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I've Got a Hot Trade in Energy

As stocks get ... raked over the coals ... I see a play in BTU.

If You Haven't Looked At Ford Lately, Look Again

Traders are are trying to find bottoms on an ugly day in the markets

Berry Is a Good Example of a Delicious Stock That Got 'Quartered'

Berry Global, one of my largest dollar holdings, is a bargain; here's how to play it.

Tuesday's Drop Was Temporary Insanity (And the Keyword Is Temporary)

Amid this market mania, let me show you why when stocks you like get cheaper than you ever thought possible ... consider buying more to average down.

Get in on the Ground Floor of This Stock as Market Builds Strength

I'm not a big fan of index investing -- I'd much prefer to seek out the very best bargains, which are primed to far outperform the averages. Here's one.

Get Outstanding Total Return on a Low-Risk Blue-Chip Stock

Here's one you can 'Trust.'

What Do You Wear During a Painful Selloff? How About G-III Apparel

Let me show you some hard-earned market wisdom and provide a stock to play to bring the lesson home.

Comcast Is Undervalued Yet With Blockbuster Results, So Get Plugged In

Everyone talks about cutting the cord, but Comcast generated over $121 billion in revenue in 2022. Investors should take note.

This Jeweler Is a Gem Hidden in Plain Sight

I see a real treasure with Signet Jewelers at these prices.

Let Me Show You How to Play This Stock Amid Market Ups and Downs

As the S&P goes through its major cyclical swings, we can see how to use these moves as a guide to the future for stocks like Designer Brands.

When Stocks Plummet, Opportunities Abound

Let me show you what I mean with the shares of First American Financial, which are undervalued, ready to rebound, and yield 3.66%.

This Bargain Stock Should Offer Healthy Gains

Let me show you how play top-quality Baxter International.

This Under-the-Radar Stock Has the Right Chemistry

This is not an obvious choice for most investors. But that's part of what makes it a great opportunity.

Turn a Stock's Bad News Into Your Investing Advantage

Let me show you how with the shares of discount retailer Kohl's, which just cut guidance.

I Dislike Blue Apron But Here's a Trade, No Strings Attached

The company is never going to make money and is likely heading back below $3 a share.

Take Advantage of Market Irrationality With This Stock

ACCO brands is a hidden gem with a 4.38% yield that you can own at a crazy low valuation. Let me show you how to play it.

Follow the Path of Patience and Fundamental Analysis to Success

Here's how to invest in stocks that got beaten up simply from market conditions.

You Bet Your BP I'd Be a Buyer

With oil down over the last two days, BP's stock has held up.

Fundamentals Matter. This Stock Is Poised for a Major Rally

In today's inflationary world where else can you buy something, which has vastly increased in value, for less than it sold for nine years ago?

This Could Be 'The Place' for a Double or Triple

Children's Place offers substantial upside and somewhat low risk for those willing to tolerate volatility. Here's a strategy to play the stock.

Are You a Bad News Bear, or a Bad News Bull?

If you want to make money, then buy on bad news (but it has to be the right kind of bad news, and the right kind of stock).

Step Into Caleres Now, Walk Off Wealthier Later

If you play it correctly, this stock is the epitome of 'getting something for nothing.' Let me show you how.

A Weak Euro, Pound Make for Strong Investment Opportunities

European currencies are way down vs. the dollar. That makes for cheap vacations -- and cheap stock prices, too. Let's use Manpower Group as an example.

Welcome Back Carter's

This maker of baby and kids clothing is an outstanding company, now at a bargain price.

How a Buyout Gone Bad Can Make for a Better Buy

After a failed bid from the Franchise Group, the lack of a near-term buyout made Kohl's a good play for investors. Let's see how.

Bear Markets Can 'Furnish' Great Chances to Buy

Let's see how uncertain times like this can lead to opportunities in companies such as Williams-Sonoma -- a true 'left to right' growth stock.

S&P, Nasdaq Are Up, But Don't Buy Big Before 'Checking the Foundation'

With housing sales in question, I'd rather miss this rally than risk getting caught heavily long during a bear market.

Understanding Headlines Can Lead to 'Golden' Opportunities

It's always best to buy when things are out-of-favor and cheap, rather than popular and expensive, as I'll show here using gold.

Don't Miss the Next Move in Money Management Stocks

Here's how and why to get in ahead of the crowd for major gains in money management firms, using Janus Henderson Group as an example.

This Stock Is Finally Ready to Lead

Old holders of Affiliated Managers Group who bought and held have got to be disappointed, but their loss can turn into large gains for brave buyers now.