Sifting Through the Wreckage, One Ugly Chart, Holding the Line, Netflix Preview

IBM beat expectations and the complexion the overnight mood changed. But will the mood change hold?

COVID Provides an Excuse for Selling but Watch for an Overshoot

In many respects, the Monday's action was a rerun of the standard COVID trade.

Stock Pickers Are Starting to Do Some Buying

Correlated selling and corrective action always eventually lead to better stock picking.

Cross Asset Analysis: Who's Right?

Is this a short term deflationary setback or the start of a more ominous trend to emerge?

Be the Tortoise and Not the Hare

The motivation to get it right is very different than the motivation to be first.

The Indices and Broader Markets Need Much More Work to Hit a Good Low

Much of the action has to do with the disconnect recently between the indices and the vast majority of individual stocks.

Index Charts Deteriorate Further as Market Sells Off

We have yet to see evidence of the culmination of recent corrective action.

5 Key Themes Playing Out as the Market Heads Lower

Caution remains the order of the day.

Equities Under Pressure, Energy Stocks, Retail Sales Gut Punch, COVID Variants

There's no way to disguise investor sentiment when, for the week, the four defensive sectors easily take the top four slots.

The Indices Are Correcting Like Much of the Market Already Has

The good news is that the market has needed more correlated selling like that which is hitting now in order to form a good low.