There's Risk Involved When Comparing Apple to Apple

The fact of the matter is that I like the chart more now than I did a month ago.

China Sets Tame Growth Target for 2023

Disappointing many economists, China has issued a GDP growth goal of "around 5.0%" for this year after badly missing its target last year.

Making Sense of It All, Central Banks, Earnings Highlights, Jobs Week

Here's what I think mattered more than anything else late last week as the market rallied.

Stock Buybacks: Corning Shows Investors the Right Way to Do Them

Here's why I'm a fan of stock buybacks when done correctly. Hint: Don't look at Bed Bath & Beyond.

These Charts Have Flipped, But Is It Enough to Turn the Tide?

We got a bit of encouragement.

China's Two Sessions to Set Growth Target, Strengthen Xi's Hand

The annual meeting of the Chinese legislature coincides with a once-in-five-years reshuffle of the cabinet, as President Xi Jinping seeks to bring the bureaucracy under his direct control.

The 60/40 Portfolio Isn't Dead

We are starting to see correlations between asset classes decouple. Just like high commodity prices are the cure for high commodity prices, high yields will eventually be the cure for high yields.

What's Really Trending Right Now? Bearish Charts

Corporate insiders continue their selling.

Here's How I'm Playing the Copper Rally

China consumes more copper than any country on earth, and demand for the red metal rises as its economy improves.

Tesla Falls Flat, Trading Salesforce, 10-Year Rate, Slowdown, Cash Is Cool Again

There is less and less of a good reason to take on risky assets at this point than there has been in decades. Cash is not just cash anymore.