Recession Risk, Stock Market Risk and the Fed

The White House publishing a blog on how economists determine if we are in recession, quite frankly, doesn't give me comfort.

Big Week, Big Earnings, Collision Course, Tracking Trend, Fed, Fun With Numbers

The longer-term trend is still to the downside, but the short-to medium-term trend has improved as has relative strength.

Crisis in Europe, Sour Apple, U.S. Safe Haven? ECB Hike, CHIPS (Act) Ahoy

Russian energy giant Gazprom has apparently invoked 'force majeure,' for its failure to deliver natural gas shipments to European clients in recent weeks.

Bummer Bank Earnings, Core PPI Cools, Fed's Waller Talks Rates, Big Data Day

Plus, watch Russia's moves in the oil market and keep an eye on the impact of Alphabet's big stock split.

The Fed Has Only One Job Right Now

Will the central bank be true to its word?

June Jobs Report Bolsters Case for Hawkish Fed

The wage inflation story here is important.

Nasdaq's Key Line, Fed Minutes, Trouble With the Yield Curve, Sun Valley Deals?

The FOMC flat out tells us here that they are willing to damage the economy in order to get a handle on and tamp down consumer-level inflation.

Tuesday Setup, Semiconductor Gut Punch, Tradable July? Stay Inside the Lines

Earnings season kicks off in about 10 days. It does not look to the plain eye that analysts are ready.

Epically Bad First Half, Inflation's Origins, Defense Stocks, Seasonal Investing

Is Defense recession proof? Not in 'normal' peacetime, but maybe this time.

Don't Expect Fed Relief Anytime Soon

Major selloffs in recent years were accompanied by Fed cuts and market bottoms, but this time is different.