Pfizer's Oncology Offerings Present Opportunity for Long-Term Stock Growth

The cancer drug market is expected to grow from a surveyed total value of $78 billion in 2015 to over $110 billion by 2020.

Finally, a Real Fed Chairperson Presides Over the Economy

Thank you, Powell, for avoiding the opioid market fix of constant monetary accommodation and quantitative easing.

Here's Why OPEC Production Cuts Would Be Premature

One reason: No one knows as yet what the impact of Iranian sanctions will be.

Jim Cramer: The Negativity Is Right and the Happy Talk Is Wrong

The negativity is right until we get something that's actually based on truth and not just on hope that things will get better.

Chart of the Day: Home Depot and Lowe's Go Head to Head in Home Improvement

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Jim Cramer: As Election Bets Unwind, We Could See the Bulls in Action

Money managers must now unwind any wrong bets over the election, so expect the next few days to see a fair amount of action.

Oil Is in a Holding Pattern, Never Mind Iran Sanctions

Geopolitical and macro concerns are negative for oil price at a time when demand is coming off and supply is picking up.

Curaleaf Stock Stumbles as Multi-State Landscape Gets Crowded

The stock closed down on its first day of trading on the CSX. Here is a breakdown of the current landscape and some up-and-comers to keep an eye on.

Starbucks Earnings Preview: Coffee Giant Looks to Wake Up Shares Thursday

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After Dismal October, Proceed With Caution and Make Stocks Prove Themselves

The misery of October may be ending, but when the market action is as bad as it has been participants should not be too trusting