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2 Midweek Trades: Intel and Advanced Micro Devices

INTC has seen continued buying, and what draws me to AMD is the very different price pattern.

How I'd Be Playing This Market Right Now

When the VIX becomes 'expensive' that is a sign that things are calming down.

Get on Your Bike and Ride This Peloton Trade

This risk-reversal strategy could work for those looking to add to longs.

Novice Trade: Boeing

I would be a seller of these puts in BA.

Here's How I Would Consider Shaping and Pricing an RH Trade

The luxury home furniture gallery reports financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended February 1, 2020, after Monday's market close.

Here's a Good Way to Get Into GE

It's way too cheap and I want to own it.

Good Medicine for a Retest? Johnson & Johnson

A strong S&P for three days makes me leery of what's ahead, but here's an option in JNJ.

A Way to Trade Lululemon on Earnings

As with so many companies, we already know the reporting quarter should be relatively strong.

With SPY, I'm Looking at a Ratio Call Spread

Whatever short-term positive impact the bounce of the past two days is having will be just that: short-term.

Silly Values = Great Trades

I would be a buyer of this one with both hands in.

As Nike Reports, I Favor the Idea of Butterflies on Both Sides of the Stock

From a taking the temperature of an impact on the global retail economy (non-tech), this is about the best the markets could ask for.

How Would Warren Buffett Play This Market? I Have an Idea

I would be a seller of these puts, a la Warren.

Keeping Sane, the Profitable Way: How I'm Playing This Market

I continue to shuttle new money into the market on declines using buy-write option strategies.

Intermediate Trade: SPY

It's worth putting a leg out to play in this market to see how hard and fast we can rally.

What Is Going on the With the VIX and VIX Products?

This is literally something I have not seen before.

Let's 'Stitch' Together a Trade

Here's how to play SFIX amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the stock's post-earnings free fall from earlier this month.

Finding 'Green Shoots' and a Facebook Opportunity

I wonder if we are seeing the first sign of the market catching its breath.

Why Do I Want to See the Breakouts of These 2 Stocks Fail?

I would posit that when we see the excitement around General Mills and Campbell Soup wane, we'll find more stability in the market.

Chewy on This Options Trade

Assuming deliveries can still be made, then CHWY should see its pet business hold tight or even increase.

As Everyone Stays Home, There Are Excellent Opportunities

There is a real chance to make some money out there if you have the cash -- and Disney is a perfect example of that.

Looking Again at RH, and Here's How I'd Trade It

The options market has been active on this one favoring bullish behavior.

This Name Will Be Among the First to Bounce: Here's How I'd Play It

What is crazy is the movement in names that have been winners up to now.

RH and Slack Are on My Radar

For both names, I would simply take a small nibble on the stock approach.

Novice Trade: SPY

What I am seeing now in this market is an opportunity to put lines in the sand.

An Options Tool for Use in Volatile Times

It is the covered call, and it can be used in trading ETFs and individual stocks.

This Is a Market for Trading, Not Investing: Here's a Way to Capitalize

Try to take advantage of all the trading that's going on.

Using Apple to Show a Collar Approach to Help Offset Volatility Decay Risk

The idea is to create a floor and a ceiling for your holding by selling one call and buying one put per 100 shares of a position.

Novice Trade: SPY

This some really nice value on a longer-dated option that is way out of the money.

Here's a Fast(ly) Trade

FSLY makes a great long-term hold, but there's opportunity for traders, too: Here's how to play it.

Novice Trade: Tyson Foods

Find stuff you definitely want to own and set up longer-term trades.