The 5 Pillars of Exceptional Trading

When you put them together, trading success is nearly inevitable.

Market's 'Superficial' Highs Are Only Skin Dip

You can't call this market overbought when so much of it isn't participating.

Making the Best of the Peculiar Market Action

Trading in biotech stocks and a particular SPAC play are on my mind.

Feeding Investors a Blue-Chip Broth of Dividends and Growth

Income investors should find the yield attractive, which is double that of the average yield of the S&P 500 index.

Market Checkup: What the Latest Charts and Data Are Saying

The S&P 500's valuation continues to be extended.

Toshiba, Hitachi Bids Show Japan Inc. Listed Subsidiaries Are in Play

Bids from Western venture capital investors for age-old Japanese names are only likely to increase.

Ericsson Is Setting Up Well as It Pushes Further Into 5G

Keep this one on the ready for entry Friday for a swing trade.

Jim Cramer: The Market Likes That There Are No Surprises From President Biden

I don't think President Biden pays much attention to the stock market at all.

Shark Bites: Taking Advantage of Weak Biotechnology Action

The stock is trading near its recent secondary pricing and has very attractive price targets from analysts.

Stocks Are Crypto

The issue is when the data conflict with the prevailing narrative. We are in such a position now.