These 3 Biotechs Have Decent Values

One would need to use covered calls to initiate positions that provide a solid amount of downside protection.

Chinese Stocks Surge Suspiciously on Back of Patriotic Retail Buying

Chinese authorities spread the word that they see a bull market rally as a patriotic act, but how long can they back leveraged retail punters?

Overbought Technical Conditions Start to Matter as We Head Into Earnings Season

This looks like a market that needs a rest rather than one that is going to suddenly fall apart.

Tuesday's Reversal, Fed's Quarles on the Financial System, Trading Walmart

Is it time to go now? Well, it's never a bad time to protect oneself when one sits upon large profits in any market.

Village Farms Has More Going for It Than Most of the Other Cannabis Names

The daily picture has my attention. The big watch here is the 50-day simple moving average.

Convenience Stores Eagerly Await Cannabis Products

There are 153,000 convenience stores in the U.S. and these outlets sell the bulk of the country's cigarettes.

Are You Predicting What the Market Will Do or Are You Planning What You Will Do?

It's the way in which you handle the inevitable pullbacks that will determine your level of success.

Momentum Traders Want the Meat

If you aren't ready to continually hunt down your next big kill, momentum will eventually drag your portfolio into the depths along with it when it ends.

Speculative Trading Doesn't Go Away Easily

Hot stocks tend to have a second wind after the first batch of rookie traders wash out.

Dr. Copper Benefits From Supply Shortages as Demand Picks Up

The metal is one commodity that should be bought on any weakness, barring a full-blown economic recession.