After Huge Relief Bounce, Focus on Coronavirus and Economic Uncertainty

This just a very large countertrend bounce. Look for a sizable pullback and then some very choppy and sloppy action.

Jim Cramer: The Rescue Bill and a Fed Dive-Bombing Policy Ignited All Sectors

I think our scientists, our medical minds, are working on an atomic bomb that can nuke Covid before it invades us.

After a 3-Day Move Higher, I Think the Market Is Back to Being Overvalued

Yes, the stimulus that now seems sure to pass Congress and receive the president's signature will be beneficial for the U.S. economy.

Jim Cramer: What Can't Covid-19 Stop? The Cloud

It's a paradigm shift that all started with Zoom and Cisco's Webex.

Insiders Remain Buyers as Charts Improve

Two indices have closed above their near-term downtrend lines for the first time within the recent selloff.

Slack Technologies Is Poised for an Upside Breakout

WORK is one of those companies that will thrive in this new world.

Micron's Story Needs to be Told...and Repeated

I do like the attitude of this firm and its leader, CEO Sanjay Mehrotra, moving forward.

I Wouldn't Be in a Rush to Fight This Counter-Trend Rally

One of the best signs of a better market is the ability to rally on bad news.

Managing Volatility, Watching Jobless Claims and Trading Notes

Profiting from Zoom, adding to Verizon and watching Microsoft as we wait for data on employment and how the fiscal support bill will play out.

The Next Wave of the Coronavirus Crisis: Assessing the Financial Damage

This remains a bear market and the primary goal should be capital preservation.