Fed Unlikely to Cut Loose

The odds that the Fed would cut were already quite low and the news Tuesday of some progress on China trade makes it even more unlikely.

No Calm Before the Storm

Comments from President Donald Trump and the European Central Bank gave the markets a jolt before Wednesday's Fed meeting.

Chop, Pullback Likely, But No Recipe Yet for Big Decline

Short-term chop or pullback appear likely, but there's an indicator worth fretting over: The 50- and 200-day moving average lines of the Russell 2000 are rolling over.

Still Room to Breathe on the S&P

On Tuesday, topping 2900 looked like a climb too high for the S&P, but let's see what the indicators say.

Market Gets Character Change, But Maybe Not for Better

While some profit-taking was overdue, the question now is whether this is simply a refresh pause or a signal that the indices are set to roll over.

I Step Out, the Market Rallies

Let's check out what happened while I was away.

Jim Cramer: How Can Bad Be Good? It's Easy Now That the Fed Blinked

Anything weak is a positive to be excited about and anything strong is a nightmare because that might stiffen Powell's resolve to keep rates where they are instead of cutting them.

How to Play AMD's Hot Hand in the Chip Sector

This trade offers everything I'm looking for in defined risk and upside target.

Fed Minutes Show the Market Needs to Rethink Its Rate-Cut Expectations

When it comes to inflation, the Fed may be risking their credibility.

What Are the Real Risks to Investors of a Lengthy Period of Trade Uncertainty?

Strictly in terms of the trade war, the question is whether tariffs are ultimately inflationary or not.