Ukraine War, Treasuries, Markets, Oil, Economy, Trading Redwire

Expanded economic hardship if not outright contraction in two to three years is exactly what Treasury markets are signaling.

What an Inverted Yield Curve Is Telling Us About a Potential Recession

The inversion that we saw this week is only the beginning -- an ever more aggressive Fed results in an ever more inverted curve.

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With a multitude of headwinds, should the S&P 500 really be trading at 20 times forward earnings?

2 Small-Cap Stocks I'm Buying as FOMO Takes Hold

It is refreshing to see so many of the badly beaten-up small-caps finally come to life,

Market Push and Pull, Powell's Brutal Honesty, Yield Curves and Spreads, Russia

The lesson is to remain flexible. Always. Let price discovery guide decision making as much as logic, not less, not more.

Is This a Bear Market Rally or an 'All Clear'?

We continue down the path of 'Putin cannot win, but he cannot afford to lose either.'

Why I'm Concerned About the Financial Sector

Higher interest rates tend to favor banks, but they also could result in outcomes that would have negative impacts on financial institutions.

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The Nasdaq Composite suffered a 'death cross' back in mid-February and what happened after that is now clear to see.

It Doesn't Look Like a Good Day for Adding Much

The bigger unknown right now is the situation in Ukraine.

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Some of the most ferocious rallies seem to occur during bear markets. Was this just one more bear market rally?