Nokia's 5G Ambitions Bring Back Bullish Sentiment

It's been quite some time since such a ground swell has existed for the persistently punished stock.

Once Again, Numbers Do Matter

I won't lose money for my clients by buying stocks in companies that are facing lower margins.

Capri Holdings Has Yet to Fashion Out a Compelling Base Pattern

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Think Opportunistically While You Navigate This Action

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Centene Splits 2 For 1 Which Changes the Chart Levels but Not the Trends

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Trade Deals, Climate Change Stock Picks, Chipotle Rebounds: Market Recon

Does it not make sense to create a separate portfolio made up of equities that will benefit -- as sick as that sounds -- when an area needs to rebuild?

Investors Fear Missing Out as Momentum Takes S&P 500 higher

Equity markets can continue to move up and regain lost performance -- valuations are supportive and company's earnings are not as bad as feared.

Jim Cramer: 4 Short-Squeezed Stocks Stabilize a Market That Wanted to Go Down

When you have a bunch of these in one day, you can move whole sectors and, to some degree, the market itself.

Goldman Sachs May Rally Now With the Bad News Behind It

What's changed? Let me show you.

The Data Tells Us a Major Slowdown Is Not Imminent

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