What's Going On With Dr. Copper?

Demand is the issue right now, but the outcome of trade talks and Fed easing will have a big impact going forward.

Jim Cramer: Beware the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

Only because of the incessant brainwashing of individuals by an industry with a bias toward indexing do we have this attitude that stocks are one and the same. They are anything but.

How 'No Trading Commissions' Might Be a Game Changer for Retail Traders and CBOE

Commissions do cut into the customer's profits, so now with that removed we may see trading come alive even more with options.

Sign Up Now for This Bullish DocuSign Play

The focus now should be on the $65 level.

3 Things Keeping a Bid Under This Market: Kudlow, Apple and Boredom

Apple is a great example of how near-zero interest rates help to keep equities near their highs.

Jim Cramer: Costco Is Like No Other Company I Have Ever Seen

It is not going to run the company to please Wall Street. It is going to run the company to please consumers and if the consumer is happy, Costco is happy.

A Treacherous Market to Trade

Markets are at risk of ongoing balance sheet and risk reduction, where both stocks and bonds do poorly.

Yes Some Charts Have Improved, but Trends Are All Still Negative

Don't get too excited about recent bounces.

Here's Why I'm Underweighting a Number of Market Sectors

Finding the right stocks is like finding the right dance partner.

Balancing Risk, China Talks, Trading Delta Air Lines: Market Recon

Perhaps the greatest risk of all is that of systemic complexity, and this is as close to an unknowable risk as there is.