A Higher Level of Caution Has Taken Hold

It's a good time for some patience.

Facebook and Twitter Have Now Taken Sides

These social media companies' decision to censor content from a publication that well predates them is quite simply horrifying.

Insiders Ratchet Up Their Selling

We have lowered our near-term market outlook.

Big Bank Bounce? Let's Check the Charts

I shouldn't be surprised that I'm getting questions about the banking sector.

Covid Surges, Playing Politics, Charting the Nasdaq and S&P 500, U.S. Outlook

Markets have certainly recovered nicely off of the lows of late September. Now, here in mid-October, it feels like it did that cold night back in 1980-something. The wolves are visible and noisy.

3 'Pick & Shovel' Stock Plays in Covid Vaccine Development

Investors are chasing every name that's developing a promising coronavirus vaccine. These stocks will be winners no matter which companies are successful.

Negative Narrative Starts to Matter as Earnings Concerns Start to Build

So far we've seen rather healthy consolidation, but the negatives are gaining more traction Thursday morning.

Despite Being a Net Seller Today, This Is Still the Bull's Game

It makes logical sense to take your foot off the gas here.

Goldman Sachs Is Cheap, Filthy Cheap, and It Had a Great Quarter

This is probably a $260 stock, and will be on the day that the market stops hating on the banks.

My Case for Treasury Yields

Here are some trade ideas that include being long corporate bonds right now.