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Novice Trade: Ulta Beauty

I like a long play in ULTA ahead of its next earnings announcement.

ShotSpotter: I Detect a Screaming Buy

SSTI's upside potential is huge and the competition is next to zero.

Here's How I'm Playing Biotech Now

I continue to deploy 'dry powder' into the biotech sector on dips using Buy-Write option strategies.

Novice Trade: VIX

Heading into next week, I think there are real odds that the market rallies and traders attack implied volatility ahead of Thanksgiving.

YY Is Bucking the Market Trend, So Take Notice of This Chinese Stock Now

Often the ones that are the hardest to buy turn out to be the best.

Itching to Make a Trade in This Kind of Market? I've Got an Idea for You

If you must have some action, Applied Optoelectronics has a decent-looking chart and an attractive risk-reward.

Novice Trade: Microsoft

When the market catches a bid, MSFT tends to lead.

How to Play Nvidia in an Emotional Market

I'm talking about simply selling puts where you are willing to own a stock.

Is There Still More Upside for TripAdvisor Stock?

Let's go to the charts to find out.

Advanced Trade: Apple

AAPL's dip below $200 is lunacy and a huge over-reaction.

Where's the Catalyst to Own Apple Stock for New Buyers?

This feels like a scenario where Apple is going to be stuck in a range.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Is Breaking Higher

Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the few stocks that has been working this earnings season.

Novice Trade: SPY

The VIX is fully in contango now, which means the market is more likely to go up then down.

Stitch Fix Finally Appears on the Mend: Here's How to Play the Stock

I believe a push back into the $30-$34 range has set up for the holiday season.

Take Advantage of Xilinx's Selloff With This Trade Idea

A potential buyout of Mellanox Technologies would benefit Xilinx significantly over the next five years.

Novice Trade: Advanced Micro Devices

The 'FOMOMOMO' stocks appear to be getting a head of steam.

It's Not Easy Being GreenSky, but Here's a Simple Way to Trade the Stock

What we are seeing with GSKY is what happens when interest-rate risk isn't managed well.

Intermediate Trade: Apple

AAPL is getting pretty close to desirable now.

2 Educated Options Approaches to 2U Earnings for You

Consider my butterfly or iron condor strategies.

Polishing Up a New Silver Trade

In this 'she loves, she loves me not' environment, I want to consider positions that won't be highly correlated with stocks.

The Real Economy Is Booming

What does this mean for markets?

JD.com Bulls May Be Rewarded in a Big Way in November

If JD moves back under $23 I'd stop out of the trade and take the loss, but otherwise I want to give this one time to work.

Novice Trade: Micron Technology

Chip stocks seem to have finally found a bottom and MU looks particularly interesting.

Intermediate Trade: IWM Russell 2000 ETF

When the Russell has been the strongest index, markets have kept going.

A First-Class Trade Setup on Stamps.com

Rarely in my scans do I find a company with this type of history.

Novice Trade: Coca-Cola

After looking the whole day, I found what I wanted in KO.

IBM's 'Odd' Decline on Red Hat Acquisition Still Doesn't Make Me Want to Buy

But I will be looking for something else in the next few weeks.

Novice Trade: SPY

The VIX is super anemic, and we have a whole host of earnings to hang a hat on.

2 Trading Approaches to Next Week's Intriguing Earnings

Apple has held up well lately and sentiment hasn't been much worse on Facebook and Alibaba.

Looking to Hit Singles in a Very Tumultuous Market

Chances of 'striking out' have gone up in this volatile market.