Jim Cramer: What History Tells Us About Bond-Rate Scares Like This

We could have some real pain ahead for some stocks. Five different kinds.

Navigating a Market Correction

The most critical factor in long-term market success is the ability to effectively navigate market corrections.

Kass: Time to Introduce a Financial Transaction Tax and End Weekly Stock Options

I believe more sensible regulations should be considered and enforcement is needed to adapt to gains in technology.

Corrective Action Produces Fading Confidence and Technical Damage

It's dangerous to have too much exposure now, but the potential for a good recovery is there once interest rate issues are digested.

My Preference Right Now Is to Buy Pre-Deals

I've added a few names that I see as a great risk-reward because of the limited downside.

I've Been a Buyer Friday, Making Partial Buys Like I Always Do

It's premature to predict that a low has been made, but plenty of stocks are quite washed-out already and are starting to find support.

What's Next for the Markets? What the Charts and Data Reveal

The Rydex Ratio has turned neutral but insider buying remains absent.

Twitter's Charts Get a New Life but the Candles Suggest Caution

I'm reluctant to probe the long side at this point in time.

Buy Bond Funds Now

It was all 'fun and games' when the long end of the yield curve was rising, but when the 5-year Treasury yield started to move higher, that caught the Fed's attention.

It's the Fed vs. the U.S. Bond Markets Now!

All eyes will be on the Fed during their March FOMC meeting. It remains to be seen what they do next.