Trading for a Bounce -- Not a Bottom

Here's my thinking on the Nasdaq, bonds, energy, commodities and crypto right now.

Better Late Than Early

The best thing this market has going for it right now is that negativity is extreme, and there is liquidation taking place.

Rough Seas as Investor Fear Nears Two-Decade Peak

Despite oversold conditions, here's what is needed for me to be more optimistic.

Downside Momentum Continues to Build as Investors Capitulate

The big difference is that the Fed is not in a position to bail out the market this time.

Wild Week, Markets, Earnings, US Economy, Rivian Stock, Kohl's

The US may very well escape recession this year, putting it off until early next year. Other global economies may not be so lucky.

Kass: Are Market Structure and the Lack of Liquidity the Greatest Risks of All?

For over a year I have been vehemently warning about the risks associated with speculative stocks and gewgaws.

This Prescient Contrarian Indicator Is Flashing a Very Bullish Signal

Only five times in the past decade have ETF traders been so heavily leveraged short.

This Selloff Is Entirely Justified

And I don't think we have reached the panic stage just yet.

As Investors Wait for Capitulation, Here's What Could Trigger a Reversal

Be ready. An ugly liquidation stage to key S&P 500 levels will put the stock market well in front of the Fed, leading to a buying opportunity.

The Great Wake-Up Call

Right now, the only one that believes the Fed can engineer a soft landing is Jerome Powell.