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These 2 Names Are on My Watchlist Right Now

Here's what to look for with Playboy and Urban-gro.

Make an 'Olympic-Sized' Bet on DraftKings

Swimming, who doesn't want to bet on that?

Think FDIC-Insured Bank CDs Are Free of Risk? Think Again

The risk, of course, is a huge missed opportunity. Let me show you why option income handily beats bonds or CDs.

I'm Counting on JD to Deliver

Here's how I'd play this Chinese e-commerce name.

Don't Forget About Delta -- the Airline

The airlines still need a few days of running to get back to where they were only days ago, but I see a play in DAL.

I'm Drawn to AvePoint's Strong Recurring Revenue Model

AVPT is a real company with real revenue and a very real partnership with Microsoft.

Did You Get Fooled on Monday? If So, You Lost Out

Let me repeat a lesson I've made before about panics and selloffs.

I Predict a Good Trade in Seer

Let's look at how to play this biotech that provides tools for better understanding the proteome.

During Selloffs, Look to the Exchanges

The days when the market sells off are cash cows for index options. Here's how to play them.

Loosen Your Bond With Bonds

Let's look at inflation and government spending to see why good-value stocks are the way to go -- no matter what the pols say.

I'm Taking a Shot With MongoDB

I think anything long is essentially high risk right now but calling turns is higher than normal.

I'm Happily Keeping My Covered Call Options Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

The simple strategy may not make for home runs but is producing a number of singles and doubles in a dicey market.

Here's a Down-to-Earth Trade in SPCE

Richard Branson's spacecraft was a star, but now it's falling -- and here's how to profit from that.

Park CarGurus in Your Investing Watch List

Along this bumpy road, here's a name to watch.

Why I Like Walmart Here and How I'd Play It

Fortunately, the options market isn't priced in a crazy manner unless you go out past Aug. 17.

Allegiant Was a Good Trip, Now Take Profits

My suggested trades on Allegiant Travel worked out well, so let's take stock of them.

Not a Pretty Market

Whether you can see the ugliness depends on your investments, but here's what I'm spying and why I'm concerned.

Uber's a Bumpy Ride, but I'll Take It

The stock is now at a 'death cross,' but here's why I would be a buyer of these calls.

This Holding of Mine Is Up 710%. Here's Why I Haven't Sold a Share

Let me walk you through my logic on this stock.

Let's Go Shopping at Macy's

I found a possible buy with these August calls.

While Everyone Gets in the Boat, I'm Riding Lucid Motors

Let's take a spin in this Churchill Capital IV name.

Strategic Education Might Really Pay Off

Normally you'd be cautious about buying into a stock that sees the next few quarters lagging the prior year's numbers, but not in this case. Here's why.

I'm Plugging Into ChargePoint

CHPT provides charging networks and charging services in the U.S. and I see it as a solid infrastructure play.

Be a True Contrarian: Invest Over Years, Not Months

While most people are ignoring 'valuation,' then it's time for smart investors to be thinking the opposite. Let me show you what I mean with United Natural Foods.

Here's Your Ticket to AMC's Trip South

This sucker has run out of steam.

I'm Looking at the Big Picture With This Less-Obvious Entertainment Stock

I like simply owning the stock but there are also some options available to trade if you prefer.

What's the Right Investing Trick With Ebix?

Let's look at buying calls vs. selling puts on this stock with big upside potential.

Buckle Up for a Ride on the VIX

As this move up feels like a spike and not a swell, this is why I'd buy VIX puts.

Premier Financial Is a Premier Investment

This is a classic 'GARP' that was offered for just 8.6-times this year's estimate, while paying a 3.77% yield.

This Company's Been on a Roll -- and It's a Bargain

Griffon Corp. is a left-to-right growth company that appears to have great potential for investors.