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Here's a Way to Trade Twitter Into Earnings

The market has a love/hate relationship with TWTR.

Here Are the Odds I'll Take With Nikola

The potential for a short squeeze remains in play as well.

This Trade Is a Real Moon Shot

Here's a call-spread idea for Virgin Galactic.

Here's Your Ticket to a Quick American Airlines Play

AAL has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but there's a shot at turning quickly.

Keep an Eye on the Sluggish U.S Dollar - And One Way to Play It

Imagine what the stock market might do if the currency headwinds became tailwinds.

An Industrial Strength Options Trade

These XLI calls are cheap right now.

Let's Mix It Up With Forum Merger II, as It Shows Off Its Tattoos

Here I'll explore ways to play this 'blank check' M&A-related company that joined with Ittella International this month to form plant-based food company Tattooed Chef.

Want Some Short Exposure? Consider Twilio

I'd position any bearish call spread to expire before the company reports near the end of July.

Keeping an Eye on FireEye, Chiasma and the Market

The Internet security firm and gene therapy company are on my shopping list as equities continue their recent roller coaster ride.

Intermediate Trade: Apple

This one feels almost too easy in terms of short-term trades.

Upwork Shares Are Breaking Out Higher Today

The initial target here is $16 with a secondary target of $17.50 on this breakout, with a time frame of a month or less.

Here's the Strategy I Used With UniQure

Let's look at QURE following its licensing deal with CSL Behring at the time of my initial covered call order.

DOMO Arigato for the Trading Opportunity

Domo -- the cloud service company -- has a promising chart, and here's how I'd play it.

Electronic Vehicles Has Been a Hot Space, So Why Not Workhorse?

This one is a tough chase, so I would have to consider put sales for an entry right now.

Hertz So Good

Every time I think the stock is going to get buried, it pops.

Can't Make Sense of This Market? This Name May Offer Some 'Defense'

Axon Enterprise could score as talk of police reforms heat up.

Why CBOE Is Down and a Good Way to Play It

With the end of TVIX, ownership in volatility trading ETPs needs another place to go.

Dropbox: Love Me, Love Me Not

DBX is beginning to have that always a bridesmaid never a bride feel, but it exists in an area that buyers have found no level they feel overvalued yet.

There's Value Out There in Old Economy Names

Take a look at this midcap.

There's A Good Reason I Keep Coming Back to Nutanix to Trade

I wouldn't fault anyone for sitting in cash over the weekend, but if you are seeking a play, this has appeal.

Apple, the Market and the VIX

How to play a likely rise in the VIX.

I've Got Friday on My Mind for This Kraft Heinz Trade

We may see another push from folks stocking up on food goods and/or eating out less.

Hi-Yo Silver ETF! Away!

As the economy turns on and we see inflation silver is going to benefit.

Buy/Write Combos Let You Bag Some Big Bucks With Little Risk

Here we look at the benefits of putting down small cash in buy/write strategies for Coty and Vera Bradley.

DraftKings Bulls Await Word on Professional and Collegiate Sports

I'm focused on the short-term picture for a trade here.

Let's Try a Volatility Play in Wells Fargo

WFC has its problems, but think about this in the last month: The stock has been as high as $34, and as low as $22.

Play the Recovery With Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway

Soon we will hear about the Oracle making some sort of trade and markets are going to jump all over it.

This TEAM Looks Like a Winner

Here's how to approach Atlassian as the strong market has benefited the name.

Novice Trade: XLI Industrial Sector ETF

This is a play on 'traditional names' being bought up again.

With Huawei in the Headlines, Let's Test Our Investing 'IQ'

The U.S. is reportedly eyeing amending bans on U.S. companies working with the Chinese tech giant, and this is creating opportunities.