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In Case You Missed the Rags-to-Riches Netflix Show ...

If you think NFLX at current prices is a buy, then you better read my lesson on equity investing.

I'm Enchanted With Forrester

No matter who works the numbers on FORR, reward appears to dwarf risk from this depressed price point.

This Health Care Stock Has Just What the Doctor Ordered

Revive your portfolio with Baxter International.

The Children's Place Is Game-On Again

Owning PLCE should work out very well, even if the main research houses' conservative fiscal 2023 views prove correct. Here's how to play it.

I'm Going to Blow the 'Lid' Off This Investing Secret, Great Stock

Sometimes if you want to make money in stocks, you have to bottle up your emotions, especially when the market appears in a 'jam.'

Can You Catch a (Stock) Train That Has Already Left the Station? Yes.

Let me show you how with Wolverine Worldwide and Caleres.

This Stock Has a Boring Name, but Exciting Growth Potential

Installed Building Products offers incredible growth and an incredibly cheap valuation.

Get BAX in the Action

Baxter International is now at the best entry point to date. Let's see how to play it.

Here's Where I'm Putting My Money

Let me show you my top dollar holdings as we head into 2023, and why I'm making these investments.

Open a DOOR of Opportunity

Here's how to play Canada-based Masonite International.

Boston Properties Should Find a Good Home in Your Portfolio

After a major 2022 selloff, this REIT should have solid total return prospects. Let's see how to play it.

This Stock Is an End-of-the-Year Bargain

Here's why this name is undeservedly, and temporarily, cheap.

2022's Bears Should Give Birth to a Bullish 2023

Here's why I'll be ready to rumble in the new year -- and why you should be, too.

I'm Betting I Can Make a Nifty Profit From This Beaten-Down Thrift

This undervalued savings and loan doesn't pay a dividend but has rewarded shareholders with big returns over the years and looks primed to do so again.

Do You Hold Disney? Ask Yourself Why

I challenge readers to tell me why they think owning this stock makes sense.

Check Your Portfolio for Lumps of Coal

Here's what I practice prior to every new year, and, let me warn you, it doesn't always feel good at the moment, but pays off later on.

Three 'Shoe' Things: These Stocks Will Fit Traders and Investors

These footwear companies will look great in your portfolio. Let me show you how to break them in.

A 'Messy' Quarter Created a Fine Opportunity

Here's how to trade this fine company temporarily selling for well below its proper price.

Don't Be a Sucker When Buying Stocks

Let me show you that behind the excitement and media hype around intriguing names, this is how Wall Street often really works.

A Peek Into the Mind of an Options Trader

If you find yourself scratching your head at options trades, this one is for you.

When Caleres Slipped, I Didn't Get Tripped Up. Instead I Stepped Up.

Here's an example of how to respond when a stock you love loses its footing.

Those Who Make This Trade Should See Good 'Fortune'

I see a special situation for this play as it's about to make a big structural move.

Small-Cap Stocks Have Rarely Been Cheaper: Here's One to Trade Right Now

This name can give investors a big bang for their buck.

While Everyone Says Banks Are Broken, Buy This One

Here's a play in US Bancorp, which pays generous dividends compared with the broader market and offers a high-quality balance sheet.

By the Time You Hear Good News on This Stock It Will Be Too Late

Trying to call a market bottom is nearly impossible, instead, simply identify great companies -- like the one I show you here -- whose shares are selling way below fair value.

You Have Even More 'Options' for Interactive Brokers

Here's how I would play IBKR.

When the Market Hands You a Lemon, Make Lemonade Out of It

Look what happened with G-III Apparel. If you're holding the stock, I've got a plan for what to do next.

I Challenge You: Tell Me Why I Should Like Boeing?

Here's why the case for buying BA looks a little like B.S.

I've Got a Conservative Way to Play Tech

Here's a plan for trading Semtech Corp.

Analysts Were Wrong, Wrong, Wrong as This Stock Took Flight

Failure after failure shows analysts got it all wrong on SkyWest Inc. Here's how to play the stock.