got a sweet stock with a menu full of 'options' to play to make things right.

I've Got a 'Coherent' Trade After a Merger Messes With Co.'s Expenses

Let me show you the best way to play this laser technology name.

Can a So-So Company Be a Fine Investment? Absolutely

Let me show you how you can take a mediocre company and make money on it with the right investment strategy.

Good Things Happen on a Honda

The old ad slogan for this automaker is right -- and means a great deal amid this economy ...

This Stock Deserves More Than Window-Shopping

Macerich is a blast from the past that still looks good today.

For My Portfolio, 2023 Has Been Quite 'Dandy'

How has my 'Dandy Dozen' list performed so far? Let's look at the results and my strategy behind them.

Citizens Financial Group Lets You Bank on Safe Returns

CFG offers security, but not necessarily a 'home run' win. Here's how to play it.

Crypto Fears Bit at Signature Bank, but for No Good Reason

Now that uncertainty has made this bank name an opportunity. Let me show you how to play it.

Sealed Air Is Ready to Pop

Just like its bubble-wrap, Sealed Air Corp. is ready to make some noise. Let's see how to play it.

In Case You Missed the Rags-to-Riches Netflix Show ...

If you think NFLX at current prices is a buy, then you better read my lesson on equity investing.

I'm Enchanted With Forrester

No matter who works the numbers on FORR, reward appears to dwarf risk from this depressed price point.

This Health Care Stock Has Just What the Doctor Ordered

Revive your portfolio with Baxter International.

The Children's Place Is Game-On Again

Owning PLCE should work out very well, even if the main research houses' conservative fiscal 2023 views prove correct. Here's how to play it.

I'm Going to Blow the 'Lid' Off This Investing Secret, Great Stock

Sometimes if you want to make money in stocks, you have to bottle up your emotions, especially when the market appears in a 'jam.'

Can You Catch a (Stock) Train That Has Already Left the Station? Yes.

Let me show you how with Wolverine Worldwide and Caleres.

This Stock Has a Boring Name, but Exciting Growth Potential

Installed Building Products offers incredible growth and an incredibly cheap valuation.

Get BAX in the Action

Baxter International is now at the best entry point to date. Let's see how to play it.

Here's Where I'm Putting My Money

Let me show you my top dollar holdings as we head into 2023, and why I'm making these investments.

Open a DOOR of Opportunity

Here's how to play Canada-based Masonite International.