The Dominant Trading Theme Right Now Is 'Waiting for the Next Catalyst'

I'm currently heavily invested in several stocks that are drifting around as I'm quite confident that the eventual catalysts will come.

Nio's Charts Suggest Further Declines Ahead

The level for the bulls to defend is the $35 area.

Whether You Like Illumina or Not, Here Are 2 Trade Ideas

Who do you think probably better understands this business... one of the very best analysts on the entire street or the FTC?

I'm Building a Position in Tencent Music Entertainment

There's no market energy right now but this can be a good environment for building some longer-term positions.

What Is Consensus?

This is a perfect time to make sure you haven't strayed too far into the mainstream, which has been the wrong trade for well over a year.

Yes, We're Going to Check Out GameStop's Charts

I think GME is a potential candidate for a case study at Harvard.

Bubbly Action, Bad Breadth, Credit Suisse Stumbles, SDR Charade, Eye on Big Tech

I find this action most likely to be less than sustainable, without provoking an algorithmic counter. In other words, don't just be nimble, but tread softly.

Jim Cramer: GameStop, AMC and the Chorus of 'Hold'

How can a company's stock be hostage to its own shareholders to do the job that the company can't?

Here's My Take on Raising Money and GameStop's Filing

I think many folks - too many - are going to tell themselves what they need to hear on the offering to feel better about their position.

13 Stocks on My Radar Amid a Wall of Worry

The action so far looks to be driven more by fear of being left out than euphoric chasing.