It Still Feels Like the Early Innings for the Dry Bulk Boom

Rather than futures contracts, I usually stick with the companies.

Beware of Taking Immediate Action on Short Reports

There was a lot of reaction to the Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings short report on Twitter Wednesday not too long after it was published.

Is This the Start of Something Good?

There's good follow-through buying Thursday, but another good close is needed to restore confidence in an uptrend.

A Series of Fortunate Events, Fiscal Cliff, Powell's Prospects, 4 Trading Notes

Market volatility could spike in late November/early December just as liquidity walks away. Keep that in mind.

Signs of a Bottom Are Building, But There Is Still Work to Do

Intraday reversals and strong closes are key factors at market turns.

I'm Optimistic, But That Doesn't Mean I'm Bullish

I'm quite positive that the market will eventually provide us with some very favorable trading setups.

Doug Kass: Is China the Market's Black Swan?

China's economy is basically a debt-driven Ponzi scheme.

The 'Smash and Grab' Short Sellers Are Back -- And Ginkgo Bioworks Is a Target

In two or three months, you won't hear a word on this again much like we've seen on so many other names.

Is Jerome Powell's Renomination Now in Peril?

Plus, my take on Friday's jobs report and the steepening yield curve.

Here's How My Active and Passive Portfolios Stack Up

Sector representation is diverse, but the list is dominated by software, semiconductors, oil and gas, and metals and mining.