'Sell the News' Sellers Are Sold Out by Apple Buyers

This market simply has no fear of staying with the big-cap tech names that have been leaders for so long.

Novice Trade: XLI Industrials ETF

August options have gotten crazy cheap.

I Want This Electric Vehicle SPAC and I Want It Now!

I'm a buyer of Spartan Energy Acquisition, but with a patience level beyond Veruca Salt.

The Relevance of the Russell 2000

The performance of IWM is telling you that all is not well in the overall U.S. economy.

A Sea of Red

I plan to focus on managing existing positions and to stay selective with new buying.

Time to Look at Troubled Travel Companies in Asia?

Trip.com, China's biggest online travel agency, is hoping investors may take it private at a premium.

Grotesque GDP, So Much for Rotation, Amazon Goes Wild: Market Recon

Plus, it could be quite a while before the labor market can absorb all those people who are out of jobs.

Will Blowout Technology Earnings Keep the Indices Running Higher?

I suspect that we're more likely to see corrective action in the form of a rotation rather than broad selling in the indices.

Big-Cap Technology Earnings Are Batting 1.000

This is a good example of the great difficulty of being an anticipatory bear in this market.

Cruel Summer: August/September Usually Worst Two-Month Period for Stocks

For those looking for a mild way to play a sideways to lower market, I offer an option spread idea.