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Market Silliness Creates Walmart Trade Opportunity

These options are dirt cheap.

Simply Good Foods Has Caught My Attention

We're seeing the combination of insiders buying with a technical breakout on the daily chart.

No Need to Be on Pins and Needles With Pinterest

Despite some awful quarters, I see hope for the name, so here's how to play it with May 18 puts.

Canopy Growth Is Not Lining Up to Investor Expectations

CGC reported a wider than expected loss that included a slew of write-downs leading some to conclude this a kitchen sink quarter.

Novice Trade: VIX Futures

I think VIX is going to stay sub-14 for the rest of the month, maybe the rest of the year.

Trade Walgreens for the Same Reason It Might Go Private

I see upside back to above $70 regardless of whether the company gets taken private.

After a Long Ride Downhill, Uber Appears on Flat Ground Now

When stocks like UBER stop going down on bad news, traders need to pay attention -- here are the options for playing it now.

Interested in Alibaba? JD Looks Like a More Attractive Partner to Me

Fresh off the excitement of Singles Day, JD is the stock that appears a better play right now, as it's finding niche spots to fill in logistics and housing.

Novice Trade: Johnson & Johnson

I have been using these down days to buy calls and then selling on the pops up the next.

RH Scares Me Into the Holiday Shopping Season

It's only over the past two weeks that some cracks have appeared in the bull's technical case.

United Airlines: Fly the Friendly Skies of UAL

How much cheaper can options in UAL get?

Why in the World Is Mysterious Ubiquiti Skyrocketing? It Makes 'Perfect' Sense

The move screams artificial. The setup screams danger long or short.

The Major Indices Are at a Critical Crossroads

It is probably a time for investors to play defense rather than offense and aggressive speculators might even want to nibble on bearish positions.

An Uber Trade for the Long Haul

Uber essentially had a 'Facebook IPO.'

Trading on Redfin Earnings Offers Valuable Lessons

If you're into put and call buying or shorting, these are three ways playing RDFN on earnings could have unfolded.

Intermediate Trade: Lululemon

LULU is likely headed back over $200. Here's how to play it.

Play Boeing to the 'MAX' With This Options Trade

I would be a buyer of these calls.

Disney Has Come Back Into My Buy Zone Territory

Although I don't want to make it a large play, I'm thinking a small risk reversal using spreads might be worth a shot.

Of 87 Bullish Stock Charts, This Is the One That Really Intrigues Me

This stock is lining up for vim, vigor and vitality.

Twitter Ruffled Feathers With Ad Decision, but It's Still Worth a Play

Move could replace political commercials with others, and become a PR boost -- here's how to trade on the news.

Twitter Political Ad Ban: The Good, the Bad and the Trade

Jack Dorsey has sparked a strong debate among my clients and myself.

Stop Twilio-ing Your Thumbs; Play Viavi Solutions Instead

Following poor earnings from Twilio and a painful lesson in trading, another name watch in tech and 5G is VIAV.

Twilio Stock Has Come to a Head on This Chart

A very lengthy descending triangle has reached a point where we should get a trigger this week.

Novice Trade: FXI China Large-Cap ETF

There is no way we don't have some sort of trade deal signed out of Chile.

Don't Buy the Bad News About Shopify's Earnings

SHOP's earnings per share miss should be looked at in context of a report that's overall good -- but still bulls have a challenge of holding at $300.

Novice Trade: Square

Calls this week in SQ are dirt cheap.

Pay It Forward With PayPal

Venmo is dominating the younger adults when it comes to sharing payments.

Score a 'TD' With This Medium-Term Trade

I would be a buyer of these AMTD calls.

Viavi Solutions Is a Name to Consider for a Longer-Term Growth Portfolio

Their high level exposure to high growth industries is appealing.

Why Village Farms Has Become Cheaper - Despite a Rising Stock Price

Joint venture partner Emerald Health appears to be struggling.