U.S./China Phase One, Yield Curve, Jobs Survey, Trading Disney: Market Recon

One concern for traders and investors would be that the good cheer created by the development of this Phase One deal, as well as actions taken by the FOMC, are nearing or at the point where the headline risk points in the other direction.

Target Provides an Excuse for Selling but Underlying Support Remains Very Strong

Earnings reports are solid but this overbought market is looking for a good reason to consolidate a big move.

To Call a Market Turn Focus on 'Flows' Not Technical Levels

Those technical levels are useless right now.

Closely Watching Gold Mining

The group is in position to set up for another run.

Hot Markets, Bank Earnings, China Dealings, Trading Tesla, Zscaler: Market Recon

Monday brought more record highs for the broader equity indices. As a trader, the feeling is so eerie. I'm not kidding.

Jim Cramer: More News Will Move More Stocks

What if a stock is being propelled by actual events or changes?

Tips on Playing Earnings Reports

The trades with the best risk/return ratio occur after the report is released.

3 Major Banks Report Earnings Tuesday

JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo will be first up.

China Eases Relations With Seoul as U.S. Deal Awaits

Beijing appears to have eased up on its ban on tour groups and individual travel to South Korea. Watch Korean consumer stocks in 2020 if that continues.

'Ice' Supporting Market Gains Is Dangerously Thin

Insiders are now officially heading for the exits.