Traders Should Be Careful With DiamondPeak Holdings

Let's review the charts and indicators.

The Market Needs to Reset Periodically and Tuesday Is One of Those Days

I'm still optimistic about some good trading developing but today is not the day to push too hard.

Why Shopify and Pinterest Look Good Now

When markets move lower, price action reveals names that institutions are reluctant to sell.

Jim Cramer: When the Bounce Occurs, That's When You Make Your Move

That's the period of minimum risk.

Making Sense of Monday, Apple's 'Tell', Powell's D.C. Dance, Tesla Battery Day

There is only one fact that truly needs to be understood. The virus is still in charge until it is not.

This Rotational Correction Isn't Finished

The big-cap technology names are still more extended than much of the rest of the market.

The XLF Financial ETF Breaks Out to the Downside

The shares are now below the rising 50-day moving average line.

Jim Cramer: Guess What? It's Not 1999, So Start Some Buying, Not Some Selling

I think that when I see the kind of across the board give up as we have today, I think it's healthy not toxic.

Making a Call on Apple

This is a pretty inexpensive play on AAPL catching a small bid.

The Biggest Takeaway I Have for You in 2020? Learn My Hedging Approach

Can you close long puts in the pre-market? This could apply to calls as well, but the blunt answer is no, you can't.