A Johnson & Johnson Play Ahead of Earnings

These calls are a real value with earnings coming up.

AMC Is a High Risk, High Reward Play

Short and sweet: This is based on the high running emotions of the markets. There's little to it beyond that.

GameStop and the Dangerous Game of Gamma Squeezes

What happened after Citron Research posted a video about GameStop is very troubling.

Stocks Are Well Off Early Lows, but There's Still Quite a Bit of Weakness

There is still strong interest in stock picking which is the most positive thing about this market.

Jim Cramer: The Market Now Acts Like a Market of Stocks Than a Bushel or a Peck

There was a period before the time of commoditization where individual elan and corporate dominance meant something. And that's back.

Oil Specs Are All in and Long - Too Much Too Soon?

Oil is especially interesting as it is deemed the cheapest. Cheap is cheap for a reason.

Updating My Triple Net Active Versus Passive Portfolio

My belief is that within this deep value pond, an active approach can outperform passive.

Nano One Materials Is a Rare, Truly Innovative Company

It's patented One-Pot process allows for coating of the cathodes of lithium-ion batteries with a cobalt-free, nickel-rich substance.

Vaping Company First Major Chinese Listing on U.S. Markets This Year

The maker of the RELX brand of vape pens and e-cigarettes - the market leader in China - hopes to take the company global.

Jim Cramer: You Just Won Powerball, Now What?

Remember, you only need to get rich once.