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Fundamentals Matter. This Stock Is Poised for a Major Rally

In today's inflationary world where else can you buy something, which has vastly increased in value, for less than it sold for nine years ago?

This Could Be 'The Place' for a Double or Triple

Children's Place offers substantial upside and somewhat low risk for those willing to tolerate volatility. Here's a strategy to play the stock.

Are You a Bad News Bear, or a Bad News Bull?

If you want to make money, then buy on bad news (but it has to be the right kind of bad news, and the right kind of stock).

Step Into Caleres Now, Walk Off Wealthier Later

If you play it correctly, this stock is the epitome of 'getting something for nothing.' Let me show you how.

A Weak Euro, Pound Make for Strong Investment Opportunities

European currencies are way down vs. the dollar. That makes for cheap vacations -- and cheap stock prices, too. Let's use Manpower Group as an example.

Welcome Back Carter's

This maker of baby and kids clothing is an outstanding company, now at a bargain price.

How a Buyout Gone Bad Can Make for a Better Buy

After a failed bid from the Franchise Group, the lack of a near-term buyout made Kohl's a good play for investors. Let's see how.

Bear Markets Can 'Furnish' Great Chances to Buy

Let's see how uncertain times like this can lead to opportunities in companies such as Williams-Sonoma -- a true 'left to right' growth stock.

S&P, Nasdaq Are Up, But Don't Buy Big Before 'Checking the Foundation'

With housing sales in question, I'd rather miss this rally than risk getting caught heavily long during a bear market.

Understanding Headlines Can Lead to 'Golden' Opportunities

It's always best to buy when things are out-of-favor and cheap, rather than popular and expensive, as I'll show here using gold.

Don't Miss the Next Move in Money Management Stocks

Here's how and why to get in ahead of the crowd for major gains in money management firms, using Janus Henderson Group as an example.

This Stock Is Finally Ready to Lead

Old holders of Affiliated Managers Group who bought and held have got to be disappointed, but their loss can turn into large gains for brave buyers now.

This Stock Checks Off All the Boxes, and It's 'Vera' Volatile

Here's why and how to play Vera Bradley again.

On Wall St., Feeling Crummy Is Contagious. Here's How to Climb Back Up

When you're scared or miserable, so is most everyone else around you. But instead of wallowing in your emotions, position yourself for future profits.

Simon Says: Follow Insider Buying and Selling

Let's see how trading action from insiders can show you a lot about a stock, using Simon Property Group as an example.

You Bet Your AZZ This Stock Is Ready for a Catchup Move

This global metal coating company is under-followed, but not to be ignored.

Buffett's Berkshire Is Becoming a Bargain

Once overpriced, Berkshire Hathaway is turning into a value stock.

Food for Thought on 2 Restaurant Stocks

Being approximately correct in your timing decisions is all you need to make a ton of money.

This Year Has Been Ugly. Here's a Trick to Make Up Some of the Damage

Let's look at the incredible value of Roth conversions, during trying times.

Best Buy Appears Ready to Live Up to Its Name

Let's check out why this retailer is way too underpriced -- and how to play it.

Griffon Corp.: Under-loved, Under-followed, Ready to Rumble

The maker of building products appears significantly undervalued based on its results and earnings prospects; here's how to play it.

Get the Facts, Not the Hype, Then Trade

Rather than waste time trying to predict when, or if, a recession is on the way, why not simply buy shares that appear quite undervalued? Here are two to start with.

If You're Tired of Taking a Haircut on Losing Stocks, Get Mohawk

Now you can own a world leader industrial company at a ground-floor entry price.

You Know Master Lock, Moen and Therma-Tru. Now Meet the Stock FBHS

Here's why Fortune Brands Home & Security could pay off big.

Waking Up to an EBIX Nightmare -- and Acting Fast

Here's what happened when I saw the Hindenburg report on one of my holdings.

Jack in the Box's Got a Delicious Menu of Investing Options

Dig in as this restaurant name should surprise to the upside.

Let's Face the Facts of the Last Few Major Selloffs

Let's look at how government meddling made things worse and how astute trading can make things better (for you).

Buy Write Combinations: An Almost Unknown Technique (That Shouldn't Be Unknown)

This is an extraordinary chance to buy this stock on a major pullback which is totally market-related and detached from company-specific news.

Don't Buy the Retail Red Flag Talk

Here's why you should avoid drawing erroneous conclusions from the declines in five major retailers.

Use the Stock Market's Irrationality to Your Advantage

Here's an example of this lesson with United Natural Foods, which just posted an earnings beat.