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Roku Sets Up Well for a Volatility Long-Side Trade

Consider straddles for this battleground stock.

Novice Trade: SPY

More FOMO should lead to more MOMO for the S&P 500.

Novice Trade: Ferrari

I think RACE has decent odds of giving great guidance on earnings at the end of the month.

Coupa Software: Thinking Outside the Box as the Stock Pushes Above $70 Yet Again

This should be a triple-top, in theory, but since they don't exist…

Novice Trade: Bed Bath & Beyond

I cannot think of a good reason to hold BBBY as a long-term investment.

Novice Trade: FXI China Large-Cap ETF

The S&P 500 might be in recovery mode, but China is another story.

Nutanix: Keep Your Head in the Cloud and Your Feet on the Ground

I favor staying long the name but prefer a little more time on my side.

Try This Allergan Two-Week Setup

The company is set to report earnings on Jan. 29, so traders have a couple of weeks to watch the action.

A Trade for a 'Bulletproof' Market: VIX Futures

Look for the VIX futures to return to a full 'contango.'

Novice Trade: Nordstrom

Consider these February at-the-money calls in JWN.

IQ Is a 'Smart' Short-Term and Long-Term Trade

Chinese video-streaming service and online entertainment company iQiyi could fill the void Baidu lacks to compete with ByteDance.

DocuSign Is My Top Pick for 2019: This Is How to Trade It Now

If you're bullish on a stock and the setup points higher, then this is an attractive trade.

Intermediate Trade: Facebook

It's time to step in and cherry pick stocks.

How to Trade Constellation Brands Now Using Options

I'm strategizing a risk reversal here using a put sale to fund a long-side play.

Train Your Sights on This Learning Platform Name

Above $26 and the door appears open to $30.

Novice Trade: XLF

Is all banking GS or is this a buying opportunity for XLF?

Play the POP! in Funko

I prefer to balance the risk here using a covered call strategy.

Novice Trade: SPY

It appears that the longer the selloff stops, the longer the rally will last.

A Johnson & Johnson Volatility Trade

JNJ's current pennant pattern creates the potential for a big move in the month of January.

Why I Believe in Friday's Rally and the Next Trillion Dollar Company

This 'Accidental Champion' of market cap is there because the company is executing so well on so many fronts.

How to Play Zayo With Options Amid Buyout Chatter

Wells Fargo believes Zayo could be worth as much as $40, but playing for a low $30s price might be more realistic.

How to Trade Cronos, the Cannabis Firm With Ties to Big Tobacco

What matters here is the ability to innovate, market, and sell.

Intermediate Trade: Apple

The biggest trades Thursday have not been hedges, they have been closes of previous hedges.

My 2019 Outlook for Stocks and Volatility (Plus a Look Back at a Crazy 2018)

If 2018 was kind of a mini-2008, then I think 2019 could be a mini-2009.

Alarm.com Is an Attractive Stock

ALRM is a play on the smart home thesis.

My Crystal Ball for 3 Major Market ETFs at the Start of 2019

Here's my approach to the SPY, QQQ and IWM as we begin a new year.

Intermediate Trade: SPY

There is a lot of money on the sidelines, a chunk of which has been there long enough to avoid churning rules.

VIX Is Not a Day Trade Product

The problem with trading VIX is the lag between the futures and the cash value of the index.

Both the S&P and Crude Oil Held Long-Term Support, What Now?

We've been scouring the weekly chart of crude oil for weeks in search of clues on when the bleeding might stop.

A Low-Risk Option Play in Corn Might Make Sense

Corn appears to be poised for gains, but it's important to limit risks when setting up a trade in the commodity.