Publicly Traded Shale Producers Are Gun-Shy, but Small Operators Aren't

The market doesn't always behave according to its historical norm but the timing of this oil rally and the extent to which it has become overbought going into the seasonal peak is something to be aware of.

Insiders Increase Selling Activity

Near-term chart trends for the major equity indexes remain mixed.

I Just Don't Love JP Morgan Stock Right Now

JPM reported the firm's third quarter financial performance and the unofficial start of earnings season is officially underway.

Market Volatility, Fed Speak, Earnings, Treasury Bonds, Trading Apple

There probably will be an intense period of market volatility that could stretch farther out than even I projected a couple of months ago.

Several Important Catalysts Hit a Market Looking for Direction

CPI, Fed minutes, and earnings are hitting today as the market continues to struggle with corrective action.

The Most Important Chart in the Market

Because small-caps have been basically going nowhere for months, the chart of the IWM is setting up extremely well.

Navigate Choppy Market Conditions With This Shipping Stock

With constrained trade routes between the U.S. and China, I want to own a piece of whomever is steering or parking those big ships off the port of Los Angeles and elsewhere.

There's a Bounce in Bonds

Also, shipper ZIM Integrated is a cash machine right now.

Where the S&P and Nasdaq Stand, The New Green Team, Trading Southwest and Pfizer

With earnings season starting in earnest Wednesday, both indexes have offered investors nothing but lower highs coupled with lower lows since the start of September.

Here Is My 5-Step Plan for This Difficult Market

The corrective process continues as we await inflation news.