The Return of the Day Traders

What is interesting for traders is the increased movement in some of these secondary stocks.

The Greater Fool Theory

It's fantastic for trades but you should consider a few guidelines.

Pause of Retracement? What the Charts and Data Reveal

Valuation is not our only concern.

Hong Kong Drags Global Stocks Lower and Awaits U.S. Response

The Hong Kong treason law is knocking global markets. It's unclear how staunchly Western powers will defend the city's freedoms, and risk damaging China ties.

Will Investors Use China News to Finally Do Some Selling?

Don't count on it. The big fear continues to be that the market keeps running higher.

China Tensions, Ring the Register on Zscaler, Trading Thoughts

As the president's press conference on China approaches, there is ample reason for some risk-off behavior. Meantime, Zscaler's earnings beat is a good time to take a profit.

Silver's Great Potential Should Not Go Unnoticed

Add a silver lining for your portfolio, with these 8 'poor man's gold' names.

Alternative Stocks That Can Be Golden

For traders, it may be time for you to embrace the sloppy seconds on the trading and scalping side.

Arcturus Therapeutics Has a Candidate for a Covid-19 Vaccine

When I first started buying ARCT shares I didn't conceive of a valuation of $1 billion, but I also didn't conceive of the global impact of a pandemic.

The Wall of Worry Is a Mile High

I don't recall a time when more traders and investors have felt as poorly positioned than they do right now.