A Busy Week Ahead, 4 Key E-Commerce Stocks, Zoom Reports

Remember, if you understand markets, this has been more a broadening of the bull market, not a rotation.

Aussie Wine Producers Pay Price of China Trade War

China has rendered Australian wine impossible to sell with punishing import duties, leaving wine stranded in Chinese ports.

Bearish Bets: 2 Shaky Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are displaying both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Are You Emotionally Invested in Bad Trades?

Learn to sell without regret and you will be a better trader.

Jim Cramer: We Are Back to the Essentials

I think that it's pretty telling that Amazon is up and United Parcel and FedEx are down.

Wrapping Up Some Classic Holiday Trading

Next week we are likely to see some shift in the focus of the market as we move back to macro and big picture issues.

My Pessimistic Play on Parabolic Palantir

The Palantir story has improved, but the current valuation is more chase than a fundamental shift.

What If AstraZeneca's Covid-19 Vaccine Doesn't Work?

Governments around the world have committed to buying hundreds of millions of doses of AZD1222.

I'm Not Banking on Full Normalcy Returning in 2021

The exodus out of large, high tax and high-density cities will continue in 2021 even if it might not be at quite the same pace.

Voters Spoke and the Winner Is Cannabis

A 'green wave' has advanced cannabis legalization across America. And that's just one of the forces powering up pot stocks right now.