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McDonald's Will Fight Back: Here's How to Get in the Ring

Play MCD's trend for a rebound.

3 Stocks for Traders to Watch Now

It's been a strange week. Here's some guidance.

ECB Decision Gives TLT a Positive Tilt

Take advantage of the NIRP-induced carry trade with this options trade.

Why Sea Limited Is a Favorite of Mine

I haven't changed my tune in my belief that eSports is a sector to own for the next several years.

How to Catch a Bid With PayPal

I like the risk-reward on this options trade.

Cisco Systems Is Finally Showing Signs of Life

I like the risk-reward here for traders.

Come on and Zoom!

When you see articles how value is outperforming growth, it's time to look at growth names.

The Selloff in Pinterest Is Overdone

I'm eyeing a retest of the 10-week simple moving average around $30.50.

AT&T Is Dialing Higher, So It's Time to Pick Up

As Elliot Management is moving to lift the stock price of T, here's how to play it.

SINA Stock Is Breaking Out

As SINA continues to expand outside of a reliance on advertising, the market appears to be noticing.

I'm Watching These 3 Stocks on Friday

Snap, Aurora Cannabis and Cars.com have caught my attention.

Make a Good Call With SPY

These SPDR S&P 500 ETF calls are super cheap.

I Like Lululemon but I Don't Like It Into Earnings

I'm setting up for a one-day sell-the-news although I'm torn where to target.

Novice Trade: SPY S&P 500 ETF

This market seems to have a strong pull higher.

Chewy Looks Like It Has Found a Floor

I'm more of the notion to play the run into earnings rather than through earnings.

Make Room for This ETF

The iShares U.S. Real Estate exchange-traded fund IYR looks quite good, as Tuesday's move pushes it above recent resistance at $92.50 -- here's how to play it.

How to Get Interactive With Take-Two

This TTWO options trade look attractive.

Play This Recent Trend in McDonald's Stock

This novice trade looks like a winner to me.

Novice Trade: SPY

Either hedges are completely on, or the market is done worrying about a cataclysmic selloff.

Here's How I'm Approaching Yext's Earnings on Thursday

I expect that tonight's report and future guidance will roughly be inline or to the high end of expectations.

Ring Up Some Gains With This Inexpensive Call

Stocks with a dividend coming up are going to appear extremely attractive to many value investors right now.

Here's How I'm Playing Disney Now

Watching the show previews for the original content on Disney+ looks like hit after hit after hit.

If Volatility Has You Feeling 'Upside Down,' Here Are Some Options

Using the real-life stock of Advanced Micro Devices, we'll see how covered calls and a ratio call spreads can change the risk-reward ratio.

Novice Trade: TLT

In the near term, I think bonds are way overdone.

In Muddled Market, Here's a Way to 'Game' the System

Consider this strategy for the recently public esports name DouYu, the largest live-streaming, game-centric platform for esports on mobile devices and other computers.

Match Group Offers Plenty of Options

But buying a straddle might be your best one, here's the game plan.

Novice Trade: McDonald's

MCD has a good shot to touch $220 again over the next day or two.

Novice Trade: Apple

I think it eventually will get to $220 per share.

A Stitch Fix Setup for All Shapes and Sizes

Stitch Fix has surpassed earnings expectations every quarter since coming public.

Rolling the Dice With iQIYI

I like the idea of a combination short put with long call spread here.