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Place a percentage on the likelihood of recession? It sounds more like someone trying harder to not get it wrong than trying to get it right.

The Market Is Flipping Elon Musk the Bird

Also, play the companies that benefit from inflation, not Cathie's clowns, which are hurt by it.

The Economy, Inflation, Have Been Burning Up. Are They Burning Out?

Let's tackle the big question: Is inflation, and possibly the economy, too, reaching a peak? We're seeing some possible signs of slowing -- but they could be other, harmless shifts under the surface. Here's my take.

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I am more concerned, for markets, about quantitative tightening than rate hikes.

CPI Day, Runaway Inflation, Bond Yields, Trading Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD and More

The march toward positive real yield territory has put the whammy on equities, primarily on tech or "growthy" type stocks that have run at higher valuations.

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Let's see how this earnings season shapes up.

3 Recession-Proof Dividend Stocks

The prospect of a potential recession this year means investors must be more vigilant than ever in selecting stocks for their portfolio.

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You are more likely to encounter an albino deer in the forest or shake hands with a friendly sasquatch than realize that interest rates have hit neutral territory.

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One must accept that the FOMC is probably very close to being quite aggressive and being so aggressive quite unanimously.

Leadership Reestablished? Manic Monday, Check Out the Charts, Death of Globalism

Tech might not truly be leading markets vertically, but it is certainly leading investor behavior in a more horizontal fashion.