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I've Got Just the Right Trade for This 3-Day Weekend

In any other administration I'd avoid the idea, but this administration and this president love to get on social media and make a splash.

Novice Trade: Apple

This is a play on a long-term, not a short-term directional trade I normally like.

Stitch Fix: A Rare Green on a Very Red Day

I would consider taking advantage of the higher volatility to setup a bullish risk reversal.

Intel Is Presenting a Rare Opportunity

This trade idea on a blue-chip name yielding 3% is a scoop.

Novice Trade: VIX Futures ETN

A selloff with a soft VIX followed by a rally with a really soft VIX tends to mean the easing of fear in the near term.

Here's Why I'm Drawn Toward Specialty Retail Stocks Like Lowe's

Although not completely immune to tariffs and Trade Wars, I could see LOW...escaping relatively unscathed.

Novice Trade: SPY

Heading into the long Memorial Day weekend, here's how I would play the S&P 500.

Betting on AmerisourceBergen: As Easy as ABC

Shares of AmerisourceBergen haven't been this cheap since the dark days of 2009.

How to Play Nvidia With Options After Its Latest Earnings

Implied volatility is near three-month lows too, so there is not much expected of NVDA as far as movement right now.

Analysts Following Pinterest Dropped the Ball

While the gap down today kills short-term momentum, I believe the stock can find a trading range as long as it closes above $26.50.

How Trade Tensions Are Affecting My Portfolio

Any new money I am putting into the market on dips is being done via buy-write option orders.

LEAPing Into Exxon Mobil With an Options Trade

As stocks rally after ignoring the trade wars for a fourth time some money should find names such as XOM.

How to Trade Intel Now With Options

If INTC bounces toward $50, these are golden.

Wix.com Is a Show Me Stock With a Lot to Prove

With the stock trading at all-time highs, I think optimism is overenthusiastic.

Novice Trade: Apple

A trip back to $200 almost seems like a certainty.

I'd Only Look at Lyft for a Trade, Not an Investment

I don't often chase a contrarian play, but sentiment appears to be at a bullish extreme.

Capri Holdings: Buying Chic on the Cheap

The significant upside potential comes courtesy of Capri's battered stock price.

Here's How I'd Structure a HubSpot Trade

It's tough to call a bottom on these big momentum cloud names.

Why Selling Puts Is a Good Way to Get Paid for Market 'Insurance Premiums'

How can normal investors "sell insurance" without corporate overhead? They can become put option writers (sellers) on shares which offer excellent risk/reward characteristics.

Stitch Fix Is a Solid Name to Own in the Specialty E-Commerce Space

It's a company without debt and a valuation that consists of 11% cash all while remaining profitable.

Dropbox Stock Has Struggled Since the Big Run Last June

While DBX reports earnings tonight and has plenty of cash, they aren't exactly expecting big growth in the bottom line.

How to Play Apple for the Stock's Inevitable Bounce

Sure, China is a problem for Apple, but not to this extent.

How I'd Play the VIX Right Now Amid Trade Talks and Tweets

I think the high in the VIX is in unless the worst happens between now and Friday.

With Carvana, I'm Willing to Take a Small Roll of the Dice Here

CVNA reports earnings tonight, it's sitting at all-time highs, and the stock has barely paused in its climb since mid-February.

Let's Toy Around Again With Funko Stock

This niche market should continue to do well while a small number of films and shows dominate theaters and TV.

Here's a Way to Ride the Pinterest Wave

Users come to Pinterest looking for inspiration to put into action. Action equals expenditures.

Novice Trade: VIX

The VIX is way too high.

What's Next for Alphabet? Tesla's Fate

What are the charts of GOOGL and TSLA telling us now?

Be a 'Goal Achieving' Investor, Not a 'Stress Relieving' One

And Cognizant Technology Solutions currently provides the former type of investor with a rare opportunity.

Novice Trade: AMD

I like AMD to make another run when the S&P 500 recovers in the next few days.