Healthy REITs: 7 Ways to Invest in Medical Facilities

Five experts select their favorite REITs that specialize in healthcare and medical facilities.

Walking Alone, Low Volume, Watching the Russell 2000, Fed Minutes, Margin Buying

Looking at a painting by Renoir side by side. You see beauty. I check my watch. The same is true with economic policy.

Low Volume and Lack of Energy Present Obstacles for Traders

The opposite of love isn't hate but indifference, and that is what we are dealing with now.

Jim Cramer: Roku vs. Cat Defines This Incredible Two-Headed Market

It may seem ridiculous, but you can distill the market down to these two names because they stand for palpable themes.

Highlights From the March FOMC Minutes

I expect that stronger economic data will actually cause the market to assume more rate hikes down the road.

16 Biotechs I Like Even as a Lack of Liquidity Is Hurting the Market

Quite a few stocks are fading right now -- not due to poor fundamentals, but due to lack of buying interest.

A Pause That Refreshes?

It would not be unusual to see a consolidation of recent market gains before the current uptrend resumes.

The Lack of Market Energy Is Puzzling

One group that I'm watching closely now is biotechnology.

Jim Cramer: Jamie Dimon Throws Down the Gauntlet

I find his comments about China the most compelling after his salvo about racial equality.

Tuesday's Market, Risk to the Downside, Putting Cash to Work, Trading McDonald's

Could equity markets be ready to roll over? To tell you the truth, I thought that the risk to the downside had increased late last week.