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Novice Trade: Wells Fargo

The premium for long term options is cheap.

Something Big Is in Store for AeroVironment in 2020

It offers exposure to unmanned aircraft systems, drones, tactical missile systems, first-responders, telecom connectivity, and is exploring commercial A.I. & agricultural applications.

This Target Trade Should Be Right on the Mark

Look for the stock to start to spark some interest in the coming days.

2 Options Trades to Consider as CSX Reports Earnings Tonight

CSX is one of the few names to give us an idea of how the economy is doing as a whole.

How to Turn a Boring, Beaten-Up Stock Into Exciting Returns

Kraft Heinz has gone through an ugly period the last few years but now offers an opportunity to profit handily from its rough patch.

Looking Deeper Into International Game Technology

After a mid-November pop, IGT shares have been consolidating over the past two months.

What Will the End of the Trade War do to VIX?

There are a couple of key VIX numbers to watch -- and a way to trade it.

Watch This Options Trade in 3D

This idea offers a reward more than twice the risk.

Pinterest Has Regained My Interest: Here's Why

There's a theme in play here on several levels.

Busting the Myths on Covered Call Writing

Let's shoot down some of the falsehoods tarnishing this popular options strategy.

Atlassian Is Breaking Out Higher In a Strong Fashion on Its Weekly Chart

As many software and cloud names come to life, TEAM is no different.

Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard to Benefit from Gaming, Streaming

While these two are guaranteed to move together, I would likely play both rather than one with simple calls.

Confounding Walmart Will Get Back Into the Flow

Here's how to trade the stock.

A Short-Term Apple Trade for a Fast-Moving Market

Is there anything that can stop this stock?

Some Oil Stocks Are Getting Interesting Again

The big risk here is that there is a serious escalation by Iran.

Planet Fitness: I Do Like a Tempered Upside Trade Here

I expect PLNT to outperform over the next six weeks.

StoneCo's Growth Looks Solid

Here's how to play STNE as its profitability, balance sheet, backers -- and chart -- look strong.

These Ulta Calls Look Pretty to Me

10-day HV is getting near lows that we only see for a day or two.

Novice Trade: Costco

Retail leaders have yet to make a real run higher.

Personalis Has Struggled Since Its IPO - Here's How I'd Play It

The company has a collaboration with Merck, and there are far worse partners you could have when working in the cancer segment of biotech.

RH's Move Is Beginning to Fade

I believe a put or put spread is the best approach to play the downside.

The VIX Moves Up Again

This type of behavior almost always leads to some sort of selling.

3 Factors That Factor Into My Portfolio Positioning for 2020

They are raising cash, mitigating risk and staying patient.

Yext Shares Are Beginning to Turn Higher

This looks like a speculative setup for a recovery trade in the first quarter of the year.

Looking at Apple Short Term and It's Way Overextended

The stock's current run is on top of another run.

Store Up Returns in 2020 With This Bargain Stock

With prices as high as they've gotten in 2019, Public Storage is a low-risk, conservative income vehicle for 2020.

I'm Looking at a Combination Trade With Uber

This has been a name I've traded quite a bit over the past six months. The volatility makes it possible and the active options market doesn't hurt either.

I Would Be a Buyer of Long Term Calls in Kraft Heinz

I think KHC stock is done dropping and could be one of the surprise performers for 2020.

I'm Digging This Trade Over the Holiday Slowdown

The junior gold miners provide traders with the biggest bang for their buck in terms of movement and volatility.

Why Something Seems A-SKEW With the VIX in This Kind of Market

Look for a week or two of more upside, with the VIX firm.