U.S. Businesses Lead Exodus Out of Hong Kong

Hong Kong's role as a hub for financial trading and for Asia-focused operations for multinationals is under threat, a new report finds, requiring a political response from companies.

Where the Fed Is Headed, Damaged Markets, Heavy Profit Taking, Bank Selloff

Powell launched an uppercut to the markets after having stunned the algorithms that control price discovery with a right cross to the jaw.

The Market Struggles to Hold Key Technical Support as It Prices in Higher Rates

The argument that the market has fully discounted the economic chaos that lies ahead is extremely hard to justify.

The Bullish China Reopening Narrative Looks to Be in Serious Doubt

Speculation only works if the physical market follows.

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Some of TikTok's U.S. competitors had a nice day Monday.

Waiting on the Fed, Jobs, Powell on the Hill, Dimon, Moynihan, Trading Defense

The Fed Chair will have to, once gain, thread the needle this week.

Can The Market Handle Hot Inflationary News?

Technical conditions are favorable, but there are four big news events coming up before the next Fed meeting on March 22.

Lower Volatility Readings Tell Us a Great Deal

What's the historical significance and what does it mean?

Small-Caps Hit Hard in an Index Driven Market

The market does a very poor job of effectively pricing various stocks when the focus is on indexes and not stock picking.

Fly in the Ointment: Why Do Insiders Continue to Actively Sell?

The market appears notably overvalued, leaving little margin of error.