My Favorite Day of the Month: Options Expiration Day

I have become a huge devotee of this simple option strategy. Here are two recent examples from this week.

China's Economy, Retail Sales, Helicopter Money, Walmart's Autonomous Vehicles

The 'organic' economy has to take over at some point, and at that point, at least in theory, demand for credit should accelerate.

Jim Cramer: Tensions Between the U.S. and China Continue to Rise

I see no path to improve relations and many to make things even hotter.

Don't Be Fooled - This Is an Extremely Difficult Trading Environment

We are experiencing a dramatic rotational correction, but the business media is oblivious to what is happening.

Sky's the Limit? Virgin Galactic, ARK and the Case for Space

Space used to be a black hole where investment dollars went to die. Today investors see only opportunity.

None of These Stocks Are Short-Term Trades for Me

No one likes seeing a name they hold decline in value.

A Miserable Trading Market Made Worse by Irrelevant Indices

Many seem to be oblivious to the two-tier nature of this market

I'm Looking to Accumulate These Large-Cap Stocks

Right now it is institutional buyers steadily purchasing big-cap names that is driving the action.

The Lesson of Bernie Madoff, Investing and the Markets

Knowledge is power and knowledge is the best protection against any type of fraud especially Madoff's insidious brand of affinity fraud.

S&P 500 Turns Near-Term Neutral

Sentiment data remain cautionary.