Jim Cramer: Be Careful Judging the Economic Data, We Are in Uncharted Waters

Homebuilding is just one area where there are amazing distortions of time-honored data going on right now.

Bond Slump Drives Bank Gains in Choppy Session

Rising interest rates drove big bank shares higher in an otherwise quiet session on Monday.

Jerome Powell's Testimony Isn't Changing This Strategist's 3,000 S&P 500 Target

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who testified before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday about the state of the economy, didn't say anything that would cause a downward revision to one strategist's bullish 3,000 year-end S&P 500 price target.

Yield Curve Hysteria Is Totally Misplaced

Even if a recession ensues, which often is the case when the yield curve flattens, there is nothing to fear, as recessions are part of a natural economic cycle.

Is Currency China's Secret Weapon?

Tom Graff dives into China's use of currency manipulation to push the balance in its favor.

The Fed Loves This Jobs Report, but Should Investors?

The central bank is in a new phase of monetary policy, but the market doesn't quite realize it yet.

Understanding the Direction of U.S. Treasury Yield Charts

Let's see what the two-year U.S. Treasury Yield chart and the 10-year U.S. Treasury Yield chart look like and where they may be going.

Novice Trade: TLT Treasury Bond ETF

Look for the ETF to be back to the lows by the end of next month.

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There are better ways to play oil's gains than buying stock in traditional E&P companies.

Here's What Fed's Trade War Footing May Be

It likely would defend against higher inflation, even if that meant exacerbating a weakened economy.