Don't Ignore These 2 Stocks Deep in Bargain Territory

I remain on a cautious stance and still believe equities have not found a true bottom, but that doesn't mean I'm completely on the sidelines.

Mass Confusion, Markets, Treasuries, Equities, Trading Chevron, Defense Stocks

Key to equity market volatility has been Treasury market, currency market, and commodity market volatility.

Recession-Bound Japan Aided by Weak Yen on Exports

With the yen testing ¥137 and stubbornly staying above ¥135 to the U.S. dollar, Japanese exporters will benefit from a currency-exchange boon to the bottom line.

What's the Next Move for Crude Oil?

A temporary break in oil prices, along with lower interest rates, could be a near-term positive for equity prices.

An Encouraging Development in a 'Terrible' Stock Market

There's a bright spot, but it needs to be sustained.

Valuation and Market Sentiment Face Off Against the Charts

Let's check the latest index charts and market data.

Food for Thought on 2 Restaurant Stocks

Being approximately correct in your timing decisions is all you need to make a ton of money.

Tuesday Setup, Semiconductor Gut Punch, Tradable July? Stay Inside the Lines

Earnings season kicks off in about 10 days. It does not look to the plain eye that analysts are ready.

A REIT With Large Total Return Potential and a Generous Current Yield

The safe route is to buy shares, collect the generous dividends and reap the rewards when valuations revert back to normal.

Hong Kong Marks 25 Years Since Handover With New Version of History

Just don't call it a handover - Chinese President Xi Jinping has been on a whistle-stop tour of Hong Kong, which we're now told never belonged to the British.