Macy's Battered After Big Miss on Earnings, Lowered Guidance

Shares of the department store retailer are moving to the lowest level in many years as Macy's also trims its outlook for all of 2019.

Investors Beware: This is a Trader's Market Led by Trump Tweets

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How Computer Algorithms Game This Morning's Action

When considering how to trade this sort of action it is important to think about it in terms of game theory as that is how the computer programmers think.

Markets Reverse and Surge on China News

My game plan is to wait to see how well this spike holds.

Don't Be Suckered by the Recent Treasury-Bond Rally

But do think about refinancing your home mortgage.

Tilray Stock Gains Ahead of Highly Anticipated Earnings Release

Tilray will look to sustain a sanguine sentiment on cannabis stocks on Tuesday.

Charts Say We're in a 'Neutral/Negative' Market

Several technical indicators weakened on Monday.

Embrace the Fact That the Market Is Going Through a Corrective Phase

If you haven't raised cash and made defensive moves then you are ignoring reality.

Jim Cramer: It's History, Not Me, Saying There's Always a Bull Market Somewhere

Not everything can go down, even if the economy turns weak.