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YETI Is Hitting on All Cylinders

After the recent post-earnings push higher, YETI stock has been consolidating in a bullish flag.

You Can't Spell Dislike Without DIS

How to play Disney's tumble after the close of the Fox deal.

Novice Trade: Disney

An options play on the stock making a run higher after two bad days.

Nutanix Has a Bullish Flag: Let's Run This Trade Up the Pole

There is an opportunity for a quick pop to the $42-$47 area.

Apple Is on a Collision Course With Its 200-Day MA

Here's how to trade AAPL with options now.

Considering Initiating a Position in Dell Now? Go Small

Like the S&P 500, Dell has also smashed through a significant resistance level.

CannTrust Is on the Verge of a Breakout Move: How to Play This Cannabis Stock

Recently uplisted CTST is a huge player in the medical marijuana market.

This Ulta Options Trade Is a Thing of Beauty

The stock is now at an all-time high, while implied volatility is at a 52-week low.

Symmetry Suggests Splunk Sets Up for an Options Trade

Consider a bullish options strategy on this one, whether it's selling a vertical credit spread or buying a bullish vertical debit spread.

Novice Trade: VIX

Here's a nice options play on the VIX continuing its depression over the next week.

NXP Semiconductors Is Ready to Come Out of Its Shell

NXPI has its hands in two of the strongest growth sectors of tech in terms of usage and need for innovation.

Zuora: I Like the Risk-Reward Into Upcoming Earnings

The last two earnings reports were actually better than the share price indicates. Look for investors to recognize this.

Facebook's Outage-Related Selloff Is Way Overdone

Here is how I would play the decline off outage issues.

Roku Stock Gets Roughed Up on the 'Battleground': What to Do Now

Bulls want to label Roku the next Netflix, while bears offer many of the same arguments once used against Netflix.

An Options Play for a Market That Feels Toppy

I am not calling for some crazy selloff, just a near-dated mean reversion.

The Apple 'Momo' Trade Continues to Run

Here's a way to take advantage of it.

Pyxus International: Here's a Way to Trade the Cannabis Stock

Potential buyers are faced with a small dilemma here.

YY Is Setting Up to Go Higher: Here's My Trading Game Plan

YY has been hammered time and time again after reporting earnings. Last week, that trend came to an end.

Novice Trade: XLF Financial Sector ETF

Look for the XLF to run higher with the FOMC now providing clear guidance on rates.

Novice Trade: Disney

Captain Marvel might not do so marvelous this weekend.

Watching Shares of Och-Ziff Capital Management

With shares breaking above the recent, albeit small, pennant, there might be reason for optimism.

I Wouldn't Blame Anyone for Taking a Small Shot at Dollar General Today

The stock has risen dramatically over the past few months, but the ranges have been tightening quickly.

Novice Trade: SPY

This is the lowest volume near 1% selloff I have seen in a very long time.

With GreenSky Stock I Tend to Use the Trade What You Know Approach

GSKY bulls watched as the stock lost two-thirds of its value from its post-IPO high and are now looking for news to turn the bearish tide.

Novice Trade: Costco

This idea is for those of you who like to trade earnings in a directional fashion.

Overstock.com Is a Company With an Actual Vision

I'm willing to take a shot on the long side here as the stock bounces around $22.

Novice Trade: QQQ

As reality sets in, I think we end the week up nice and green.

Is Tesla's 'Game' Finally Catching Up to the Stock?

Slashing prices (and features) on the Model 3 and closing dealerships doesn't sound like a company with excess demand.

The Recent Pullback in MGM Stock Caught My Eye

Is there enough of an upside potential if MGM resumes a rally in the near future?

The Market Still Hasn't Fully Valued the Potential of Village Farms

I wouldn't initiate a new, full position today, but I would initiate a partial position in case this small float name runs away before we see a pullback.