Here's the Boeing Trade I Made Today

I love this chart and I'm woefully underexposed in this area.

A Market Bounce Has the Potential to Fail

Insiders are increasing selling activity.

Panic Selling Can Be the Death of Your Portfolio

After a rocky day of trading Tuesday, use Wednesday to get back on track.

Tuesday's Wild Ride, Jay Powell, Borrowing Concerns, Palantir, Trading Nvidia

The Fed Chair threaded the needle better than Joe Montana down by six with a minute to go on any given Sunday.

Tyme for Asia as HSBC and South African Online Bank Expand

Europe's biggest bank, HSBC, is in an impossible political situation, caught between London and Hong Kong. South Africa's TymeBank will have it easier expanding into the Philippines.

Following Some Quick Corrective Action, Stock-Pickers Are Back

After the chaotic action Tuesday, I am looking for a renewed focus on stock-picking.

I'm Bullish on Oil and Bullish on BP

I would be a buyer of these BP calls.

Preparing for the Next Market Move

Now is the time to make sure you have maximum flexibility.

Viridian Capital Launches Cannabis Research Coverage

Their initial research includes three rated companies.

There's Going to Continue to Be Some Major Rotation Taking Place

My primary goal is to stay flexible and not just sit there.