Rotational Action Heats Up as Stocks Look for a Way to Correct

My approach to this sort of action is to forget the indices and focus on managing your individual positions.

Banks Lead Off Q4 Earnings, Safeguarding the Yield Curve, Jobs Data

You are hearing talk of an 'earnings recession'. Just talk, my friends. Our marketplace has already been mired in an earnings recession for quite some time.

Will Big News Catalysts Slow the Market Uptrend?

Stocks are set to gap up at the open this morning, but the big question is whether the news flow will be used as an excuse for some further profit taking.

Bearish Bets: 2 Stocks You Definitely Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.

The 'Sell' Decision Will Determine Your Level of Trading Success

The problem that most people have with selling is that they are afraid that their timing will be wrong and they will dump a big winner prematurely.

Simon 'Says' Buy This High-Yielding Dividend Stock

The industry downturn has presented multiple buying opportunities among the better-quality REITs.

Pinterest Has Regained My Interest: Here's Why

There's a theme in play here on several levels.

The Dow Touches 29,000 and Sellers Step In

It is highly unlikely that the indices are going to roll over and go straight down from here.

Taiwan Takes to Presidential Polls With Stocks Near All-Time High

The Taiwan stock market has peaked in the spring three times only to suffer a huge selloff. Can it continue its 31% run after presidential elections on Saturday?