Some Consolidation Is Taking Place

There's selling pressure but that's healthy and will help to give us some better entry points.

J&J's Pause, Nasdaq Thumbs Up, Amazon Prime Day, Apple Hi, Speed, Veeva Breakout

Now, that we have confirmation from the Nasdaq Composite, I think we can say equity markets are indeed back in what I would consider an uptrend.

Big-Cap Technology Regains Its Leadership as Banks Kick Off Earnings Season

There was some significant rotational action Monday and we'll see if that continues as we move into earnings reports.

Is the Gamma Squeeze Back On?

This is not just simple retail demand for the FATMAAN stocks.

Election Suspense Is Building

How will the markets respond to the result?

This Market Continues to Ignore Big Picture Worries

The primary focus is on trying to put more cash to work.

Should You Ride the Market's Wave or Dial It Back?

Index charts remain in uptrends, but overbought conditions are in place.

Why We Buy Apple

The world's greatest consumer electronics company. Ever. Why even question? Just hop on board.

Few Stocks Pulled Back Last Week, but These 3 Did Just That

Looking at the 3 D's: Disney, DraftKings, and Domino's.

Where Does This Broad Rally Go? Q3 Earnings Begin, Amazon's Prime Day, Apple 5G

What stocks do from here will, beyond electoral risk and potential stimulus, rely upon fourth quarter guidance.