It's Ugly Out There

This combination of weak bonds, pressure on growth stocks, and a frothy IPO is causing the corrective action to gain traction.

Befuddled by Bonds

Let's simplify as much as possible what is occurring in the bond market, and what it means for investors.

Why This Fed Meeting Is So Different and What May Happen Wednesday

There is a lot that will be determined at this pivotal meeting. Here's my base case.

Money Is Moving, Midcap Opportunity? Fed Meeting, Coal, Earnings Chatter, Rivian

How far behind the large-cap indexes the S&P 400 and S&P 600 really are is astounding.

Concurrent Crises Aren't Enough to Dampen Interest in Equities

Experts advise keeping a cool head despite issues in energy, inflation, and international relations.

The Fed Has Never Faced a Scenario Like This

How will the central bank deal with decelerating, but still high inflation, especially if it coincides with decelerating, but still solid economic growth?

How Should We Approach Bonds Now?

Yields will likely be higher over the next year, but for now, we can add back some duration to our portfolio by buying long-dated Treasuries or corporate bonds. Here's my advice.

To Know How the Fed Will Act, We Must Interpret Its Words

Let's check out the Fed's two big goals for action -- higher inflation and maximum employment -- to see what we can realistically expect.

For Rate Watchers, This Day Is of ... Interest

The consumer price index surprises to the upside and the Fed meeting minutes are out. Here's my take on both.

We're Seeing Some Consolidation and Basing Action on Friday

The question now is whether the lows that were hit on Wednesday morning will serve as short-term support as we move into earnings season.