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I'm Willing to Take a Small Gamble on Stitch Fix

It's possible we might be in for a bit of a run or short covering into Tuesday's earnings.

Is Now a Better Time to Buy Than During the Covid Panic Low?

Here I review the advantages of being a bold investor in the face of plummeting stocks.

This Close Would Make Me Move on Micron

Let's check the not-so-pretty chart on this technology name.

In the Wreckage of ARKK, I've Found a Name Worthy of 'Redemption'

Some of these names held by the ETF have gotten so cheap its hard not to want to own them.

Looking to Survive Tuesday's Bloodbath, I Had My Options

Let's see two trades I made during market mayhem, one in Caleres and the other in Children's Place.

Here's What Draws My Eye to DLocal

There's a lot to like about this payment platform focused on the emerging markets.

The Best Ways to Meet a Margin Call

Here's how to make the best of a tough situation and free up buying power to ride out the storm.

It's Slim Pickings When TLT Has One of the Best Looking Charts

I'm sitting this one out, but if you're looking for a technical breakout, TLT along with Apple are two of the few decent charts out there.

Here's How to Play a Down Day Like Friday

Let's talk turkey about how I approached the day after Thanksgiving, and my thoughts about why it was a such strange one.

For a Good Trade Setup, Stay on the 'Grid'

Let's look at a play in Grid Dynamics Holdings.

The Oil Spill Was Ugly, but Support Is Holding: Key Levels to Watch

Volatility events are commonly followed by market consolidation as traders pair risk and lick their wounds.

If Other Investors Scurry Despite Solid Earnings, Should You, Too?

Instead of sulking about strange reactions to quarterly reports, here's what you should be doing.

Novice Trade: Disney

I think DIS will make a run at $160 at the beginning of December.

I'm Getting Some Signals from Ondas Holdings

The charts of ONDS is tough, but here's why you should have it on your radar.

Have Your Steak and Invest in It, Too

As America wants to eat out again, here's how Bloomin' Brands can benefit.

I'm Playing for a Flush -- Of the VIX

This is a pretty cheap play, and pays out nicely if the VIX breaks back below 17.

Is Insider Buying an Ace in the Doughnut Hole for Krispy Kreme Traders?

Let's look at DNUT after Se Lucresca's move.

As Prices Make Their Ascent, Look to Essent

Here's how ESNT can be a backdoor play on higher inflation.

Here's Why I'm Digging Cipher Mining

When it comes to mining cryptocurrency, hash rate is (almost) everything.

I'm Getting an Uber Here

The selling has been a little overdone here in UBER and a few other names.

Options Play of the Week: A Mid-Cap Biopharma in the Crosshairs

Acadia is a good sum-of-the-parts story with bad news mostly priced in and potential positive catalysts on the near-term horizon.

I'd Look at a Simple Put Here With Elastic NV

ESTC is an interesting consideration if you're looking at downside momentum continuing next week.

Here's a Slick Idea for Playing an Overdone Oil Selloff

There are oil names with great balance sheets that are making a lot of money right now, and will continue to do so.

Walmart Offers Lots of Bargains -- Except for Its Shares

Here's why it's probably time to ring the register of this discount retailer.

Here's How I'd Play Yeti

But I won't get too aggressive here.

FedEx Looks Likely to Deliver the Goods

Let's unpack this bargain-priced transport name.

Berry Is Looking Sweet Ahead of Earnings

Berry Global Group, which reports this week, offers growth at a better-than-reasonable price.

I Haven't Swung for the Fences Too Many Times, but I'll Take a Shot at Macy's

The exposure will be small on the trade as it sits at the highest risk and highest reward level.

Monday Was a Bore, but I Still Found Ways to Make Money

Here's how I played the slow day on the market -- and how to use option sales in your own portfolio.

Options Play of the Week: Making Bank on a Boring Homebuilder

Consistent singles and an occasional double with few strikeouts? Sounds good to me.