Bulls Still Optimistic the Economy Is Weak Enough for Rate Cuts

It is an odd dynamic right now with the Fed being more important than the actual economy.

The Reaction to the Jobs Report Is More Important Than the Hard News

Next week I will be shorting stocks. A lot of them. I cannot wait.

Low Expectations on a China Deal Is Not Bothering the Market

Despite stories of possibly higher tariffs on imports, the market sees little reaction.

Bored Traders Prove Easily Lured by Shiny Coin

With lackluster indexes, traders were drawn to wild action in bitcoin.

Be Careful What You Wish for When Hoping the Fed Cuts Rates

It could be a few rate cuts would improve business sentiment, but watch out if the Fed needs to keep cutting.

Go With the Flow

While many traders side with either bears or bulls, remember to embrace the ebb and flow of markets.

Trading Success Is a Function of This One Thing

Look not to the crystal ball, but at change.

So, Who's in the Pool?

There was some toe-dipping as folks had moved from one side of the fence to fence-sitting, but Thursday's rally probably brought a few more into the pool.

Where the Fed Is Headed

The Fed appeared to hint that a cut could be coming later as it focuses on expansion -- here's what that could mean.

Keep One Eye on the Fed, One on the Russell

Watch the Russell 2000: It closed at 1550, which is where the 200-day moving average line resides -- if it can get up and over this level, it can improve, but if it slips, those moving average lines become problematic.