Don't Expect First Quarter Earnings to Come to the Rescue

I don't see a major sustainable rally on the near-term horizon to rescue beaten up investors.

The Worst Year-to-Date Performance in 30 Years

Here's my game plan, with Apple's earnings on Thursday likely to determine the market's next major move.

Market Beatdown, Breadth, Russian Gas Flow, Fed's Board, Earnings, Stock Trades

Remember that this is a traders' market more than an investors' market. That's how it'll be until we have a change in trend and confirming follow through.

If You're Ever Going to Own Netflix Here's How to Play It

With so much uncertainty with near-term problems, it's nice to be able to have a built-in margin of safety.

Waiting for Capitulation? All I Can Offer You Is This

Let's take a look at my Oscillator, two other indicators and the TLT to see where the market is in terms of oversold readings.

Here's the Best Advice I Can Give for This Miserable Market

We might as well scare out the few bulls that are left.

Tesla's Hard Tumble Is Far From Over

Things could get nasty.

Carvana Has a Difficult Uphill Climb After a Series of 'Engine' Problems

An unsettling secondary offering is reminiscent of Peloton's in the wake of its dramatic fall from the highs.

Trading Dollar Strength Through 2 Funds

I'm thinking this may be a time when the old K.I.S.S. principle comes into play.

This Is About as Bad as It Gets

And we probably need to go lower before we can go higher.