We're Seeing Some Consolidation and Basing Action on Friday

The question now is whether the lows that were hit on Wednesday morning will serve as short-term support as we move into earnings season.

With So Much Disinformation, Can You Handle the Truth?

Janet and Jerome have never created a job. But that's who we worship these days. It's such nonsense.

Taiwan Semiconductor Is a Long-Term Investment But I Do Trade It

How Important is Taiwan? On it's own, very important. As home to Taiwan Semiconductor? Invaluable.

What's Next for This Market as Charts and Breadth Improve?

10-Year Treasury yields breaks above resistance.

3 Stocks You Should Consider Buying Now

As we end the trading week, I believe these names can still be bought here.

The Hammer Bottom Reversal on Sharecare Turned Me Bullish

Here's our price objective for now.

Deceptive Rally, Short Squeeze Trap, Inflation, Jobs, Trading 2 Defense Stocks

Equities did close almost sharply lower than where they had been early on Thursday afternoon. You do want to see how this looks on a chart.

Jobs News Will Help to Advance the Bottoming Process

The ingredients to 'climb a wall of worry' are out there if the price action develops in the right way.

Chinese Big Tech Bounces Back From Record Lows in Hong Kong

Alibaba shares and the Hong Kong tech index are both coming off all-time lows in Hong Kong. Whether that continues has little to nothing to do with business.

Time to Make Bank on the Higher Highs of JP Morgan

Here are our target prices.