Momentum Is Weak and the Potential for Profit-Taking Is Increasing

There are some signs of an intraday reversal in the S&P 500 SPY that I'm monitoring.

Respect the Index Trends, But Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Insider Buy/Sell Ratio/Rydex Ratio dynamic widens.

International Investment Into Indonesia Improved With Huge New Law

The Omnibus Law has finally passed in Indonesia, implementing a decade's worth of reform in one fell swoop.

Covid Drug Candidates, Buy Eli Lilly? Large Cap Stocks, Tesla Debt Upgrade

Covid itself, and therapeutics or vaccines associated with taking on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, is under a public microscope.

The Market Needs Some Rest but There Are Many Positives at Work

Market participants ignore negative news and continue to pursue individual stocks into earnings season.

A Day of Rest - But Stocks Continue to Look Bullish

It is logical that stocks consolidate a little as we head into earnings season.

Facebook Is Due for Its Own Mega-Cap Pop

FB seems like it has plenty of upside and is going to make a killing.

Jim Cramer: Here's How We're Going to Beat Covid-19

Let's talk about what's happening right now to get this thing under control and what it will look like not that long from now.

With Spartan Energy Acquisition, Logic Takes a Backseat to Emotion

To see the immediate selling in the stock on the off chance Hindenburg's report could possibly be on SPAQ is downright scary.

Whoa Baby: Here's What Stole the Show as JP Morgan Reported Q3 Results

You want to be long the shares when the company starts buying them again. You don't have to be long until then.