As the Third Quarter Comes to an End, Bulls Will Keep Pushing

When the market fails to embrace the negative thesis, folks with idle cash slower put it to work.

Is This Another V-Shaped Bounce?

Retests of the lows have been quite rare in recent years.

I'm Locked Onto This Bond ETF

The setup on the weekly for the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond exchange-traded fund is a thing of beauty.

Jim Cramer: Go Ahead, Have a Cow, but I Say Powell and Xi Are Bulls

We rallied, because China's President Xi and Fed Chair Powell made decisions that they knew would lead to rallies.

The One Question, Evergrande, Fed Meeting, Technical Levels, Looming Knife Fight

China cannot be the engine that global economies have relied upon if its goals have shifted back toward pulling power away from even its own leading businesses.

Evolution, Charting the S&P and Nasdaq, Debt Ceiling, Found Money, Trading RH

All life, all learning, from parenting to aging to investing is about adaptation -- the ability to evolve.

How Long Can Rates Stay This Low?

That's a question I get asked a lot. So, let's dig in.

Thoughts on Afghanistan, Monthly Winning Streak, Repo Man, Buy Now, Pay Later

One day, either the Modern Monetary Theorists will be right, or the fiscal hawks will prove correct. Count me with the hawks.

What Fed Tapering Would Mean for the Markets and Economy

Ahead of Jackson Hole, the Fed knows QE is doing more harm than good.

What Afghanistan Means for the Markets

Don't underestimate the changing climate in D.C.