Institutional Selling, FOMC Meeting, Adobe and MongoDB: Market Recon

Judging corporate performance into the fourth quarter, sectors to watch and charting these 2 stocks.

The Waiting Game

The waiting isn't much fun but there will be great trading opportunities when news on the tariffs finally hits.

How to Play the VIX Right Now

Trade fears have produced yet another pop in the VIX index.

Enphase Energy Is My 'Stock of the Week'

ENPH has had huge, quick growth.

Jim Cramer: Markets, What Happened This Year, and the 1-2 Punch That Concerns Me

Let me take a stab at what's going on here.

Carefully Watch Biotech Stocks

Currently this is a stock pickers market and the speculative favorites are doing well.

Friday Did Not Remove the Dangers in This Market

The S&P 500 has returned to being slightly overvalued.

The American Consumer Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You

Consumer and investor sentiment seem rock solid at the moment.

A Week Fraught With Peril, Yield Curve, Gold, Trading Target: Market Recon

Will President Trump's administration move ahead with plans to turn up the heat on China in such a way that U.S. consumers for the first time share some of that pain?

Trade War News Is the Only Thing That Will Matter This Week

Also, we have the Fed and the ECB issuing their interest rate decision.