Trading Dollar Strength Through 2 Funds

I'm thinking this may be a time when the old K.I.S.S. principle comes into play.

This Is About as Bad as It Gets

And we probably need to go lower before we can go higher.

Twitter and Musk, Monday Reversal, Treasuries, Energy's Hammer, Kohl's Cash-Out?

I found two very interesting takeaways from Monday's sharp market reversal.

Netflix Shows How Analyst Recommendations Are Often Worthless

Counting on analysts to warn you to take profits at the top, or load up when valuations are low, is a fool's game.

Can We See the 1994 Sign and Open Up Our Eyes?

Let's compare the market today to the last time the Fed engineered a soft landing.

This Was More Relief Action Than an Energetic Bounce

A slew of earnings reports coming the next few days are going to help determine the course of the market going forward.

The Most Liquid and Least Talked About Futures Market in the World

These products offer traders the ability to speculate, or hedge interest-rate risk, in a relatively conservative and comfortable manner.

When Bearish Sentiment Meets Bullish Seasonal Trends

Typically the bulls take control of the markets now, and they continue to lead the way into the summer months. But It's just not happening.

Wait, Wasn't Gold Supposed to Be the Best Inflation Hedge?

Sometimes it's better to be in cash as there really is no place to hide.

Is it Time to Sell in May and Go Away?

Let's recap some of the main worries behind the selloff. Unfortunately, I think the trading action gets worse before it gets better.