Investors Are Too Complacent About the Ukraine War

I am particularly worried about the impacts to the global food chain.

Robinhood Is Lost in the Sherwood Forest

The hard fact is that HOOD loses money and not too many folks see them turning a profit anytime soon.

Here's Why Twitter Is Not in HOAX 2.0

On the short side, they don't get any more overvalued than TWTR.

S&P 500 and Russell 2000 Show Surprising (and Unsurprising) Divergences

Here's what the year-to-date performance and volatility among large-cap and small-cap stocks is telling us. Founder Joins Ranks of Chinese Entrepreneurs Who Step Down

Richard Liu will still control the voting power of, China's second-largest e-commerce site.

Stay Highly Reactive as the Market Decides on Its Next Move

It is easy to make a compelling bearish case, but because it is so easy, it is less likely to work.

U.S. Dollar Index: A Closer Look as It Approaches 100.00

DXY might have reached a turning point.

Kass: It's Now Time for the Fed Hammer, as Opposed to the Fed Put

The important bottom line is we have the fess up, in print, from a guy in the know that the Fed really does target stock prices.

12 Stocks on My Shopping List to Buy When the Time Is Right

I am currently holding around 60% cash and feel well-positioned.

Why the Recent Market Correction Is Probably Not Over

Most indexes have broken support with no signs to suggest consolidation is complete.