It Doesn't Look Like a Good Day for Adding Much

The bigger unknown right now is the situation in Ukraine.

Crucial Morning, Catalysts and Dashed Hopes, Interesting Charts, Amazon's Split

Some of the most ferocious rallies seem to occur during bear markets. Was this just one more bear market rally?

Making Sense of Rising Prices, Oil's Surge, Credit Markets and War

Let's tackle several questions about how the invasion of Ukraine adds to uncertainty over rising energy costs here and in Europe, increasing inflation, recession risks and more.

Worse Before Better, Longer Than Shorter

Rising food prices could be a bigger story, from a negative perspective, than energy issues.

Market Music, Maestro Powell, Algo Reading, Crude Wildcard, Trading Ford

Where a human trader might see a war in Europe that could expand and hurt sentiment, algos don't experience sentiment.

As Russia, Fed Send Stern Signals, Let's Decode the Credit Market

The credit market is on weak footing so far in 2022. Here's my take what's driving the selling and why not all selloffs are the same, why there's no panic and how to find an entry point.

This Is Tech Bubble 2.0

It's happening again. This time it's the Fed's fault. With an assist from the other central banks in the developed world.

If You Want to Make More Money in the Market, Stop Doing This

An astute trader considers a wide range of possible outcomes and is ready to move as conditions shift.

Can We Finally Have Grown-Ups Running the Fed? Get Serious

I'm not predicting a 33% correction in stocks, although the Tech Titans could easily see such a move if the Fed panics.

To Put Inflation Into Perspective, Let's Travel Back to the 1970s

Guess what a cup of crab bisque goes for these days. Plus, an update on my 'silver linings inflation playbook.'