Fed Day, Consumer Level Inflation, Mortgage Rates, Cash Option, ECB

A one time a 75 basis point increase would be the largest single increase made at one time since 1994.

The Japanese Yen Is Like a Pressure Cooker and the Lid's About to Blow Off

Most do not look at the Yen but it has been the source of great pain in past systemic collapses.

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All Indexes Break Support to Near-Term Bearish

Caution is warranted right now.

Monday Beatdown, Shared Sin, 75 Bps? Interesting Energy, Trading AMD, Apple

In plain English, professional money was active on the sell side of the market on Monday, as the indexes broke their May lows.

Flash: Coinbase Has Yet to Make a New Low Monday

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Respect the Market Trend Until Proven Otherwise

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Chipotle Investors Can Expect to Experience Heartburn

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This Is a Terrible Market and About as Negative as It Gets

What's making it much worse is that there's absolutely no confidence that the Fed or the Biden Administration has some solutions for the economic negatives.