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I've Got a Card Up My Sleeve for Penn National

Here's how I would play PENN as it makes a run toward $70.

Here's the GoDaddy Trade to Watch

Traders have to know not only if one of their holdings is reporting, but also if an influential name in the sector is reporting.

Take Advantage of Overblown Healthcare Worries With This Trade

Monday's action in Johnson & Johnson is a fadeable event.

Don't Overthink Copper's Push Higher, and Look at Southern Copper

I'd give some time to a SCCO trade and go out to December or January with a $50 call.

Volatility Popping? Play It With VXX

We may get a short-term volatility pop into VIX expiration on Wednesday.

How to Play GrowGeneration as Triggers Approach

In a few years, online gambling and legal cannabis will be allowed in more places than they won't be.

Here's Why The Tattooed Chef Stock Is Doing Well Post-Merger

I like the idea of attacking this with a low-cost butterfly.

Let's Ring in a Trade on Palantir

While a huge move isn't expected, based on the chart, here's what I ... predict.

This Earnings Play Could Pop Next Week

One of the cheapest names to make an earnings trade on is Coca-Cola.

Diamonds in the Rough: This DIA Trade Is a Steal

Amid Wednesday's broader market decline, look for a nice rally in the Diamonds as we close out the week.

It's Hard to Ignore The Michaels Companies Strong Breakout

I like this as a retail holiday play, but I want to play the anticipation rather than the holiday followed through.

MultiPlan Can Plod Along With Slow, but Consistent Growth

The decline of the healthcare firm's stock offers the opportunity to sell out-of-the-money puts for an attractive premium.

We May Have a Trade in Front of Us Right Here for Genprex

The options don't give a ton of choices, but I like the buy-write.

Betting on a Bump in Buffett's Berkshire

With the S&P 500 moving, this is a name I think has potential to run hot next week.

As the Economy Opens, We Could See a Reemergence of Lyft

The new, recent highs, on the Full Stochastics and MACD, create attractive bullish divergences.

MSC Industrial Has the Tools for a Trade

Here's why MSC Industrial would make a wonderful buy/write candidate.

How to Play Social Capital III's Purchase of Clover Health

It's not the merits of the deal from a long-term perspective I want to trade. It's the beat down of the stock from above $13 to under $11.

Been Stalking Corn? Then I've Got a Trade Idea for You

Corn rarely plows past $4, but will this time be different?

Adding Back to Kandi Technologies

Buying the stock is a nice, straight-forward approach. I'd also consider a stock replacement with an in-the-money November call.

I Like This Vehicle as a Play on Light Trucks

This has been picking up steam on Robinhood too.

An Insider Buy Has Had Me Looking at Element Solutions

I'm now focusing on a trade based on the weekly chart setup.

This Firm Is a Trader's Delight

BGC Partners is poised for a big turn upward, so here's how to play it.

Novice Trade: Delta Air Lines

DAL has earnings coming up soon, possible stimulus and the options are surprisingly cheap.

I See Fuel Left for Rocket Companies

RKT has an upside target of around $24.50 to $25. Here's how to play it.

What Draws Me to JOYY Isn't the Price Action Alone

This is when secondary indicators matter most to me.

Airlines Could Take Flight With a Relief Deal: How to Play It

Look for airline stocks, including AAL, to get a bid if there is a deal out of Washington.

I'd Play Li Auto by Watching It Into Friday's Close

If we have the setup, I would use a bullish call spread with a November expiration.

'Squeeze' a Profit Out of Nikola With This Trade

With the stock rallying, shorts were forced to cover, which pushes NKLA higher, causing more coverage.

Here's a Setup Thursday for a Best Buy Trade Friday

Here's how I'd play it if we close above breakout levels.

SuRo Capital May Be an Opportunity Here via a Call Spread

The downside should be limited to even less than the max risk associated with the trade.