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I've Got a Conservative Way to Play Tech

Here's a plan for trading Semtech Corp.

Analysts Were Wrong, Wrong, Wrong as This Stock Took Flight

Failure after failure shows analysts got it all wrong on SkyWest Inc. Here's how to play the stock.

Cookin' Up a Trade: Williams-Sonoma's a Bargain, Yields 2.62%

Here's how to play WSM, a proven growth stock now at a non-growth multiple.

Give TransUnion Some Credit

Here's how to trade credit score company TRU.

Investing in Good 'Citizens' Should Get Well Rewarded

Citizens Financial Group is a relatively conservative choice with a generous current yield. Here's how to play it.

Let's Say You're in Apple, and Want to Get Out. Here's How

Here's the smart way to exit big winners with low market impact, using AAPL as one example.

Here's Your Chance to Own American Woodmark Before...

AMWD posts earnings next week. Here's my take on the name right now and how to play it.

See the Forrester for the Trees

Forrester Research is a tremendous value in a top-quality name.

If You Lost a Bunch of Money in Crypto, Try Investing in This Stock

Here's my take on cryptocurrencies, and a stock pick.

If a Company Makes No Money, How Could It Possibly Make You Money?

Why did investors bet on these once-favored names like Uber and Wayfair -- and how could they have performed much, much better?

Haven't Heard of This Stock? It Could Make You Money If Played Right

SS&C Technologies Holdings is a great company at a fabulous price.

Never Heard of This Payment Company? Now's a Good Time to Learn

I've got a strategy for FleetCor Technologies.

Sit Down for This: I've Got a Trade in ... Alphabet

You read that correctly, I'm taking on GOOG, and it's a rare opportunity.

This Hidden Gem of a Stock Can Be Played Two Ways

Signet Jewelers is having a shining year, let's see how to make it sparkle for your portfolio.

Side With the Insiders on This Small-Cap Stock

The people running a company know best about its health and prospects.

Old Market Lessons Can Help You 'Generate' Income Today

Let's see how history can help investors, using the stock of Generac as an example.

Try on This Apparel Giant. I Did and It Fits Great in My Portfolio

Here's why the company behind The North Face and Vans is a hidden gem at this price.

Hate the 'Sin,' Love the Stock

The 'turning point' in the market makes for a good time to own Turning Point Brands -- if you're OK with a tobacco play.

It's Time (Again) to Bank on SBNY

Signature Bank NY went from undervalued to overvalued and then back again -- and now it's a bargain.

Where Did All This Inflation Come From? You Make the Call

Here's why you're paying more for groceries -- and a stock-pick remedy.

Children's Place Tested Our Patience; Now It Promises to Pay Off

PLCE, which just rallied 36%, represents a spectacular risk/reward proposition.

The Season for Stocks Is Upon Us: Here's How to Play It

Let me explain why we're overdue for some good news and then give you a stock pick that should let you cash in by taking a 'LEAP.'

A Quandary for Those Who Went to Cash

The complete lack of enthusiasm from both equity buyers and option traders bodes very well for a continued market rally rather than yet another retest of the lows.

I've Got a Hot Trade in Energy

As stocks get ... raked over the coals ... I see a play in BTU.

If You Haven't Looked At Ford Lately, Look Again

Traders are are trying to find bottoms on an ugly day in the markets

Berry Is a Good Example of a Delicious Stock That Got 'Quartered'

Berry Global, one of my largest dollar holdings, is a bargain; here's how to play it.

Tuesday's Drop Was Temporary Insanity (And the Keyword Is Temporary)

Amid this market mania, let me show you why when stocks you like get cheaper than you ever thought possible ... consider buying more to average down.

Get in on the Ground Floor of This Stock as Market Builds Strength

I'm not a big fan of index investing -- I'd much prefer to seek out the very best bargains, which are primed to far outperform the averages. Here's one.

Get Outstanding Total Return on a Low-Risk Blue-Chip Stock

Here's one you can 'Trust.'

What Do You Wear During a Painful Selloff? How About G-III Apparel

Let me show you some hard-earned market wisdom and provide a stock to play to bring the lesson home.